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Apart from raising numerous Champions and Best in Show winners for more than 6 years now, and with this going on with energy for flawlessness, we are striving to get better and better.

We mainly take care of three things :

1) Temperament
2) Quality
3) Brains

In a home situation, we bring up little dogs with children and give them the chance of social interactions, including interaction within the family, not just in the backyard which helps to shape their personality in a correct way.At that point required, along with a lot of understanding and thinking about the culmination of an effective pet, is a cherished, reliable owner.

Being one of the best dog breeders in Bangalore, we ensure that Most of our dogs have a great temperament. If you're still in doubt, you're free to see our puppies face to face and see their incredible characteristics, personality, ability to work and please with your own eyes.

As of now we have placed more than 350 little babies, we make sure to keep in touch with all our clients after the pups are placed.

We also board your little ones when you are away, Homestay for pets.

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We deal with as many as 40 different high pedigree dog breeds which includes foreign aswell as Indian dog breeds like Rajapalayam,Chippiparai and many more.

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Give your furry ball the best dog boarding Bangalore facility in order to relish a stress free and soothing vacation.We believe in providing home environment to the pups.

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  • Nadan Dog Breed Information - MyLilPaw

    Nadan Dog Breed Information - MyLilPaw

    This might surprise everyone but Nadan dog is one of the pure dog breeds that originates from India. Their breeding process involved no human intervention, through any type of selective breeding. These dogs requires very less maintenance & can make a great family pet if socialised from a very young age. You can easily get them home by adopting one of the numerous pups available around you in streets or shelters & provide them a cosy home.There has been a rise in inter breeding due to urbanisation which has led to the increase in the number of street dogs that you see around you but remember that not all the street dogs you will come across are Nadan Dogs. People call them by varous names such as Indian pariah dog, pye or pei dog. No matter by what name you call them, they are one of the oldest & smartest breed belonging to Indian soil. 

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    Table of Content:


    Indian pariahs are an Indian autochthonous landrace found all over in India. No one knows, when they came into existence as they have always been present in Indian cities & villages. Historitical & archaelogical evidence shows that these dogs were present since the Neolithic times around 15000 BC. Archaeologists have even discovered the skull of Indian pariah dog in an ancient Indian site of Mohenjo Daro. Bhimbetka rock shelters have also depicted this breed in their prehistoric rock arts which featured in National geographic. Recently this breed has been gaining popularity & hundreds of dogs have been exported out of the Indian subcontinent. 


    These dogs are medium sized having ears that are pointed & errect. They have a head which is wedge shaped, a pointed muzzle & a tail which is long & curved held over their back. Their height can vary from 27 to 32 inches at wither & can weigh anywhere between 20 to 30 kgs. They are usually found in short coat & in colours varying from from light tan to dark reddish brown. Black, tan & peibald colours are also common. 


    They have a cautious nature which makes them a little bit aloof & shy but once they realize that you are not a threat, they will quickly warm up to you which luckily doesn't take too long. They are playful & extremely intelligent which makes them a very good playmates for children. They have an excellent guarding instincts & will protect your kids & property at any cost. 


    Generally a healthy & sturdy breed with no serious health problems but might face issues like hip dysplasia, where their bones are either underdeveloped or dislocated from their original place & patellar luxation, where their knee cap gets dislocated from its original  position. Lucky the later is not a serious problem & should get cured by itself with the dogs movement. However if you see their condition getting worse, immediately take them to the vet for a proper checkup. 

    Nadan dog price:

    The price of the pup may range from 4000 INR to 7000 INR but make sure to get them only from a good & reputable breeder. Some factors like their attributes, characteristics, age, gender, purity, availability & location might also affect their prices. 


    Definitely less then the pediree ones. As they are hardier, they rarely fall ill atleast in their initial years. You might have to spend from 2000 to 3000 INR anually for their vaccinations & supplements. Spaying & neutering can cause you extra money, but that is just one time expense.

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    This breed due to their short coat requires very minimal or no grooming at all. Combing them weekly along with trimming their & bathing should be more then sufficient. They have lived on their own for so many years, so don't you think that they would be perfectly fine without human intervention for grooming?

    Are Nadan dogs an ideal choice for you?

    They are one of the most versatile dog breeds found in india that are highly intelligent, loyal, loving & amicable. They make a great family companion as they are good with children as well as adults. This breed is highly energetic and will suit people having an active lifestyle. 

    Training & intelligence:

    They are amongst the most trainable dogs around due to their high level of intelligence. Some puppies may be shy to start & it might take some time to train them. Remember that every dog will get trained at their own pace. This breeds loves to be acknowldged for their behaviour, so make sure that you offer them some treats while you train them. 


    Positive traits of this breed makes them a new prospective pet on the block. They have been into existence for more than 15000 years but people often have overlooked them as a potential pet. They eat a moderate amount of food & their upkeep is also very simple, so why not to fill our households with love & other things this breed has to offer. 

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  • 15 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats - MyLilPaw

    15 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats - MyLilPaw

    People have always been arguing over which is a better pet, a dog or a cat since they have been domesticated, so in this article we will be listing down 15 reasons why dogs are better than cats. So without further adieu, lets get started!

    Table of Content:

    1) More floor bound

    Dogs are known to be more floor bound as compared to cats because most of the time they will rule anything they can jump upon like a bed, chair or a couch, on the other hand cats are known to jump to much greater heights & will do it quite often as they love to spend their time in the places that are higher up off the floor. This can create a problem as cats love to watch things fall of the shelves or counters. 

    2) More expressive

    Both cats & dogs use their face to show a level of emotion but a dog's face allows them to show more visible expression. You can guess the mood of your dog simply by looking at their face whereas cats are more mysterious. Yes, cats can show their happiness by purring but other than that, you need to carefully examine the face of a cat to notice any change in their emotions. 

    3) Willing to put their life on line

    Dogs will protect their owners whereas cats will flee for their life. One could argue that cats are way too small to be able to protect their owners but there are various dogs out there smaller then most of the breeds of an adult cat having the same protective attitude. Size does not matter, but what matters is their willingness to help.

    4) It's easier to clean up a dog

    Yes, cats have a reputation of being a clean animal but they can create a mess when they decide to relieve themselves outside of their litter box. Urine of a cat contains chemicals that are tough to break down & using normal detergents won't help in removing it's scent from the floors or walls. On the other hand, a dogs urine isn't that stubborn & can be cleaned up easily. 

    5) More fun loving

    Most of the dogs will love to have a playful interaction & fun with their owners whenever an opportunity arises & on the other hand, cats will play for some time but will not be interested in interacting with their owners.

    6) Easier to train

    Dogs are easier to train as compared to cats as they can be taught to do variety of things. Yes, you might be able to get a cat to fetch, roll over or stand up on its hind legs, but that's pretty much it. Dogs are known to be more obedient as they love to please their owner, whereas a cat might be obedient in your presence but will opportunistically misbehave when no-one is looking. 

    7) More useful to humans

    Dogs have always been very useful to humans by getting involved in the activities like saving people's lives, catching thieves, protecting owners & being living nannies. On the other hand, cats are limited to being a leg warmers & rodent controllers. 

    8) Better companions

    Both cats & dogs can be expressive showing their love in their own way but dogs are more than companions. Dogs can sense your feelings, so most of them will offer their shoulder to you to cry on in their own unique way & will show extra attention or try to do funny things to cheer you up whenever you are feeling down. 

    9) Better response

    Dogs will come running to you whenever you call them, no matter how far they are, on the other hand you will be lucky if a cat looks at your way in acknowledgement unless you have something which they like. Cats are self-centred animals who will come to you when they strongly believe that you have a treat to offer, on the other hand dogs will come to you to know what you want or just because they like being around you. 

    10) More varieties

    We have more varieties in dogs compared to cats whether its the size, breed, colour or temperament. Yes, cat being a small animal can live just about anywhere but not everyone of them want a smaller pet & this is where dogs excel. You can get a dog that stays smaller than a cat when fully grown or a huge breed that can stand on its hind legs & put its paws on your shoulders. 

    11) Helpful in preventing asthma & allergy

    A kid who has got an exposure to "dog dust" might be less susceptible to allergies & asthma later in their life which is based on a research conducted on a mice. It was found out that dog dust has microbes which influences the winding up of immune cells in response to allergens.

    12) Tech-Savvy

    Cats are savvy enough to rip the tissues to shreds after taking them out of the box but some dogs are so technologically advanced that they can recognise and respond to various commands on a tablet such as "sit". A few of them have even mastered selfies. There are few companies offering training sessions to teach your dog to take good looking photos of themselves, just by swiping their nose on the screen!

    13) Helps in keeping you fit

    Some of the dog breeds need to be taken out for long walks which means that you will need to walk too. Walking is a form of cardio exercise which can do wanders for your low back, legs & midsection. According to a study conducted, it was found out that senior person owning a dog walked at-least a mile per day. 

    14) Can make you laugh

    Whether intentionally or not, people do laugh at their dogs. According to a study made across 95 people which included cat owners, dog owners and those without pets, it was found out that people owning a dog laughed most frequently. Most surprising of them all, people owning a cat laughed less as compared to those without pets which is a statistical evidence that cats are downers.

    15) Can detect diseases like cancer

    We all know that dogs have a powerful nose. Breeds like bloodhound has about 300 million olfactory receptors as compared to humans with only 6 millions olfactory receptors. They use a process known as imprinting through which they sniff out different chemicals that are present in ovarian cancer. 


    Comparing a dog & a cat is like comparing an apple to an orange. They both have their own advantages & disadvantages & both are special in their own way. This dog vs cat battle does not really need to continue as they both can get along and live together happily. So what we would recommend is getting both!


  • Pashmi Hound Dog Breed Information - MyLilPaw

    Pashmi Hound Dog Breed Information - MyLilPaw

    Pashmi Hound is the feathered variety of Mudhol, a native Indian dog breed. They have been successful in serving royals & peasants as a loyal companion, guard dog & a hunter & successfully hunted down games like hares, fox & deer. Through out their history, they have been known by various names such as Mudhol hound, Caravan hound, Karwani, Lahori & the Pisuri hound. If you are looking forward to own this breed, it is better to have all the information which will help you in taking proper care of them. So without further adieu, lets begin!

    Table of Content:


    Pashmi dog is known be a very ancient breed that prevailed in the Deccan plateau region. People believe this majestic breed to be the descendant of the Saluki & Tazi and were brought by the pathans, Arabs, Persians to India through the Kyber pass. They mostly stayed with nomads & followed them from one place to another. 


    Pashmi is muscular & a lean dog having long neck, legs & back. They can reach a height of 24 to 30 inches at withers and can weigh anywhere around 22 to 28 Kgs when fully grown. They have a head which is long & narrow with a tapering muzzle & oval shaped piercing eyes with shades of brown and hazel. They have a medium v-shaped ears which doesn't fold backwards but falls down to the sides of their head. They have a whip like tail which is set high on their hindquarters with a natural curve at the end. In India, they are mostly available in fallow, fawn, red & cream colours.


    Pashmi is a very intelligent, sensitive, loyal, reserved & a courageous breed. They have an independent nature & can be aloof sometimes, but are extremely intelligent & a keen hunter. They need to be exercised daily & treated with respect & gentleness. If these requirements are not fulfilled, they can be difficult to handle or even turn out to be dangerous. They are known to be one man dogs & will only like to be touched & handled by their masters. To avoid any issues, start socialising them from a very young age but make sure that you remain calm, gentle & have a firm authority over them.


    Pashmi have turned out to be a rugged breed as a result of working hard & living in harsh environments for centuries. They are hardy dogs with no breed specific health issues & are known to have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. To maintain their health, make sure to schedule vet appointments on a regular basis. 

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    Pashmi dog price in India:

    Again the cost can vary depending on the breeder, shop & their location. Generally pups are priced anywhere between 8000 to 20,000 INR depending on the quality & their show worthiness. Many of them are also available free of cost for adoption. When choosing a puppy, look for their physical characteristics mentioned above & make sure that you buy them only from reputable breeders after thorough observation of their genuineness.


    Annual cost of owning  Pashmis can range anywhere between 29,400 to 54,600 INR approximately including meals, toys, license & veterinary care but does not include the cost of spaying/neutering, dog leash, collar, crate and carrier. Make sure that you have all the required supplements before you get your pup home. 


    Pashmis do require a good brushing if taken out for hunting to prevent infection. Otherwise, their grooming requirements should be very minimal. Brushing them once or twice every week should be more then enough, along with brushing their teeth & clipping their nails occasionally.

    Is Pashmi an ideal choice for you?

    They need daily exercise for their mental & physical stimulation. They love running & will like a yard or a house with a plot where they can run freely, thanks to their hunting genetics. They are perfectly suitable for a person who likes to run, hike or ride a bike as they will have no trouble in keeping up. Pashmi is not an ideal choice for an apartment or an enclosed space but can cope up well with a residential environment if taken out for long walks frequently.  Make sure not to overexercise them when they are under 12 months as it can hinder their bone development. 

    Training & intelligence:

    We don't recommend inexperienced owners or trainers to own a Pashmi, as it can be really tough to train them. Yes, they are smart & intelligent but are known to be stubborn when it comes to learning simple commands. It is extremely crucial to socialise them early on if you wish to own a great family dog.


    Pashmi is India's endurance sprinter. We request all the pet lovers to share this article on social platforms & to put the word out to help this remarkable dog survive. While all the dogs are great but its our native breeds that are facing the risk of extinction. 


  • Kashmir Dog Breed Information - MyLilPaw

    Kashmir Dog Breed Information - MyLilPaw

    Kashmir dog or Bakharwal originates from the Himalayan mountains of India & is one of the ancient dog breeds. They are known by various names such as Bakarwal mastiff, Kashmiri Bakarwal dog or Gurjar watchdog. This breed has an indifferent & archaic past & is believed to be the descendant of a prehistoric molluscar dog. 

    Table of Content


    People say that Bakharwal came into existence approximately 300 years ago due to crossing between a molosser sheepdog & a wolf. Its history is still a matter of debate but the fact is that they origin from Jammu & Kashmir which is a state in India & were bred by two nomadic tribes known as "Gujjars" & "Bakarwals".This breed mostly reside in the Pir Panjal mountain range in the Northern Himalayas.


    Kashmiri sheepdog is a large, muscular & heavy boned dog with a deep chest but leaner than most of the Asian molossers. They can reach up to a height of 24 inches & can weigh anywhere between 85 to 130 pounds when fully grown with large head & a muscular neck. 

    They have a short well-built muzzle with a black nose, almond shaped brown eyes & a medium sized ears in shape of a pendant. They have a thick coat which comes in variety of colours such as tan, beige, black, white & even peibald which does a great job of protecting them from the cold of northern mountains as well as from other predators.


    They were specifically bred to play the role of a livestock guardian & take their duties seriously. The breed is a firm & brave guardian, effectively protecting their flock from large & intimidating predators like Lion, Wolves & bears. They can tolerate people of all ages & are affectionate with their family members. 

    Make sure to socialise them from a very young age as they are known to be aggressive & territorial towards other dogs & pets. They have a tendency to think independently which makes them an intelligent animal that will get bored of repetitive commands. They can be stubborn at times which makes training difficult, so they need a confident trainer with strong leadership qualities.


    Bakharwal dogs are generally sturdy & healthy but like other large dog breeds, they are susceptible to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, bloating, obesity, patellar luxation & cryptorchidism. These issues can be avoided by scheduling regular & thorough health checkups with your vet.

    Kashmir sheepdog price

    Their average price in India starts from 2000 to 6000 INR. If you are looking to own a dog, then Bakharwal dog can be the perfect choice as they cost less as compared to the other Indian dog breeds. 


    You might have to spend from 33,600 to 42,000 annually which includes the cost of their snacks, toys, foods, routine veterinary checkup & activities to keep them fit & happy. spaying/neutering or buying a dog collar or a crate can cost some extra money. Make sure that you have all the required supplies before you get a pup home.


    Frequent brushing can help you to keep them clean & also reduce shedding. Make sure to check their body regularly for fleas & ticks during warm weather. They only need to be bathed few times a year & before giving them a bath, make sure to comb them to remove any loose hairs. Keep trimming their coat periodically to avoid development of a dense coat. Regularly examine their eyes, ears, nails & teeth to ensure that they are healthy & clean which will also help in avoiding injury or health problems.

    Is Kashmir dog an ideal choice for you?

    Yes, if you are adventurous than they are made for you. They can be just as friendly as a labrador retriever if trained & socialised well. They are extremely flamboyant & loves to be the centre of attraction, anywhere they go.

    Training & intelligence:

    It is extremely crucial to enrol them in an obedience class as they might demand things which the owner might not want to provide them. They are known to get bored very quickly, so ensure that the training is filled with fun & excitement. Mentally stimulate them by  introducing them to puzzles & other games. Teach them social skills so that they don't become aggressive towards other people or animals.


    Kashmir dog may become extinct soon so it is extremely important to spread awareness of this specie & its plight. Share this article on social media & spread the word out so that we can save this beautiful dog breed.


  • Bhotia Dog Breed: Price in India, Lifespan, Bite Force & More

    Bhotia Dog Breed: Price in India, Lifespan, Bite Force & More

    Many uncommon & rare dog breeds reside in the Himalayas & Bhotia dog is one of them. They are huge, smart & aggressive with broad jaws, long furry coats & strong muzzle. These dogs are as ferocious as a leopard & are even capable of protecting cattle in the villages. Although we don't know the origin of Bhutia breed or Himalayan sheepdog, they are known to have rich heritage in north India & are even found in countries like Nepal & Bhutan. People believe this breed to be in existence since ancient times.

    Table of Content


    Bhote kukur look similar to a Tibetan mastiff but are smaller in size. They love outdoors, long relish walks & exploring new territories. People have been using them for hunting, guarding & herding & specially as a livestock guardian to protect sheep & cattle from predatory creatures. They are also well known to hunt down large games in the Himalayan mountain's rough terrain. 


    These dogs can reach up to a height of 28 inches & weigh around 90 pounds. They are surprisingly swift, active & keep moving around to check their surroundings. They are extremely loyal, courageous & can take down large breeds with the help of their strong neck & deep chest. They have a pointed muzzle with solid head, strong jaw & teeth that meets in a scissors bite. Their neck is always surrounded by a ruff of fur & have a bushy tail which is carried high or even curled over their back. They have a cute round face with expressive eyes & their ears are always flopped at the side of their face. This is a beautiful dog perfectly built for harsh surroundings.


    They are considered one man dog as they get strongly bonded with a single member of their family, and in majority of the cases, its the owner. They are friendly, patient with children & adults which makes them a perfect playmate. They can tolerate strangers & other pets if socialised since childhood. Yes, they are intelligent & courageous but they also have a bit of stubbornness & wilfulness in them. As a guard dog, they are always on alert & would guard their owner's house dedicatedly often barking loudly if they find anything suspicious. Without a doubt, they make a very good family dog but should not be kept indoors due to their active lifestyle.


    Generally a strong & sturdy dog having an average life span of 10 years but like any other large breeds may suffer from problems like patellar luxation, joint, hip dysplasia, obesity & arthritis. Check the body of the dog for ticks, mange & even worms if bred in India & make sure to take the pup to the veterinarian for a thorough checkup.

    Bhotia dog bite force:

    They are known to have a bite force of 400 to 700 psi; however, it depends on the size, jaw strength, and genetics of individuals.

    Indian Bhotia dog price:

    Their price can range from 42000 to 105,000 INR. It mainly depends on the breeds quality & their parents lineage. Consider the health of the pup before adopting one because if you end up owning a unhealthy puppy, you might have to spend thousands of dollars on the medical bills or even become heartbroken due to an immature death. Get info about the breeder & their breeding practices & make sure that you schedule an appointment with a veterinarian for the checkup once adoption takes place to discover how you can provide them a healthy lifestyle.


    They have a long, dense & thick hair that sheds all year long. To keep their coat healthy & shiny, they need to be brushed at least twice in a week. They seldomly require baths as they do a great job in keeping themselves clean. Make sure that you thoroughly dry this breed in case they get wet due to rain or damp grass as wetness can make their coat musty.

    Is Bhotia dog breed an ideal choice for you?

    Yes, they can be a great family dogs if trained & socialised properly because without proper training, they can can easily knock over a kid & try to dominate human adults in their life. Start training them from a very young age so that they can learn to be gentle with children & obey their human family members.

    Training & intelligence:

    These dogs need to be constantly trained. Other than behavioural & general obedience sessions which includes the teaching of basic commands, Don't hesitate from seeking the help of the professionals at home or sending them to puppy kindergartens.


    These dogs are aloof and don't like being fussed over. They won't even show affection if they don't want to. They are similar to those teenagers who love you but like to maintain that cool demeanour. Make sure that you understand & accept them for who they are because just like motherhood, they demand your unconditional love.

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  • Sippiparai Dog Breed (Chippiparai): Price in India, Speed & More

    Sippiparai Dog Breed (Chippiparai): Price in India, Speed & More

    The Sippiparai dog breed originates from the state of Tamil Nadu of South India. You will also be able to see few of them residing around Periyar lake in Kerala. Chippiparais are sight hounds who were bred to be hunters. They use their powerful sense of smell & speed to chase & kill their preys. Chippiparai is an independent operator known to work quietly & swiftly & can successfully hunt down animals like wild boar, hare & deer. Nowadays they are happy doing the job of a watchdog, devotionally guarding their master's abode.

    There is a saying "The grass is always greener on the other side" which is applicable to Indian dog breeds as they often get overlooked in comparison to foreign breeds. Yes it is true that the overseas dogs are adorable in their own right, But there are many native Indian breeds capable of living in adverse conditions by preserving the skills for which they were once known for. 

    Table of Content


    This dog derived its name from the region of "Chippiparai" located in virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu close to Madurai. Royal families of Tirunelveli & Madurai used to breed them & still this breed continues to be the symbol of dignity & loyalty. People believe them to be genetically linked with Egyptian breeds like Saluki & Sloughi, both of which had attained the stature of royals dogs in Egypt. They were transported to the southern part of India via sea route where they were mated with the local breeds resulting in this sleek & powerful dog. Their physical resemblance with Saluki also supports this theory.

    Chippiparai attained popularity & won appreciation of people due to their fierce hunting skills. Initially they efficiently used to catch, kill their pray & then bring them to their masters. But soon this dog started loosing its stand with the decline of Dravidian royalties in those areas. Another reason responsible for their downfall was their Egyptian lineage which was looked down upon by that region's higher caste Hindus. Major kennel clubs still does not recognize them as a standard breed.


    They are agile with body of a hunter, small dark eyes & medium sized ears which usually points upwards. Chippiparais can run at a very high speed (over 60 KMPH), thanks to their muscular & lean body. They have an athletic structure which can be compared to the English Greyhound, but are more muscular. They have powerful jaws & long bony tails which makes them one of the greatest hunting dog in India.

    • Height: 31 to 38 inches tall at withers
    • Weight: 15 to 20 Kgs
    • Colours: Fawn, Reddish Brown, Black, Silver-grey, White Marking (Rare)


    Chippiparai stay dedicated to their handlers or owners & are known to be one man dogs. Some of them even won't tolerate strangers & would only like to be petted, fed & handled by their masters. They can be stubborn at times, showing an independent attitude. Chippiparais are extremely protective of their domain or territory & will try to protect them at any cost which makes them an excellent guard dogs. These dogs are extremely intelligent possessing a natural hunting instinct. Make sure that they are not left alone for a longer period of time which can make them resort to destructive activities.


    They are generally sturdy and healthy, but that does not mean that they can't suffer from any health issue. Like any other dog they are prone to some generic & genetic conditions, hip dysplasia being the common. Living in India for centuries has helped them to develop natural immunity & resistances against various communicable parasites & diseases. They are known to suffer from visual, skeletal problems & can also develop a condition known as patellar luxation.

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    Sippiparai dog price

    You might have to spend anywhere around 5000 to 30,000 INR with the average cost being 10,000 INR. Location & quality also plays an important role in determining the price of the pup. We highly recommend you to buy one from a reputable breeder located around its hometown to encourage genuine breeders.

    Their price city wise:



    Chippiparai dog price in Chennai

    10,000 - 25,000


    Chippiparai dog price in Madurai



    Chippiparai dog price in Coimbatore



    Chippiparai dog price in Bangalore




    You might have to spend anywhere from 31,000 to 53000 INR annually which includes the cost of their food, snacks, toys, license, veterinary care & other activities to keep them healthy and happy. Note that this cost does not include the expenses of their spaying/neutering surgery, crate, collar & dog carrier. Before you bring a pup home, make sure that you have all the necessary supplies.

    Grooming & maintenance: 

    Brushing them regularly will help you to get rid of loose hairs & knots keeping their coat in a good condition. It will also help in distributing natural oils evenly & sliding the dust off the hair resulting in a shiny coat. Combing regularly will also minimise the need to bath & develop a good bond between your pet & you. Brushing should provide a pleasuring & relaxing experience to you and your four legged friend.

    Is Chippiparai an ideal choice for you?

    Please note that they are not at all suitable for first time dog owners as they need to be continuously trained by their masters to make them more sociable & gregarious natured. They require a skilled owner who can handle & train them efficiently. They will quickly adapt to the apartment lifestyle if exercised on a regular basis. Additionally, they need to be taken out for long walks, short runs or jogging in order to keep them fit, fine & contented. So if you are the one who likes to curl up & relax at home, this breed is not for you.

    Training & intelligence:

    They need a thorough obedience training which should be started from the time you bring a puppy home due to their stubborn & independent nature. They have one man instinct, so make sure you socialise them from time to time with other animals & humans even after they grow up. A chippiparai which has the tendency to be aggressive or disobedient can't be allowed to play with others.


    The Sippiparai dog breed is on the verge of extinction & thus we need to put some collective efforts to save them. Our goal should be to let people know about the current situation our native dogs are in. Sharing the article on social media platforms & getting the word out will help us to save this dog!


  • 12 Dog Breeds According To Your Zodiac Signs - MyLilPaw

    12 Dog Breeds According To Your Zodiac Signs - MyLilPaw

    Your Zodiac sign is more helpful than you think & getting your dream dog might be just as easy as looking at the zodiac calendar. Astrology can help you in figuring out your personality, finding a life partner, choosing the right job & designing a sweet tattoo on your  wrist, but what if we say that it can also help you to pick up a perfect dog breed compatible with your zodiac sign?

    So without further adieu, lets have a look at which dog you should get based on your zodiac sign. As you read on, you won't believe how well balanced a underrated dog can be!

    Table Of Content

    1) Aries - German Shepherd

    People born under the Aries sign are naturally born leaders & therefore they deserve a dog which is fearless, intelligent & full of energy. German Shepherds are very often used as a police service dog due to their bravery & loyalty. This highly energetic & trainable breed can be perfect match for a fire sign like Aries.

    Other compatible breeds: Labrador, Jack Russell Terrier, Doberman & Border Collie

    2) Taurus - Golden Retriever

    People born under Taurus sign are fond of beauties & therefore will naturally get attracted toward the prettiest breeds. With their beautiful shiny coat & expressive features, Golden Retriever is a perfect fit for Taurus. Taurus people are very dependable, loyal & social and so is this dog breed.

    Other compatible breeds: Boxer, Great Dane & Scottish Terrier

    3) Gemini - Corgi

    Gemini is the sign of the twins & it goes without saying that people born under the Gemini sign should get two of whichever breed they select, Which is why corgis are an excellent option.Corgis are smart, affectionate & social just like their Gemini owners & love being the center of attraction. It is a twin match built in heaven.

    Other compatible breeds: French Bulldog, Vizsla, Mastiff & Bichon Frise

    4) Cancer - Pomeranian

    People born under cancer sign constantly need to be kissed, cuddled & told how special they are, otherwise they can become very insecure. Pomeranian can fulfil these needs as they want nothing more than to be included in the love-fest. Pomeranian require a very little exercise which makes them a perfect match for cancer owners who would rather curl up & relax in their house.

    Other compatible breeds: French Mastiff, American Bulldog, Maltese, Pit bull & Irish Wolfhound

    5) Leo - Rottweiler

    Leos & rottweilers have a lot of common things between them & that is courage, confidence & playfulness. Both Leo sign person & Rottweiler are naturally born leaders who likes showing affection & being loved. A Rottie which is properly trained are extremely protective & loyal to their families but they are also a large, lap dogs having a sweet heart.

    Other compatible breeds: Pug, Bull mastiff, Dachshund & Chihuahua

    6) Virgo - Chow Chow

    People born under Virgo sign are always calm, composed & calculated, and like to spend most of their time alone. A breed which is energetic & nerdy won't be a good fit, but the one which is refined & little aloof will be just right. Chow Chows are affectionate with their family members but can be wary of strangers, which is certainly relatable to a Virgo.

    Other compatible breeds: Pointer, Shetland Sheepdog & Spanish Water dog

    7) Libra - Greyhound

    People born under Libra sign like to be in order, balanced, peace & harmony. They are also fond of running marathons & that is why a swift & agile breed like Greyhound can be an ideal companion. The Libra owner will get naturally attracted to the personality & stature of a greyhound.

    Other compatible breeds: Shih Tzu, Great Dane & Bulldog

    8) Scorpio - Norfolk terrier

    People born under Scorpio sign won't hesitate in trying out new things & are also known to be slightly feisty, So they might want to try a breed which can keep up with them. Check out the small but fun-loving & courageous Norfolk terrier, who will always be ready for any kind of adventure with a good attitude. 

    Other compatible breeds: Blood Hound, Golden Retriever, Bull Mastiff & Pit bull

    9) Sagittarius - Australian Shepherd

    Sagittarius people are not fond of boring routines, but they like to travel & find out new things. They will need a dog who will love to explore the world together & none of the other breed except Australian Shepherd will be a perfect match. Very often they get associated with cowboys & ranches as they are always up for any kind of rodeo.

    Other compatible breeds: Siberian Husky, Portuguese Water Dog & Australian Cattle Dog

    10) Capricorn - Saint Bernard

    Capricorn people are always driven & meticulous and that is why they deserve a tireless companion who can recognize the importance of a hard days work. There is a reason why Saint Bernards are so famous & beloved, they are inquisitive, playful, charming & a hard working breed.

    Other compatible breeds: Shiba Inu, Belgian Sheepdog & Shar Pei

    11) Aquarius - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    At the end of the day people always want a dog who is just like them. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel might have a small size but they have a big personality. They are gentle, affectionate & graceful just like an Aquarius person. They will happily interact with strangers & give them the benefit of the doubt which is a true Aquarian trait. 

    Other compatible breeds: Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier & American Staffordshire Terrier

    12) Pisces - Poodle

    Pisces is considered to be one the most introspective & creative signs of them all. Pisces people are misunderstood very often just like their ideal companion, the Poodle. Poodles are known to be highly intelligent & trainable. They might seem prissy, but in reality they have a lot of things to offer beneath those fluffy coats.

    Other compatible breeds: Basset Hound & Papillon


  • Graden Dog Breed: Price in India, Height, Colours & More

    Graden Dog Breed: Price in India, Height, Colours & More


    Very few breeds are as sweet as a Graden. People love them because of their friendliness, sweetness & gentle nature. They are often referred as "Apollo of dogs" or as a primary choice for a lot of dog owners. This breed became popular worldwide after they were launched as a cartoon character named "Scooby Doo". 

    There are many dog breeds which are intelligent and popular, but Graden is the most popular of them all. If you are looking for a dog breed that is active, lively, friendly & intelligent, Graden can be your perfect choice as they can be trained to do various things.  These dogs are full of energy & therefore needs vigorous physical activity. 

    Table of Content


    Graden dog breed originates from Germany and has been around for 400+ years. They were primarily bread to hunt wild boars but due to their big size they were also used to protect country estates. Breeding of a English mastiff & a Irish wolfhound resulted into this beautiful, powerful & a massive dog.


    Great Dane is a large dog breed which can reach upto a height of 34 inches from the floor to its withers. They can weigh as much as 100-200 pounds when fully grown. Back in the days when Great Danes were used for hunting, they had their ears cropped which made them more efficient to run and hunt. It is still common in the United States but less common in other countries like U.K, Ireland & Denmark, where this practice is banned.

    Graden breed dog is available in six colour varieties:

    1) Fawn
    2) Brindle
    3) Black
    4) Harlequin
    5) Mantle
    6) Blue

    They are also known as "Gentle Giants" for a very good reason. From outside they might look mean but in reality they are cuddle buds. They are extremely friendly with kids, adults & love socialising.


    The size of this dog does not match their personality. They might look intimidating but in reality they are kind & loyal and always wants to be near their loved ones. They prefer to keep their family members within their line of sight, so just forget about cooking & eating alone ever again. Great Danes can be shy, reserved & aloof sometimes, But naturally they are not aggressive. Socialise them from a very young age so that they feel comfortable around new people & other dogs. Their deep powerful bark can intimidate visitors, but this is a case where their bark is really worse then their bite.


    Great danes have a short life span which is around 7-10 years as they are prone to various health issues. But that is a long duration to fill your life with love and affection. Before you get a Great Dane pup, make sure to check the health of its parents from the breeder. Get a copy of a vet wellness check if you are thinking of adopting one. Note that they are known for heart issues, bloat & hip dysplasia.

    Graden dog price in India:

    Price can range from 8000 INR - 40,000 INR, however the price may vary depending on the location & the quality of the puppy. A Great Dane dog's price is directly proportional to the puppy's health, appearance & quality. We suggest you to never compromise with the quality for a cheaper pup.

    Their price city wise:



    Graden dog price in Bangalore 

    10,000-40,000 rupees 

    Graden dog price in chennai 

    10,000-35,000 rupees 

    Graden dog price in Hyderabad

    10,000-30,000 rupees  

    Graden dog price in Delhi

    10,000-35,000 rupees 

    Graden dog price in Coimbatore

    10,000-30,000 rupees   

    Graden dog price in Salem 

    10,000-25,000 rupees   

    Graden dog price in Madurai

    10,000-20,000 rupees   


    They cost a lot of money! The annual cost of owning a Great Dane is around 1,40,000 INR which includes their food, vet bills, grooming & other activities to keep them happy & healthy.

    Are Great Danes an ideal choice for you?

    You must note that they drool a lot but are an excellent choice for the first time dog owners & for those who dwell in an apartment. They do need to stretch their legs few times a day but otherwise stay very calm & relaxed in home & require very less upkeep.

    Training & intelligence:

    They are pretty average in terms of intelligence. They are easy to train but can be stubborn, which can hinder their trainability. They are easy to train but can be stubborn, which can hinder their trainability. Fortunately, there are online dog training courses available that can help you train this breed and ensure that they excel in hunting & protection.

    Great Dane identification

    You can easily identify a Great Dane by looking at their neck which should be set high, long & narrow. They should have a broad chest, powerful legs & a square frame. Last but not the least pay close attention to their colour & markings.They should have short, glossy coat which comes in a variety of colours & patterns. To have a clear understanding, kindly watch the video below:


    It is easy to fall in love with a Graden dog breed, but before you get one home, bear in mind that they require huge amount food & are expensive. They require a household with plenty of room to move about both indoors as well as outdoors & with at-least one person available all day long to take care of them. Yes, they are known for their gentle nature but can easily knock over a small kid.



    We have Indian bred aswell as import lineage puppies for sale in Bangalore which are KCI registered.

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