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Looking for one of the best dog dealers in bangalore? Your search is over ! We are considered one of top dog sellers in bangalore because we are committed to producing the finest dogs for show and companionship in India.Confused which dogs to buy in bangalore?

Apart from raising numerous Champions and Best in Show winners for more than 30 years now, and with this going on with energy for flawlessness, we are striving to get better and better.

This is what our "Happy clients" say about us, we would like to add many more such testimonials to our credit: Read Our Reviews

We mainly take care of three things :

1) Temperament
2) Quality
3) Brains

In a home situation, we bring up little dogs with children and give them the chance of social interactions, including interaction within the family, not just in the backyard which helps to shape their personality in a correct way.At that point required, along with a lot of understanding and thinking about the culmination of an effective pet, is a cherished, reliable owner.

Most of our dogs have a great temperament. If you're still in doubt, you're free to see our puppies face to face and see their incredible characteristics, personality, ability to work and please with your own eyes.

As of now we have placed more than 150 little babies, we make sure to keep in touch with all our clients after the pups are placed.

We also board your little ones when you are away, Homestay for pets.

You aren't from Bangalore? not to worry,we deliver the pups across the country.

Dog Breeds we sell :
1) Golden Retreiver
2) Labrador
3) Shiht-zu
4) Beagle
5) Cocker Spaniel
6) Lhasa Apso
7) German Shepherd
8) Doberman
9) Rottweiler
10) American Bully
11) Teacup Pomerian
12) Akita
13) Pitbull
14) Saint Bernard
15) Chow Chow
16) Samoyed
17) British Bulldog
18) English Mastiff
19) Pug
20) Pomeranian
21) Great Dane

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buy dogs in bangalore

Various Dog Breeds

We deal with as many as 40 different high pedigree dog breeds which includes foreign aswell as Indian dog breeds like Rajapalayam,Chippiparai and many more.

Dog Boarding

Give your furry ball the best dog boarding Bangalore facility in order to relish a stress free and soothing vacation.We believe in providing home environment to the pups.

Various Payment Method

We understand that not all the payment modes will be convinient to everybody therefore We accept various payment methods like google pay, Bank Transfer, Cash and more.

We Deliver Home

Certain locations aren't convinient to everyone so upon your request one of our team members will make sure that your new furry friend reaches your home safely ASAP.

Quick Support

Support after placing the pup, Specially for the first time pet owners. Our job doesn't get over after selling the pup but we make sure that all our clients queiries are answered promptly and in a timely manner.

Schedules and techniques

The first 6 months of your pup is very important because during that stage your pup grows at a rapid pace which makes it necessary to feed your pooch a healthy and nutritious diet.We help you with the food schedules, Appropriate diet, Puppy stage potty training.

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  • Reasons As To Why Dogs Bark at Night - Mylilpaw

    You all know how important dogs are in our life. They play a huge role in everybody’s life. Moreover, some people cannot imagine life without them. Until the 18th century, they played a utilitarian role. However, with time they became best friends. Many people consider them as service dogs, some as guard dogs, and few others as companions. Dogs share their lives with us. You can now purchase from good Dog food Brands in India.

    There are some people around us, as always, who have issues with everything. You will see few people complaining that dogs bark at night. It is true. Moreover, if they bark in the daytime, it does not make many differences. However, the noise tends to disturb most of us. Let us find out why dogs bark at night? 

    Find Out Why Dogs Bark At Night 

    If you walk through any place at night, you will be able to hear the dogs bark. Can’t understand why dogs bark so much at night? Read on. Now, there is no specific answer to your question. It depends on the dog and its surroundings. However, we have noticed that most dogs bark when they are outside. If your dog is indoors, it will not bark that much. Let us understand the barking reasons today. 

    • Noises are to be blamed. Yes, you are right. Dogs have a very keen sense of hearing. They bark when they hear noises. The noises may come from a distance. However, it bothers them. Most dogs are inquisitive about noises. If you stand beside your dog, you may hear nothing. But your dog will have its ears straight up. Moreover, they can hear ultrasonic sounds as well. And they bark as a reaction. 

    • You may have noticed that dogs are interested in other animals. They are more interested in wildlife. You can blame it on the Raccoons, Deer, or Coyotes. Sometimes, a bear can also be the reason. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, unlike humans. You may not be able to sense a wild animal in the bush, but dogs do. So, they bark to ward off the creatures. If you get in touch with an animal behaviourist, he will tell you the same thing. 

    • You can also blame it on the street dogs or the neighbour's dogs. Have you heard of ‘Group barking?’ You have to keep in mind that dogs are pack animals. Thus, it makes them very reactive to other dogs barking. If one dog starts barking, other dogs join in. It is their collective effort. So, you can’t stop them. However, you can get amused. Sometimes, one dog sees a nocturnal creature and starts barking. Others follow suit. Can you stop them? No. 

    • Boredom bothers everyone. Moreover, dogs are no different. You can hear them bark due to boredom. When they have nothing constructive to do, they bark. One dog starts barking, and others follow suit. So, they are just letting out their stored energy in one go. 

    • Dogs are social animals, and they do not love loneliness. So, if you hear them barking late at night, they may be lonely. Howling is the only way dogs can express themselves. So, that is what they do – bark. They bark incessantly to draw others attention towards them. You can keep them with you. Then, they may not bark. Here, we are talking about your dog. In the case, it is the neighbours who can give him the same suggestion. Dogs suffer from separation anxiety. If you keep them with you, they will be far more relaxed. Better still, allow them to sleep with you. 

    • Oh! We forgot something. Hunger may be another reason. If the dogs are hungry, they will bark. So, ensure to feed your dog well at night. If it has its tummy full, then it can relax a bit. So, can you, your family, and your neighbourhood. Get the best Dog food Brands in India.

    • Well, we discussed all the possible reasons. However, we missed out on the health bit. If your dog is in pain, it might bark, howl, or whine. So, attend to your dog and find out if it has any health issues. 

    • If your dog sees an unknown person, most probably a thief, it may bark. It is a common scenario. Your dog may be sounding an alarm for you. So, try to understand what it’s trying to convey. 

    • There could be some problems with the room, the bed, and the available space. Your dog’s bed may be too small. Or, it may be feeling hot. If you have kept your dog in a locked room, it might bark to go out. If you have a pet, you have got to take responsibility. So, that is how we do it. You can now rely on animal behaviourists if all else fails. There can be so many reasons why dogs bark at night.

    Possible Solutions

    You can try a few measures yourself. If the problem persists, get in touch with an animal behaviourist. First, give it a try yourself. Avoid encouraging the barking. Whenever your dog barks, try to scold it. Punish it. Take the carrot and stick approach. If it is your dog that is causing the nuisance, give it a walk and exercise. It will get a bit tired and sleep through the night. Plus, you have to ensure that your dog is getting the proper diet. And avoid feeding too late. It can interfere with sleeping patterns and the digestive system as well.  You can get your dog the best Dog food Brands in India.

    Walk your dog so that it can urinate. Moreover, you can have a specific bathroom for it. Then, peeing will not be a huge problem. When required, your dog can pee and come back to its bed. Now, if the dog is not yours, there is some reason for concern. If it is the neighbour's, then give these tips to them. However, you have little or no control over strays. So, it is something that you have to bear. However, you can still talk to the night guard. They may be able to help you. 

  • Dog Boarding Bangalore | #1 Kennel For Your Pet in BLR


    dog boarding bangalore

    Welcome to Mylilpaw and we are here to help all the dog owners to find best caring home for their loving pet making sure both you and your pets have great loving holidays. We are dog owners ourself and believe dogs to be an important part of the family. When we are far away from them we always want our dogs to be healthy, happy & to have fun. Leaving dogs in kennels can be distressing for both dogs as well as the owners but what makes us different from other kennels is that we provide home environment to your pets  while you are away.

    Why to choose Mylilpaw?

    We will make sure that your we properly take care of your dog & they them-self are enjoying great holidays :) your dog's holiday can be tailored with pet stay ensuring that their routines like exercising, feeding & sleeping or any other activity your dog enjoys is in place. When you select our dog boarding Bangalore, We make sure that your pet is provided with lots of attention & love by treating them as one of the family members which will give you peace of mind. 

    Tips to select best dog boarding:

    1) Visit the boarding facility you have selected and ask questions to all the staff about your concerns regarding your pets boarding & care which will make sure you are comfortable & familiar with the place and the members who will be taking care of your dog. If a member rushes you through the tour its is a tell tale sign that they wont be able to provide quality time & attention to your dog you normally would provide. Advance planning is required when you plan a holiday travel and that is why and we suggest you to do a few test run before you leave for your holiday as it will give you proper judgement whether that  particular dog boarding is suitable for your pet.

    2) Request the boarding team members to describe their daily routine for the dogs as they should be allowed with various opportunities to burn of their energy. Make sure you also ask about the overnight pet care as well !

    3) Ask about the routine the boarding team members follow for maintaining a disinfected & clean facility because a clean environment will make sure that your pet comes home safe,happy & healthy.

    4) Ask the team members about the policy of supervision of the dogs and they should not be left alone or unattended for a long period of time which can mentally affect your pet. Be sure that at-least one of the team members will stay with your pet 24 hours in case of an emergency.

    5) Ask the team members about their background & training in animal care because it helps a lot if the staff members are having  proper knowledge in dog behavior, care & even training when any problems arise as they will be knowing how to deal with the situation.

    6) Make sure that your dog is provided maximum social interaction if your dog is social & active enough. Dogs often feel less stressed when they are with other dogs and people as they are naturally social creatures. If your dog is not used to any social interaction make sure that you talk to the team members about the about your dog's personality and his/her needs are met accordingly.

    7) If your pet is suffering from any medical condition make sure to ask below question to the team members:
    a) Who will be responsible for medical administrations
    b) How will they deal with the situation if the need arises
    c) Is the staff familiar with the dogs medical condition?
    8) Ask team members what policies they follow and how will they react in case of any medical emergency. Ask about the animal hospital that they will be contacting so that you can come to know who will be taking care of your pet,where you pet will be taken during an emergency & your pet is receiving emergency care promptly.


    All the dog owners want well run, well maintained dog boarding Bangalore facility that will take care of their pet when they are enjoying their holidays. Now you know what to ask before you leave for your vacation which will make sure that your dog gets the perfect outlet he/she needs to thrive until you return :)
  • Coronavirus in Dogs | Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | Mylilpaw

    coronavirus in dogs

    Although highly infectious, coronavirus in dogs symptoms may include a mild illness when it happens on its own, given what vaccine manufacturers and even some veterinarians would have you believe. 

    It is when there is coronavirus combined with parvovirus or another intestinal infection that it is a significant risk to the health of a dog.

    CCV is second only to parvo in dogs, as a viral source of diarrhea. It is an intestinal disease to canines, and is present throughout the world in both wild and domestic dogs. 

    The disease has been around for decades, and most domestic adult dogs have detectable antibody titers for the CCV.

    It means they have been exposed to the virus at some stage in their lives, or have been vaccinated against it as children, and from that stage on they bear lifetime protection.

    Causes of coronavirus in dogs

    coronavirus in dogs causes

    The coronavirus is transmitted from dog to dog by exposing contaminated dogs to the feces. Infected dogs upto six months can shed the virus in feces. 

    CCV lives within the upper two-thirds of the small intestine, where it replicates itself, and in local lymph nodes as well.

    Stress enhances the vulnerability to CCV infection, because dogs that are intensively trained live in overcrowded environments or unhealthy conditions, or spend time in areas where other dogs are at higher risk.

    Coronavirus in dogs symptoms

    For adult dogs, there are sometimes no signs of a coronavirus infection. Sometimes a dog can suffer a single episode of vomiting, or a couple of days of explosive diarrhea. 

    Temporary loss of appetite or depression may also occur. Quite rarely, fever, or mild respiratory symptoms can also occur.

    Puppies, particularly those under the age of 12 weeks, are at substantially greater risk of serious illness than adult dogs, and can suffer from severe diarrhea and dehydration. 

    When diagnosed with coronavirus only, most puppies recover from moderate to serious diarrhea after several days.

    Nevertheless, puppies infected with both coronavirus and parvovirus may experience serious enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine), and unfortunately for many puppies these two simultaneous infections are fatal.

    Coronavirus in dogs treatment

    As the signs of a coronavirus infection are close to those found in certain forms of gastrointestinal infections, the doctor may need to do different serum or antibody titer tests to diagnose coronavirus.

    Luckily most adult dogs recover without the need for medical attention or fluid therapy from a CCV infection. 
    In certain cases, diarrhea can last up to 12 days, and several weeks of soft stools. Colostrum, homeopathic remedies, and slippery elm bark may all be highly helpful during this period.

    Care should be taken to track puppies infected with coronavirus. For a young dog, only a very small amount of diarrhoea or vomiting may be fatal. 

    This is why keeping CCV patients, particularly puppies, from developing dehydration is very important. 

    To avoid dehydration, water or specially formulated fluids can be administered under the skin (subcutaneously) and/or intravenous.

    Luckily most adult dogs recover without the need for medical attention or fluid therapy from a CCV infection. 

    In certain cases, diarrhea can last up to 12 days, and several weeks of soft stools. Colostrum, homeopathic remedies, and slippery elm bark may all be highly helpful during this period.

    Since CCV is highly contagious, if your dog is symptomatic or has been diagnosed with the virus, he should be isolated from other dogs immediately. 

    It's also important to keep clean and hygienic your dog's crate or sleeping area, and remember to always pick up after your dog and keep him from coming in contact with other dog's feces.

    Coronavirus vaccine exists but I do not recommend it. Dr. Ronald Schultz, vaccine specialist, calls it a "disease-searching vaccine," and thinks it has very little benefit. This is because coronavirus is not a significant infection on its own.

    As long as your dog has received a prompt parvovirus vaccine there is always no need to be unnecessarily worried about an infection with coronavirus.

    How to prevent coronavirus in dogs?

    Parvovirus, as most dog owners know, is a serious disease that is all too often fatal. As coronavirus in conjunction with parvo is lethal, it's another justification to make sure your dog is vaccinated against the latter.

    While it's true that over-vaccination is a issue in the veterinary world, that doesn't mean we should give up granting parvo (two puppy vaccines) baseline protection to give dogs lifelong immunity against this deadly disease.

    The procedure I follow in parvo vaccination (the vaccine protects against all strains) is a parvo / distemper shot before the age of 11 weeks (ideally at 9 weeks) and a booster at around 14 weeks. 

    Then, about 2 to 4 weeks after the second shot, I run antibody titer tests to ensure the puppy was vaccinates as-well as immunized.

    This is a central vaccination procedure offering the required number of vaccines to protect against life-threatening illnesses, without the risk of over-vaccinating.

    Because the role of the vaccinations is to stimulate the development of antibodies, if a puppy is exposed to parvo (or any virus for which he has been vaccinated), he has some sort of safety in circulation. 

    Vaccines promote the development of antibodies but it takes 10 to 14 days for sufficient protection to occur after the vaccination.

    A small number of dogs identified as non-responders won't develop immunity and will remain vulnerable to parvo for their entire lives. 

    That knowledge is really important for dog owners to have, which makes me titer after the second round of shots.

    Additionally, some puppies retain a degree of immunity from their mother's milk which interferes with vaccine efficacy. 

    Titering gives us the knowledge that we need to be sure that the pup has been successfully immunized, or if he hasn't, to decide why and what more steps to take.

    I almost often offer freshly vaccinated animals a homeopathic detoxifier.


    Committed to having the best out of 2020? Make this the best year for your pet too! If you are finding advice, we have the best tips to help you get started. Some things you'll be learning are:
    • How to build a safe and stable place to stay
    • What foods are healthy for your pet to eat
    • How to relax your pet if they feel nervous
    • Do and don't while you're traveling with your pet
  • Best Dog Wheelchairs in India 2020 | Buyer's Guide | Mylilpaw

    Looking to buy best dog wheelchair in India? Pets, particularly when you're alone, can be your best friend and always be there to keep you company. You love to see them all around you, happy and relaxed.

    You feel bad when they have problems with mobility due to issues such as arthritis and you see them struggling to go walking. Their pain hurts your heart and you are so keen to help.

    You want to relieve them of their suffering and discomfort by bringing them up while they are going through those tough challenges. You and them can be making things worse, particularly if they're a large breed.

    You can drop them, and this will make their wound worse and prolong their pain. You don't want them to live this agony anymore. Fortunately, there are dog wheelchairs India to take up this task and provide your pet with a means of transportation to ride about with you as you all want to.

    Whatever their name may be, dog wheelchairs may offer help to other pets such as rabbits and cats. It will ensure that your furry friend will continue moving about and avoid limiting himself to a spot. There are many versions on the market that can be of beneficial to your pet.

    By evaluating the top ten choices available, we have spared you the hassle of scrolling through hundreds of them. We have also included a guide that highlights various features & can also help you make the right choice based on your preferences.

    List of best dog wheelchairs in India:

    1) Wheelchairs for small dogs by Walking Wheels

    dog wheelchair india
    dog wheelchairs in india

    This dog wheelchair supports breeds of small stature like the Chihuahuas and Pomeranian. This also supports small cats with mobility difficulties.

    Many veterinary practitioners testify to the tremendous effect this wheelchair has had on pets. It's strong and lightweight, making it ideal for mobility issues with your sick pet or the elderly one.

    This choice supports the hind legs of pets and lets them run around to have fun and keep your company when you go home.

    You can take this model with you on your journeys, because it can be folded easily. Both parts of this wheelchair can be washed down to the foam / rubber wheels, making maintenance simple. The light, width and height are easily modified to match your pet.


    1) Very Lightweight
    2) Easy Assembling
    3) Suitable for small pets
    4) Can be folded flat
    5) Easily adjustable


    1) Cannot support front limbs

    2) Rear support wheelchair 

    dog wheelchair india

    This is ideal for dogs reaching lengths of 13 to 19 inches from shoulder blades to tail end, rear height of 10 to 15 inches from top of hips to floor and width of 6 to 8 inches straight across from shoulders and/or hips.

    It supports the pets weighing between 26 and 35lbs. It is tested and built by orthopedic veterinary professionals with more than 50 years of experience in pet mobility issues.

    This is currently the lightest alternative on the market. For outdoor usage it is solid enough and does not compromise on comfort. Dogs can also use the bathroom very easily


    1) Very Light
    2) Suitable for small to medium sized breeds
    3) Comfortable usage
    4) Adjustable


    1) The back end of this wheelchair tends to get stuck on furniture

    3) Dog wheelchair for large dogs

    dog wheelchair

    This wheelchair is intended for dogs leg measuring 8 to 9 inches and 26 to 50 pounds in weight. Experienced veterinarians have put in outstanding research to tackle alarming canine mobility problems.

    It's easily adjustable to suit the leg length of your fuzzy friend and make it very comfortable.

    This wheelchair is a very attractive and at the same time flexible stylish choice. There are three different co-lour combinations for your pet to choose from if you wish to buy it.

    This does not cause your pet to have any bathroom issues. Both parts of this wheelchair can be quickly washed; the foam / rubber wheels included.


    1) Light weight & durable
    2) 3 co-lour options
    3) Very comfortable & convenient for dogs
    4) Adjustable
    5) Bathroom can be used easily


    1) Instruction included are quite difficult

    4) Wheelchair for small dogs

    This is another excellent wheelchair made for small pets weighing 11 to 19 pounds and those measuring 3 to 6 inches in length.

    This will make your injured Pekingese or dachshund very relaxed and supportive. Ideal for outdoor use, this option will not make you worry about its durability.

    There are three different color choices in this wheelchair too. You should change it completely to match the measurement of your pet. Your pet should find it very convenient.


    1) Durable & lightweight
    2) Best suited for pets with problem in their rear limbs
    3) Adjustable
    4) Convenient to use


    1) Complex user instructions

    Dog wheelchair buying guide

    Choosing the perfect wheelchair for your pet would certainly pose a difficult challenge because there are plenty of choices to choose from on the market. 

    You are puzzled about which one to go for and which one has all the features to assist your pet who is injured or disabled.

    With this in mind, we went on to dissect each model and show how its characteristics would tender to the peculiarities of your pet.

    Who Should buy a dog wheelchair?

    This mobility choice isn't limited to only one kind as a Dog Wheelchair, This is appropriate for animals of various kinds such as cats, dogs, goats, and rabbits.

    If you are buying this chair for your precious pet, you should be aware of its precise dimensions to avoid making it more uncomfortable with an choice that doesn't suit.

    Animals appear to lose their walking ability, as they age. Accident, disease, amputation and several other conditions are contributing factors to the failure of an animal to function. A wheelchair offers the ideal mobility choice to keep your pet alive and not confined to a disabled spot.Choosing a better model that addresses the unique issues your pet is facing can be very helpful in making your pet happy and relaxed.

    Factors you should consider while making your choice

    A) Your pet's limb size

    To find out their weight, height and length, measure your furry friend. It is really critical in keeping your pet fit properly. You don't want to buy a product that doesn't suit or makes it awkward for your dog. You purchase a wheelchair to ease the problems of the pet, you shouldn't add them to make a option which doesn't suit.

    B) Quality & cost

    The first thing you remember when you decide to make a purchase is the price and buying a wheelchair isn't any different. While trying to pick a pocket-friendly alternative, you should be careful about sacrificing quality. Buying a wheelchair lacking in quality undermines the purpose of purchasing one at the first place.

    Considering the cost of your purchase, you should know that your pup's comfort comes first and that you have to find the right price to cater for that. That doesn't mean you should go for a expensive alternative that doesn't have enough quality to offer.

    C) Composition

    You should be concerned about the materials which make up your chosen wheelchair. It tells you how strong it will be and how easy it will be to run. You want a chair that has a lightweight frame and is easy to use. Nor should the chair be affected by fog, sun and other elements.

    Know your pets measurement

    As we have mentioned before, it's crucial to know your pet's correct measurement. It will save your pets from any kind of depression. It's also saving you money on a useless wheelchair.

    Get a measuring tape, measure the height, neck, width and breath of your pet, and write it down into a notepad. You can also get a weighing scale to measure your pet's weight. Such steps will help you find the right sized wheelchair to give full comfort to your dog.

    Tips for purchasing perfect dog wheelchairs in India

    We have some valuable tips here to help you quickly make the perfect option, without any tension.

    • To make the correct decision, you should be completely aware of their condition and prognosis when choosing a wheelchair for your pet. There are chairs that only support back legs while others support front legs only.You don't want to buy a chair that supports your pet's front legs that have damaged the back legs or buy a chair that supports your pet's back legs that suffer from front legs with disabilities. That's going to be completely wrong choices so keeping these considerations in mind is crucial to make the choice that suits your pup best.

    • There is also an alternative that supports both legs, back and front. With your pet with injured front legs this choice is best.

    • The materials which make up a wheelchair's wheels decide the extent of the outdoor use. You can get wheels made of sturdy materials that can withstand various terrains.

    • We've pounded this in this article several times but we're going to mention it again because it's a vital topic. Be sure to pick the best size to match your dog. You have many choices and you'll always find the right fit.

    • Your pet's age doesn't preclude him from learning how to use a wheelchair. Whether old or young, get a wheelchair for your sick or handicapped pet to help them get around and enjoy themselves.

    • You don't want to buy a wheelchair you cant clean when it gets dirty. Endeavor to choose an easy-to-clean alternative.

    Dog Wheelchairs safety tips

    All that we spoke about lies about your pet's health. Unless your furry friend's health is endangered, then no need to get a wheelchair. Below we discuss protective measures to avoid harm to your pet.

    • Always ensure that your dog is in a comfortable position when in the wheelchair, test the harness. Staying in an uncomfortable position may cause them discomfort and you don't want your furry friend feeling any more pain.

    • Keep kids and others pets away to avoid any damage to the wheelchair

    • Always seek to be present around your pet to track its activity in order to prevent injuries.

    • During outdoor use the back portion of some chairs get stuck on furniture or bushes. Always be there to make sure your pet is safe.

    • Don't let your pet spend long periods in the cart. Allow them to take a break, and relax while you're around.


    So above was the list of best Dog wheelchairs in India which are perfect options for mobility-stricken dogs. Injury or illness does not limit your pet to one spot, they should have the opportunity to wander about and enjoy themselves. Wheelchair can help a lot in overcoming the discomfort of its mobility issues and getting some comfort as well.

    You will strive to buy only a wheelchair built especially to match the peculiarities of your dog. You want a healthy and lively dog to keep your company in the home and on a road trip. It's crucial to make sure your furry friend is relaxed in the wheelchair to keep him happy. You have to buy a chair which has excellent features that give your pup a better life.
  • Mudhol Hound (Caravan Hound) Dog Breed Information | Mylilpaw

    Mudhol Hound is an Indian dog breed that has served both the royalty and the peasants as a tracker, faithful companion and guard dog.Throughout this breed's existence they are known by variety of names such as Caravan Hound, Mudhol Hound, Karwani, Lahori, Pashmi and the Pisuri Hound.

    When you want to buy this dog breed, it is best to know all the details relevant to this breed which will allow you to care for these dogs properly. This article contains all important details concerning this breed. Let's continue.

    caravan hound

    mudhol hound


    The Mudhol Hound is an ancient breed, originally from the Indian Deccan Plateau. The Deccan Plateau region includes parts of the Karnataka, Maharashtra and to a lesser extent Andhra Pradesh states. Mercenaries and merchants from different parts of Asia, who traveled in caravans, initially brought the breed into India.

    When the locals saw the dogs running alongside the caravan, they started to refer to them as "karwani," meaning "of the caravans." The term was anglicized to Caravan Hound when the Indian Kennel Club recognised this breed.

    Caravan Hound Dog Description

    Characteristics of the Caravan Hound are well described. Their head is small and wide, with a tapering muzzle between the ears. Their jaws are strong and thick, but slightly low in appearance. 

    This breed's nose is growing, and may be colored in liver or black. Their ears are of small size and hang below the forehead. Their big, oval eyes are dark hazel colored to amber.

    This dog's neck is long, muscular and clean and fits well into the shoulders & are well laid back.

    This breed's forelegs are long, straight and well-boned, and its back is long, strong, and well-muscled, with a slight curve over the loin. 

    Their chest is wide with well-sprung ribs, and deep. This breed's abdomen is tucked in, and the hindquarters appear well-muscled and long. 

    The tail at the base is not too long, heavy, set low, and carried in a natural curve.

    This should never be folded down over the back. Their gait is high-footed and they stretch all four hands. 

    This breed's coat may be smooth and thin, or of a silky texture, featuring fringes on the legs, ears, thigh and tail backs. Any other features of this presence are:

    1) No Wrinkles & Folds
    2) Whip tail type
    3) Their eyes are large & oval
    4) Their ears are v-shaped
    5) Reverse scissor bite type
    6) They are very athletic

    Mudhol hound Temparament:

    A working breed are Mudhol Hounds or Carvan Hounds; they are sensitive, intelligent, cautious, trustworthy, and brave. They are solitary and aloof but very smart and a keen hunter, reserved for strangers. 

    This breed needs a large amount of physical activity every day and these dogs must be handled with gentleness and reverence.

    If these criteria are not met, this wonderful companion can turn into a challenging and even dangerous dog.

    This breed does not like being approached or treated by someone other than its owner. Mudhol Hounds require a lot of socialisation from a young age onwards. 

    Their owners must be cool, they must have an air of gentle, yet strong control.

    Living Condition

    The best thing about the Mudhol Hound is it was bred in India and it can be adapted to all weather conditions. This breed is not ideal for living in apartments, because they need a lot of exercise in wide open spaces. 

    They are ideal for homes with a growing, enclosed yard and better living conditions.

    Such dogs are most relaxed when outside (but they don't stay alone, away from their family). They're not fond of rainy or cold climates and performs best in tropical conditions. 

    These dogs require doggie coats in cold weather, and probably boots to cover them.

    Health Problems:

    Such dogs are a tough breed and were supposed to live and work hard in harsh conditions for many years. 

    Only the best ones have survived in this setting and the result is that Carvan Hounds are hardy dogs, suffering from very few breed specific health issues. 

    We have an estimated lifespan of 10 to 15 years.In this breed the most prevalent disease is skin-related issues. Mudhol Hound lacks a fat layer in the body, rendering them vulnerable to cold and heat. 

    They can easily grow frosty bites. However, intense sun rays can cause them sunburn and if you take your dog outside on warm days, a sunscreen won't be a bad choice.

    The other issue of "marasmus" that can be seen in this breed The liver dysfunctions and the food is not absorbed in the body in this disease. 

    Your pet might eat a lot in that situation but in fact it won't gain weight, on the contrary it might just look malnourished.


    The Caravan Hounds need a huge amount of routine exercise to stay healthy both mentally and physically. 

    They need regular long walks in a wide, enclosed, healthy environment, combined with long, weekly, or bi-weekly running sessions. 

    You should never allow a Mudhol Hound off leash on unfenced land as they are able to selectively become deaf to calls from their owner.

    Exercise is very important for a strong & healthy Mudhol hound so if you can't provide enough please think twice before getting this breed.


    In terms of grooming, the Caravan Hound is a breed of low maintenance dogs. They shed an average amount, so it will suffice to brush their short coat once a week to remove most of the dead fur. 

    Some dogs ' frequent grooming keeps their coats and skin clean by application of the natural oils. Weekly brushing gives these dogs ' fur a lustrous shine, too.

    Bathe these dogs only when appropriate, and use mild soap while bathing. Too much washing or using harsh shampoos for this breed will strip the protective oils from skin and hair.

    Besides this, you need to follow daily grooming routine with your Mudhol Hound that brushes their teeth, this should be done at least once a week because this will help eliminate the tartar buildup and ensure a fresh breath at all times.

     It will also discourage the dog from contracting gum diseases.


    The Mudhol Hound needs to be trained regularly with a strong trainer. Note that this breed naturally has a nervous temperament, therefore they do not react well to harsh treatment.  

    Indeed, when their nervous disposition is curbed, it can intensify as they get a little older.

    This breed of dogs needs to be trained to socialize with other animals, especially smaller ones. 

    They were built to chase and could either scare away the small animals, or just think of them as their prey.


    Owing to their pace the Mudhol Hound puppies can be a handful. When you put this little bundle of joy back home, do remember this is a super active puppy. Be prepared to run all day round this little pooch. 

    You can't leave them long alone. They love their family & can develop separation anxiety.

    Such hounds are often one man dog so socializing with various people and animals is extremely necessary. 

    He is an extremely loyal breed towards the family and with one family member, he can establish attachment very quickly.


    Any deviation from the above points should be considered a fault and the severity of which the fault should be regarded should be reasonably proportional to its degree and its impact on the dog's safety and welfare.

    1) General appearance: Greyhound type
    2)  Outline is untypical
    3)  Pink Nose, skin & paws
    4) briskets are too narrow
    5 ) Lack of angulation
    6) Hip bones put significantly lower than the Withers
    7) Ring & bushy tail

    It recognizes dogs with fade markings over fur. Pure white coat has pink skin that induces skin ailments and is thus undesirable for the purpose of coursing. 

    Owing to the demand for pure white [pink] pups, it has been found in recent instances; breeding has been undertaken to produce full pink litters. 

    This practice has also contributed to genetic problems such as deafness and bone deformation.

    The pink paws are unable to bear the rugged terrain, and sometimes bleed. Owing to its inefficiency to bear sun, any dog with pink hands, ears, and skin is disregarded for hunting by the natives.

    A Hound chasing a hare often has to navigate the obstacles of small stones, thorny shrubs, rocks, ditches and other competing dogs on the ground. 

    When the dog approaches the hare, he has to lean over to catch it managing the aforementioned obstacles simultaneously. 

    The bigger the dog, the more he has to lower his head, the more time it takes.

    This millisecond time lapse is enough for the hare to temporarily or permanently escape the instantaneous grasp of the dog which makes it difficult for the dog to bag the game. 

    The chase stretches excessively which wears out the dog. After knowing this, the tall dogs stop bending and continue to paw the game in a desperate attempt to bag it that is futile and time consuming.

    The dog who takes longer to take the game is considered inferior and the performance of these tall dogs doesn't seem to be successful, thus disregarded. 

    A big dog also has a body and structure which are proportionately enlarged. Given Mudhol hounds' already voracious appetite, a bigger dog needs humongous meals that are costly to the natives, as they keep more than one dog as required for the game.

    Using the aforementioned reasons, any dog over 30 inches of height would have considerable chances of being ineffective as a hunter and such a large specimen is not so usual among the natives. 

    After the hunting ban in India, a hunter's primary role is lost, and the height is greatly favored by the people who want Mudhols to serve purpose or shows in guarding.

    It is the duty of the buyer to carefully test and pick the puppy with the correct pigmentation and parentage in order to prevent potential unnecessary medical expenses.

    Disqualifying faults:

    1) Any dog that clearly displays physical behavioral irregularities must be excluded.

    2) Lack of form (especially when displaying a recent crossing with another breed).

    3) Very Tall

    4) Coat which does not comply with the norm, i.e. long hair, thick rough coat or feathering.

    5) Eye color which does not comply with the norm, i.e. Blue

    6) Nose color that does not comply with the standard, i.e. pink, or partly unpigmented, spotted.

    7) Ears upright (Prick ears), extended or folded backwards (rose ears) with tips drooping.

    Unique characteristics
    One of the most interesting things about Carvan or Mudhol Hound is the various names that make this dog breed known nationwide. There is no other dog whose nomenclature is so varied and vast. 

    The British named this sight-hound Caravan hound because they followed people in caravans; the local villagers who owned the dog named it Mudhol in the south, and Karwaani.

    The other thing that makes this dog special is their amazing sight, which lets them scare away rabbits or any other small animals. 

    Perhaps this is due to the location of their head, as they have a long elongated skull with a tapering muzzle that allows them provide a field of vision of 270 degrees. 

    It is almost double what can be used by humans.It wouldn't be unfair to suggest that this breed of dogs even can see behind its eyes.

    Pros & Cons of this Breed:


    1) Suitable for Indian weather
    2) Very easy to groom
    3) Very hard and healthy dog breed


    1) Are not good with strangers
    2) Can be temperamental
    3) This breed is one mans dog


    We have Indian bred aswell as import lineage puppies for sale in Bangalore which are KCI registered.

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