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    Your Zodiac sign is more helpful than you think & getting your dream dog might be just as easy as looking at the zodiac calendar. Astrology can help you in figuring out your personality, finding a life partner, choosing the right job & designing a sweet tattoo on your  wrist, but what if we say that it can also help you to pick up a perfect dog breed compatible with your zodiac sign?

    So without further adieu, lets have a look at which dog you should get based on your zodiac sign. As you read on, you won't believe how well balanced a underrated dog can be!

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    1) Aries - German Shepherd

    People born under the Aries sign are naturally born leaders & therefore they deserve a dog which is fearless, intelligent & full of energy. German Shepherds are very often used as a police service dog due to their bravery & loyalty. This highly energetic & trainable breed can be perfect match for a fire sign like Aries.

    Other compatible breeds: Labrador, Jack Russell Terrier, Doberman & Border Collie

    2) Taurus - Golden Retriever

    People born under Taurus sign are fond of beauties & therefore will naturally get attracted toward the prettiest breeds. With their beautiful shiny coat & expressive features, Golden Retriever is a perfect fit for Taurus. Taurus people are very dependable, loyal & social and so is this dog breed.

    Other compatible breeds: Boxer, Great Dane & Scottish Terrier

    3) Gemini - Corgi

    Gemini is the sign of the twins & it goes without saying that people born under the Gemini sign should get two of whichever breed they select, Which is why corgis are an excellent option.Corgis are smart, affectionate & social just like their Gemini owners & love being the center of attraction. It is a twin match built in heaven.

    Other compatible breeds: French Bulldog, Vizsla, Mastiff & Bichon Frise

    4) Cancer - Pomeranian

    People born under cancer sign constantly need to be kissed, cuddled & told how special they are, otherwise they can become very insecure. Pomeranian can fulfil these needs as they want nothing more than to be included in the love-fest. Pomeranian require a very little exercise which makes them a perfect match for cancer owners who would rather curl up & relax in their house.

    Other compatible breeds: French Mastiff, American Bulldog, Maltese, Pit bull & Irish Wolfhound

    5) Leo - Rottweiler

    Leos & rottweilers have a lot of common things between them & that is courage, confidence & playfulness. Both Leo sign person & Rottweiler are naturally born leaders who likes showing affection & being loved. A Rottie which is properly trained are extremely protective & loyal to their families but they are also a large, lap dogs having a sweet heart.

    Other compatible breeds: Pug, Bull mastiff, Dachshund & Chihuahua

    6) Virgo - Chow Chow

    People born under Virgo sign are always calm, composed & calculated, and like to spend most of their time alone. A breed which is energetic & nerdy won't be a good fit, but the one which is refined & little aloof will be just right. Chow Chows are affectionate with their family members but can be wary of strangers, which is certainly relatable to a Virgo.

    Other compatible breeds: Pointer, Shetland Sheepdog & Spanish Water dog

    7) Libra - Greyhound

    People born under Libra sign like to be in order, balanced, peace & harmony. They are also fond of running marathons & that is why a swift & agile breed like Greyhound can be an ideal companion. The Libra owner will get naturally attracted to the personality & stature of a greyhound.

    Other compatible breeds: Shih Tzu, Great Dane & Bulldog

    8) Scorpio - Norfolk terrier

    People born under Scorpio sign won't hesitate in trying out new things & are also known to be slightly feisty, So they might want to try a breed which can keep up with them. Check out the small but fun-loving & courageous Norfolk terrier, who will always be ready for any kind of adventure with a good attitude. 

    Other compatible breeds: Blood Hound, Golden Retriever, Bull Mastiff & Pit bull

    9) Sagittarius - Australian Shepherd

    Sagittarius people are not fond of boring routines, but they like to travel & find out new things. They will need a dog who will love to explore the world together & none of the other breed except Australian Shepherd will be a perfect match. Very often they get associated with cowboys & ranches as they are always up for any kind of rodeo.

    Other compatible breeds: Siberian Husky, Portuguese Water Dog & Australian Cattle Dog

    10) Capricorn - Saint Bernard

    Capricorn people are always driven & meticulous and that is why they deserve a tireless companion who can recognize the importance of a hard days work. There is a reason why Saint Bernards are so famous & beloved, they are inquisitive, playful, charming & a hard working breed.

    Other compatible breeds: Shiba Inu, Belgian Sheepdog & Shar Pei

    11) Aquarius - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    At the end of the day people always want a dog who is just like them. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel might have a small size but they have a big personality. They are gentle, affectionate & graceful just like an Aquarius person. They will happily interact with strangers & give them the benefit of the doubt which is a true Aquarian trait. 

    Other compatible breeds: Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier & American Staffordshire Terrier

    12) Pisces - Poodle

    Pisces is considered to be one the most introspective & creative signs of them all. Pisces people are misunderstood very often just like their ideal companion, the Poodle. Poodles are known to be highly intelligent & trainable. They might seem prissy, but in reality they have a lot of things to offer beneath those fluffy coats.

    Other compatible breeds: Basset Hound & Papillon



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