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Looking for one of the best dog dealers in bangalore? Your search is over ! We are considered one of top dog sellers in bangalore because we are committed to producing the finest dogs for show and companionship in India.Confused which dogs to buy in bangalore?

Apart from raising numerous Champions and Best in Show winners for more than 30 years now, and with this going on with energy for flawlessness, we are striving to get better and better.

This is what our "Happy clients" say about us, we would like to add many more such testimonials to our credit: Read Our Reviews

We mainly take care of three things :
1) Temperament
2) Quality
3) Brains

In a home situation, we bring up little dogs with children and give them the chance of social interactions, including interaction within the family, not just in the backyard which helps to shape their personality in a correct way.At that point required, along with a lot of understanding and thinking about the culmination of an effective pet, is a cherished, reliable owner.

Most of our dogs have a great temperament. If you're still in doubt, you're free to see our puppies face to face and see their incredible characteristics, personality, ability to work and please with your own eyes.

As of now we have placed more than 150 little babies, we make sure to keep in touch with all our clients after the pups are placed.

We also board your little ones when you are away, Homestay for pets.

You aren't from Bangalore? not to worry,we deliver the pups across the country.

Dog Breeds we sell :
1) Golden Retreiver
2) Labrador
3) Shiht-zu
4) Beagle
5) Cocker Spaniel
6) Lhasa Apso
7) German Shepherd
8) Doberman
9) Rottweiler
10) American Bully
11) Teacup Pomerian
12) Akita
13) Pitbull
14) Saint Bernard
15) Chow Chow
16) Samoyed
17) British Bulldog
18) English Mastiff
19) Pug
20) Pomeranian
21) Great Dane

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Various Dog Breeds

We deal with as many as 40 different high pedigree dog breeds which includes foreign aswell as Indian dog breeds like Rajapalayam,Chippiparai and many more.

Dog Boarding

Give your furry ball the best boarding services in Bangalore in order to relish a stress free and soothing vacation.We believe in providing home environment to the pups.

Various Payment Method

We understand that not all the payment modes will be convinient to everybody therefore We accept various payment methods like google pay, Bank Transfer, Cash and more.

We Deliver Home

Certain locations aren't convinient to everyone so upon your request one of our team members will make sure that your new furry friend reaches your home safely ASAP.

Quick Support

Support after placing the pup, Specially for the first time pet owners. Our job doesn't get over after selling the pup but we make sure that all our clients queiries are answered promptly and in a timely manner.

Schedules and techniques

The first 6 months of your pup is very important because during that stage your pup grows at a rapid pace which makes it necessary to feed your pooch a healthy and nutritious diet.We help you with the food schedules, Appropriate diet, Puppy stage potty training.

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  • Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World - Mylilpaw

    World we know that having a dog is priceless and even more if it becomes your faithful companion through good and bad fortunately You May foster canines to train and love them madly, but they are also very expensive due to their race and appearance.

    List Of Most Expensive Dog Breeds:

    1) Akita 

    Most Expensive Dog Breeds
    Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World

    Did you ever hear about Hachiko or did you watch always by your side the movie don't worry here we tell you. It's the story of a Japanese Akita dog who waited 10 years for his owner, and his owner died of a heart attack while working as a teacher. but Hachiko went every afternoon to pick him up at the train station hoping to see him again really stole our hearts.

    The Akita is native of the Akita city and its price is between 1,500 to $4,500. The main feature of this breed is love and affection to his owner. They are considered a gentle dog but it's still included within the dangerous breeds because it has a strong jaw that can produce a terrible bite.

    They measures up to 2.2 Height and weighs about 88 pounds. Their body is sturdy with a tail curl to the back, and their thick hair needs to be brushed every day. If you want a friend like this this breed will be an excellent choice because they prefer human company more than that of another dog.

    2) Collie

    Most Expensive Dog Breeds

    The hairy collie this breed comes from North England & Scotland In the beginning they were raised to care for herds and Great Britain and although they continue to play this role there are many who have also become the family's best friends. 

    It is medium in size and can reach a height of 1.8 feet and a weight of 62 pounds their coat is abundant and light-colored with white and puppies can be beige brown or white.It is not a dog that fits any family because being a lover of physical work it will prefer that their owners are active and love to be outdoors.

    They are playful enthusiastic and surprisingly magnificent because they bring joy to the home but in spite of that they canalso be very sensitive. It is recommended to check their long ears to avoid

    infection or fungus.Their average lifespan is between 14 and 16 years.

    Border collie if one of the most expensive dog breeds because If you want this breed you need to save atleast $1000 to $5000. 

    3) Pharaoh Dog

    Most Expensive Dog Breeds

    It is considered to be one of the oldest breeds in the world its value approaches six thousand five hundred dollars and is a tall and slender canine with measurements of up to 2.2 feet and a weight of around 55 pounds.

    He does not need a lot of care or big spaces but he does need daily exercise since he is a hunting and athletic dog. His fur is thin and short of dark brown or life that will need to be brushed daily unlike

    other races. The Pharaohs dog is independent and will not worry about getting his way.

    It has an average lifespan of twelve to fifteen years and they are excellent companions & beautiful right.

    4) Rottweiler

    Most Expensive Dog Breeds

     The Rottweiler is a stout breed with strong jaws considered an ideal Guardian and police dogs by their rough appearance. Many fear them but in spite of that they can be docile and obedient, however if you educate him in an aggressive environment he will be a dominant dog always defensive and will not tolerate any other dog.

    In particular this breed is more prone to suffer parvo virus so it should be vaccinated annually. They reach up to 2.2 feet in height and has an excessive weight of 99 to 132 pounds. Because it has a quick musculature it is very important to keep it in physical activity and preferably stay in the home garden by its nature.

    This great canine is a protector of its owner and very alert. You should be very careful with

    their upbringing if you want one because its instincts tend to be fierce. Buying this singular dog could make you pay around 2,000 to $8,000 which makes it one of the most expensive dog breeds.

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    5) Chow Chow

    Most Expensive Dog Breeds

    Chow Chow is from north china and is one of the oldest breeds that still exists. He was a watchdog shepherd and companion in china. It has a very similar appearance to a cub because it has an
    abundant coat with the tonality that can be red blue black white and cream that make them look really adorable.

    This adorable pet will be very attentive to you if you are his favorite person and just like the dog of the Pharaoh will not stop indulging in his own whims. It is indispensable to educate this precious canine under socialization techniques because they have a territorial instinct which can be a

    serious problem for people who are not part of the family.

    Chow Chow has a bluish tongue it measures up to 1.8 feet and can weigh up to 66 pounds living with one of these beautiful and one of the most expensive dog breeds will cost you from 3000 to $8,500.

    6) English BullDog

    Most Expensive Dog Breeds

    This chubby dog is recognized as a symbol in England,It comes from the United Kingdom and is
    believed to originate from the crossing of the Maltese Bolt with Mastiffs formally raised for dog fights in the UK.

    However over time the English bulldog has modified his temperament becoming an adorable companion and capable of being tamed. They have a large head with round and beautiful black eyes pointed ears dropped forward and a volumous body with short legs. It measures up to 1.3 feet in

    length and can weigh about 66 pounds.

    One point that may be in your favor is that it does not require much exercise and will settle for a short walk but it will eat excessive amounts. He is a tolerant affectionate and self-confident dog.Acquiring one can cost you from $2,500 to $9,000.

    7) Samoyed

    Most Expensive Dog Breeds

    The Samoyed is a tenderly furry dog and mostly white or cream-colored. It is an intelligent,
    pleasant and somewhat independent pet. Behind his abundant and copious coat hides a muscular body. he has a fine head with a pointed nose and owns a tender bent muzzle called Sammy's smile.

    It's like this about 1.9 feet and approaches 66 pounds. Samoyeds are dogs that will love your presence and it is not advisable to leave them alone for long periods because they may present depressive and destructive temperaments.

    They are pets that feed on quality food in few servings and require twenty to forty minute exercise or a daily walk.Having the pleasure of enjoying this wonderful breed for an estimated time of 10 to 12 years can cost you about $11,000.

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    8) King Charles Spaniel
    Most Expensive Dog Breeds

    It's particularly met since its beginnings these adorable canines were the favorite mascot of the British
    royalty unlike other dogs. The King Charles Spaniel has been a companion dog from the past to the present day. Caring for a canine like this will cost you the surprising amount of $14,000 due to which this toy breed makes it to the list of top 10 most expensive dog breeds.

    They're beautiful and lovable appearance reminds us of the unique dog in the movie the lady in the trench for her hairy little ears and sweet face.It is a dog breed that will melt your heart by seeing them because besides being beautiful they have a cheerful personality and active and will enjoy you incredibly if you pamper them.

    They are the largest of the dogs and the toy category they can measure up to 1.1 feet approximately and wait little more than 18 pounds.

    9) German Shepherd

    Most Expensive Dog Breeds

    They are a perfect working breed and although it was raised to watch sheep in the beginning. At the moment is a suitable companion that can be a guard dog,service dog or police dog. It is a canine
    capable of fulfilling demanding tasks and has a privileged muscular body and flexible legs.

    He is also known as the Alsatian and it's temperament is super loyal.If you ever find yourself in

    danger it will give its own life for you. This breed can cost up to $24,000 and approach 2.16 feet in height. Their life expectancy is 9 to 13 years.

    10) Tibetan Mastiff

    Most Expensive Dog Breeds

    This very precious canine very similar to a teddy bear which became the most expensive dog breed in the world after a Chinese millionaire paid the exorbitant of $1,600,000. Believe it or not the dog was acquired in a dog show where the wealthy Chinese did not hesitate to pay almost two million dollars for this dog.

    Besides being beautiful they are faithful companion. It is the largest of its kind measuring about 2.3 feet. They are quiet pet but if you provoke it it will bark and show those ferocious fangs.Definitely a complete work of vanity to acquire a canine like this.

    So above was my list of most expensive dog breeds in the world.I hope you like it !
    Please don't forgot to share & comment below.
  • Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

    Looking for best shampoo for dogs in India? In my previous article we discussed about best dog foods in India.In this article we will discuss about the best dog shampoo to choose for different needs, taking into account optimum skin and coat treatment, maintaining natural oils, minimizing allergies, and the need for some heavy duty on occasion.

    List of best dog shampoo in India:

    1) Lambert Kay Fresh

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India
    Best Shampoo For Dogs in India

    starting of our list at number 1 Lambert Kay fresh and clean is made with extended sent technology that leaves your furry friend smelling great for up to two weeks after its bath.

     A simple white but the fur with a damp cloth continues to revive the fragrance even after its dissipated. It prevents excessive matting and contains anti-static agents however it's not an all natural formula.

    2) Fresh Pet Shampoo

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

     At number two is top performer fresh pet is a gentle and soothing option for dachshund kittens as young as six weeks of age. Designed to match the same pH balance found in puppy's fur and skin it's one of the most effective shampoos for bathing animals with extremely long locks.

    It's available in a variety of sizes and helps to make coats shiny but it doesn't lather very much.

    3) Moosh

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

    Coming in at number three in our list is Moosh the next time you and your pup head out on a camping trip together don't leave home without fieldwork Moosh safe for use in both rivers and lakes this biodegradable cleanser contains bentonite clay which is known for its amazing ability to get rid of dirt and toxins. 

    The bottle offers built-in flow control and this one features antibacterial properties. However it does have quite a strong odor.

    4) Legger Certfied

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

    at number 4 the hypoallergenic and non-toxic 4-legger certified is concentrated enough to lather up richly amd prints away easily without the use of any artificial thickness additionally it moisturizes entire body without stripping away the natural oils needed for a healthy coat.

    It contains lemongrass oil that helps keep fleas away but doesn't contain any sulfates however the cap seal is flimsy. 

    5) K9 Pro

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

    Moving a powerless to number 5 setting the k-9 pro apart from the competition is its unique nano liposome delivery system which is designed to encapsulate all the solutions functional ingredients allowing them to penetrate the pets body effectively for superior skin nourishment. 

    This one comes with a full money-back guarantee and the essence of cucumber and ripe melon however it's not completely tear free power forever.

    6) Paws and pals

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

    At number six has an entirely soap free option pause and pals vet formulas made deep clean photos for its a homer and coconut oil so relieve the pain and itching associated with biting insects and dander while the shea butter and rosemary infused the skin with much-needed hydration.

    It comes with a flip cap for easy one-handed boring and doesn't irritate the eyes or nose however this one's not ideal for detangling.

    7) Tropiclean natural

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

    At number 7 tropiclean natural is a medicated solution consisting of oatmeal papaya and tea tree botanical extracts that combine to produce of the clutterin the tub when bathing your furry friend.

    This concoction revitalizes its skin and coat while eliminating excess flaking and dandruff it contains a gentle coconut cleanser and rinses out quickly it's available in up to a two and a half gallon size.

    8) Pro pet works

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

    At number eight the perfect for pets with dry itchy or sensitive skin as a result of allergies Pro pet works oat milk contains a soothing blend of amador aloevera and vitamins A D and E all of which give your pooch a silky smooth coat that's super easy to brush out. 

    It contains no sulfates or detergents and comes in a biodegradable bottle it's safe for ferrets and rabbits too.

    9) Earth planet Natural

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

    Taking the 9th spot on our list Earth planet natural provides any canine with an organic and environmentally friendly Bath using a combination of mild cleaners and essential cedar citronella and eucalyptus oils.

    This formula keeps your pup smelling great while also helping to repel fleas and ticks. it contains antioxidants and is ideal for all coat types. It makes up to eight gallons our newest choices.

    10) Burt Bees shampoo

    Top 10 Best Shampoo For Dogs in India - Your Ultimate Guide

    Burt's Bees are another specialist in natural shampoos and have different formulations and scents to choose from depending on your preferences and the needs of your dog.

    Burt's Bees ensure all of their ingredients are derived solely from plants.This shampoo contains oatmeal and honey to restore some much-needed moisture to soothe dry skin.

    No harmful chemicals are included and PEG-80 (Sorbitan Laurate) is guaranteed to be safe.


    So you've got it, our suggestions for best shampoo for dogs in India.

    Hundreds of options are available out there, some good and some bad. Ideally our little guide will help you avoid the bad ones and buy the right product to keep the fur and skin of your dog in top condition.

    Remember that your dog's best shampoo isn't your shampoo! They have needs that are very different.
  • Top 7 Best Food For Dogs in India - Reviews & Guide

    Though it may seem like dog food is dog food but not all dog foods are created equal. The quality of pet food products varies greatly from one manufacturer to another and you can't always trust what you see on the label. 

    Well there are many high quality dog food brands on the market there are also those that cut corners by backing up their products with low quality fillers and artificial additives pet foods are not regulated to the degree that human foods are so if you want to find a quality product for your dog you'll have to do some digging in this article. 

    We break down the best dog food on the market today providing you the various pros and cons of each before we start.

    we've included links to pricing options for the dog foods mentioned so be sure to check those out.

    To start us off we have the best overall dog food though all dog foods have the same basic nutritional requirements what makes a certain product the best choice for your dog may vary according to his age activity level and specific dietary needs for a brand that offers premium dog food designed to suit your dog's natural biological needs. 

    List of best food for dogs in India:

    1) Orijen

    Top 5 Best Food For Dogs in India
    Top 5 Best Food For Dogs in India

    our top choice is origin. This brand creates pet foods that nourish your dog's body just as nature intended and it uses only the freshest regional ingredients in an assortment of formulas catered to dogs in all life stages from puppy to senior.

    Named one of the top picks for dog food by, Orijen follows a biologically appropriate approach to pet nutrition. Each of its dog foods is designed to mirror the type of natural diet your dog should follow based on its wild ancestry. 

    Orijen dog foods are rich in meat and proteins each product contains up to 90% meat which is more than three times the amount used in conventional dog food. 

    Further more each recipe contains a guaranteed minimum of 38% crude protein by volume while the dog's diet should consist primarily of animal products, dogs do have a limited ability to digest plant materials so digestible grain free carbohydrates like fresh fruits and vegetables can be a valuable addition.

    Orijen dog foods contain no more than 20% carbohydrates and only low glycemic highly digestible carbs like lentils pumpkin leafy greens and fresh fruits plus all of the formulas are naturally grain free.

    Dog food advisor notes that origin dog food is above average and that none of its foods have been subject to recall.The brand also receives rave reviews from dog food guru and dog food insider. 

    Orijen sells only dry foods at this time but it offers an assortment of kibbles and freeze-dried dog foods for puppies,adults and senior dogs as well of a selection of treats made with 100% fresh meat ingredients.

    2) Canidae

    Top 5 Best Food For Dogs in India

    Next up we have the best dry dog food which goes to Canidae. If you're looking for a premium brand of dry dog food that offers a wide selection of high quality recipes our top choice is Canidae. 

    An independent and family-owned company Canidae sources its ingredients from other family-owned businesses throughout the US and the company produces every one of its nutritionally dense formulas in company owned and operated facilities. 

    This brand offers traditional life stages formulas as well as grain free and limited ingredient recipes as a whole. The canidae dog food brand receives excellent reviews from top dog tips and pet show as a us-based company that offers a variety of formulas for dogs with different nutritional needs. 

    The life stages line of products features seven unique recipes made with premium proteins and digestible carbohydrates in addition to three all life stages formulas. There are recipes for senior dogs puppies and large breed dogs.

    The canidae grain-free pure lineup includes nine green free formulas made with premium proteins such as duck wild boar and fresh lamb. Each of these recipes is made with a limited number of ingredients to reduce the risk for food allergies. 

    There are also three recipes specially formulated for small breed dogs another thing that makes Canidae our top choice for dry dog food is the fact that it has an entirely separate brand that is designed to be affordable. The Under the Sun brand is still made by Canidae with its farm-fresh ingredients but it is available at a more affordable price point for dog owners on a budget.

    Under the Sun appears on dog food advisors list of four-star brands in the company's twenty-year history. Canidae has had only one recall and it was a voluntary recall issued due to a concern for potential Salmonella contamination.

    3) Blue Buffalo

    Top 5 Best Food For Dogs in India

    Next up for the best wet dog food we have Blue Buffalo. If you are looking for high quality wet dog food we heartily recommend the Blue Buffalo brand. Not only is Blue Buffalo one of the top manufacturers of natural dog food in general but it offers four distinct product lines so you can choose the wet food formula that best suits your dog's needs and preferences according to dog health. 

    Calm wet dog food may be more expensive than dry food but it tends to be lower in carbohydrates,higher in moisture and more palatable for some dogs. 

    The Blue Buffalo company believes that pets are members of the family and that they should be treated as such this is why the company uses only the highest quality natural ingredients in each of its recipes. 

    Blue Buffalo follows a holistic approach to pet nutrition choosing each of its ingredients carefully to ensure complete and balanced nutrition without the use of any byproducts fillers or artificial additives. 

    Every recipe goes above and beyond your dog's minimum nutritional requirements in addition to being rated among dog food advisors five-star wet food brands Blue Buffalo is also a top choice.

    Blue Buffalo the freedom line of grain free formulas contains 10 recipes and the basics line of limited ingredients formulas contains nine. There are more than 30 recipes in the wilderness line of meat rich formulas and 45 in the life protection formula lineup. 

    One thing you should be aware of with the Blue Buffalo brand is that it has several product recalls in its history. This isn't terribly surprising however for a brand that was founded more than two decades ago and that manufactures hundreds of products...It is worth noting that many of the brand's recalls were issued voluntarily as a precautionary measure.

    4) Taste of wild

    Top 5 Best Food For Dogs in India

    Next up for the best Grain free dog food we have taste the wild though many dogs can digest whole grain carbohydrates grains have the potential to trigger food allergies or sensitivities in some dogs. 

    A grain free dog food should be made with digestible carbohydrates like legumes fruits and vegetables though the focus should always be on high quality sources of protein.

    Taste the wild offers nine dry food and five wet food formulas all of which are protein rich and grain free. Taste the wild understands that dogs crave natural flavor which is why each of its recipes are formulated around real roasted meats like venison bison and lamb real meat is the first ingredient in every recipe though most recipes contain multiple sources of animal protein. 

    All of this brands products are also supplemented with highly digestible carbohydrates for energy and fiber dried fermentation products for pro biotic supports and related minerals for maximum nutrient absorption.

    Not only does top dog tips named taste the wild one of its top choices for dog food but this brand has nearly 10,000 reviews on Amazon for their most popular recipe. 

    This brand also receives heavies number one rating for grain free dog food brands. What really sets this brand apart is the use of novel proteins like bison and venison which are less likely to trigger food allergies and dogs and are leaner source of protein than commercially raised meats.

    5) Primal Pet Products

    Top 5 Best Food For Dogs in India

     Next up for the best raw dog food we have primal pet products. Traditional dog foods are cooked at high temperatures in a process that may destroy a significant portion of the original nutritional contents of the raw ingredients. 

    Raw dog food is uncooked which means that your dog gets all of the nutrients he requires without the need for a long list of supplements though raw foods need to be kept refrigerated or frozen. 

    No other type of dog food can compare to their quality or nutritional integrity and primal pet foods is our top choice for raw dog food.

    Primal pet foods offers nine different recipes for raw frozen dog food each featuring premium animal protein that is free from antibiotics steroids and hormones each recipe is made with 100%human grade ingredients including certified organic produce because the recipes are frozen fresh to retain their nutritional integrity.

    You won't find along list of synthetic supplements. This brand also offers freeze-dried formulas using many of the same high-quality ingredients which can be rehydrated to create a nutritious moisture rich meal for your dog in addition to making it into dog food advisors list of five-star dog foods.

    Primal pet foods also receives rave reviews from my dog likes though the site describes it as it canidae easy alternative to raw food. My dog likes notes that primal pet foods freeze-dried food cost more than $90 for a 28 pound bag which is very expensive.

    This brand also receives a five-star rating from dog food insider and love to know comments on the fact that the brand uses many human great ingredients though primal pet foods raw food is significantly more expensive than most dog foods on the market.

    It offers a significantly higher degree of quality as well you can choose from a selection of raw frozen formulas or freeze-dried recipes or use one of the brand's raw frozen mixes to create your own home made dog food.

    6) Whole Earth Farms

    Top 6 Best Food For Dogs in India

    Next up we have the best affordable dog food which goes to Whole Earth farms. When shopping for dog food it is important not to shop by price alone because low price dog foods are typically low in quality this doesn't mean however that affordable brands of high quality dog food aren't out there....Whole Earth farms for example offers quality nutrition at a more affordable price point than most premium pet food brands even so this brand appears on dog food advisors list of four-star dog foods so you know it must be good.

    The whole earth farms brand is manufactured by the Marek pet care company a company that receives dog food advises five-star rating. Whole Earth farms pet foods are made in the US with fresh natural ingredients to support your dog's digestion while also boosting his energy levels and improving the health of his skin and coats.

    Each recipe starts with a quality animal protein and is supplemented with digestible carbohydrates probiotics and chelated minerals for maximum nutrient absorption whereas some of the top brands on the market cost upwards of four dollars per pounds.

    Rover comm remarks that whole Earth farms dog food sells for an average of 159 per pounds not only is this brand affordable but it doesn't use any corn wheat or soy in its products and all recipes are free from by products and artificial additives. 

    Dog food guru gives this brand a four star rating and lifestyle pets speaks to the quality of the brand though they do make note that it could be higher in protein in terms of their product offerings.

    This brand sells eleven dry food recipes and 15 canned foods. Whole Earth Farms offers an assortment of original and grain free products including formulas developed for specific life stages and breed sizes so you can choose that best suits your dog.

    7) Taste the wild puppies

    Top 6 Best Food For Dogs in India

    And now for our last recommendation we have the best dog food for puppies which goes to taste the wild grain free puppy food. 

    Choosing the right dog food for your puppy is extremely important because it will impact his growth and development during the first year of his life .

    Puppies require a higher concentration of protein than adult dogs with healthy fats for energy as well as essential vitamins and minerals in addition to meeting your puppy's nutritional needs.

    A high-quality puppy food should be easily digestible and it should come in small bite-sized kibbles.Our top pick for the best dog food for puppies is taste the wild grain free puppy food made with a variety of novel animal proteins like buffalo and roasted venison this puppy food comes with a low risk for triggering food allergies. 

    It features grain free digestible carbohydrates like sweet potato with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources for essential vitamins and minerals with several fish ingredients. 

    This recipe has an irresistible flavor and provides plenty of healthy fats to support your puppy skin and coat health.Taste of the wild grain free puppy food is included in best reviews top picks for best puppy food because it is made with high quality fish proteins....not only does fish provide puppies with healthy protein and an irresistible flavor but the healthy fats keep his coat shiny as well posture likes the inclusion of roasted meats fresh fruits and vegetables and DHA supplements for brain development.

    In addition to having more than 13,800 reviews on amazon taste of the wild grain free puppy food carries an Amazon's Choice Award and maintains an impressive 4.3 star rating.

    Dog owners comment that their puppies love the taste and what it does for their puppies coats. There are comments about the price though it is certainly not the most expensive puppy food in the market.


    So that sums up our top best food for dogs in India recommendations. We hope you enjoyed if you did please leave a like and if you're new here hit that subscribe button until next time have a great day.

  • Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    This article is for those in search of best guard dogs in India as Guard dog breed are special dogs used to protect their owners from any threat. The most common pet animal to rely on for safety purposes has been guard dogs since many years. They are considered to be well with people and they are always with you in order to protect against risk.  Not only are they a good companion, but they are also the strongest guards.

    They are always with you and love you from the heart. Guard dogs have good outlook that involves the supreme level of intelligence relative to other normal dogs. Their loyalty and unconditional love for you are the most important.

    Most people, however, like guard dogs because they believe that these animals are more loyal to a family. They bravely lay down their own lives when someone enters your house to protect you and your Family. There are various types of best guard dog breeds in India you can own for your family.

    List of Best Guard Dogs in India

    1) Kurdish Kangal
    2) Caucasian Ovcharka
    3) Giant Schnauzer
    4) German Shepherd
    5) Rottweiler
    6) Dogo Argentino
    7) Doberman
    8) Tibetan Mastiff
    9) Komondor
    10) Kuvasz
    11) Cane Corso
    12) Akita Inu
    13) Tosa Inu
    14) Boerboel
    15) Belgian Malinois

    1) Kurdish Kangal

    Best Guard Dogs in India
    Best Guard Dogs in India

    A Kangal Shepherd Dog serving on duty will be stationed at a high point of view overlooking its flock. The dog will dig a hollow in the ground on hot days to keep themselves cool. Through staying close to older dogs, novices will learn the skills. 

    Depending on the size of the flock, the dogs will work in pairs or teams, take positions around the sheep, and change their positions as necessary.At nightfall, the intensity of their sheep patrols increases.

    Features of This breed:

    Height : 26 to 31 inches
    Weight : 41 to 66 Kg
    Lifespan : 13 to 15 years
    Price : 80000 to 100000 INR

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    2) Cucasian Ovacharka

    Best Guard Dogs in India

    The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a dog that is extremely independent, self-confident, fearless, and smart. It is a territorial dog that is highly protective and careful of unfamiliar people.

    He's a low-activity dog, seemingly lethargic when he doesn't work, but loud and aggressive when he feels that his family is in danger. Although some strains are more violent than others, they are often very territorial and aggressive towards other dogs, requiring early and cautious specific socialization, as well as consistent but not a forceful handling.

    This breed, if well-trained and socialized, can be a good family-dog.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 25 to 28 inches
    Weight : 50 to 100 KG
    Life Span : 10 to 12 years
    Price : 50000 to 125000 INR

    3) Giant Schnauzer

    Best Guard Dogs in India

    Giant Schnauzers are typically a gentle breed.Because of their nature, the Giant Schnauzer is inherently suspicious of outsiders and can be very territorial.Typically, once met, it embraces novel people or situations.It has the ability to be aggressive,but Giant Schnauzers are typically reserved ..they are ' sweet at rest, ' and a commanding figure once provoked.

    Giant Schnauzers are trust worthy around children. They are very intelligent and can easily get bored.They are also very lively and highly spirited,which can lead to unnecessary and destructive behavior if combined with boredom.They are easily trained and intensely loyal to their owner.Many breeders claim that Giant Schnauzers which comes in the color of pepper and salt, are more docile than their black-furred counterparts.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 23 to 27 inches
    Weight : 25 to 48 kg
    Life Span : 12 to 15 years
    Price : 50000 to 65000 INR

    4) German Shepherd

    Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    GSDs are moderately active dogs and are defined as self-assured in breed standards.The breed is characterized by a willingness to learn and a willingness to have a mission. They are curious, which makes them perfect for search missions and excellent guard dogs.

    They may become over-protective of their family and property, especially if not properly socialized.They are not inclined to become immediate friends with strangers.German Shepherds are highly intelligent and loyal, as well as protecting their owners.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 22 to 26 inches
    Weight : 22 to 40 Kgs
    Lifespan : 9 to 13 years
    Price : 15000 to 20000 INR

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    5) Rottweiler

    Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    Rottweilers are a versatile breed whose genetic herding and instincts are well developed. Potentially dangerous behaviors usually result from irresponsible ownership, abuse, neglect, or lack of socialization and training in Rottweilers. Nevertheless, the Rottweiler's outstanding intensity is another risk factor not to be underestimated.

    For this reason, breed experts announce that all Rottweilers require formal training and thorough socialization. Rottweilers, according to the AKC, love their owners and may behave towards family and friends in a clownish way, but they are also protective of their territories and do not welcome visitors unless properly introduced. Training and socialization in obedience are required for this breed.

    Male Rottweilers are more relaxed, more alert and more aggressive than females.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 24 to 27 inches
    Weight : 35 to 60 KG
    Lifespan : 8 to 10 years
    Price : 18000 to 25000 INR

    6) Dogo Argentino

     Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    Dogos are big-game hunters, as well as being trained in search and rescue, police aid, service dogs, guide to blind, competitive obedience, Schutzhund and military duty.

    The Dogo is a courageous and intelligent dog with a deep, natural instinct to protect his family and home. Dogos are very social animals and if included in all family activities, they are happiest. Dogos make a strong distinction between familiar people and strangers, so at an early age they must be well trained and socialized.

    Dogos are hunters with great courage and endurance, operating individually or in groups. These have also been used extensively in the role of police protection. A personality that is unstable is a significant mistake. 

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 23 to 27 inches
    Weight : 35 to 45 Kgs
    Life Span : 9 to 15 years
    Price : Starts from 65000 INR

    7) Doberman

    Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    Despite being considered working dogs, Dobermanns are often stereotyped as vicious and aggressive.The Dobermann was initially bred for these traits as a personal security dog.

    They had to be big and imposing, courageous and willing to defend his owner against attackers (especially other guard dogs), but he had to be sufficiently compliant and disciplined to do so only by command. During his role as a personal defense dog, police dog, or Fighting dog, these characteristics served the dog well, but were not best suited to a role as a friend.

    Over the years, however, modern breeders have toned down the aggression of the Doberman. The Dobermans of today are considered to have a personality that is much more even and good-natured, as well as intense loyalty, high intelligence and excellent trainability. It is understood that the modern Doberman is energetic, vigilant, courageous, and compliant.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 24 to 28 inches
    Weight : 32 to 45 Kg
    Lifespan : 10 to 13 years
    Price : 10000 to 13000 INR

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    8) Tibetan Mastiff

    Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    As Tibets & west's flock guardian dog, it uses all the usual tactics for keeping animals (e.g. barking, scent marking perimeters) to alert predators and avoid direct confrontations.

    It can thrive in a spacious, fenced yard with a canine companion as a socialized, more domestic dog, but it is generally not a suitable dog for living in an apartment. The Western-bred dogs, though somewhat aloof with strangers coming home, are generally more easy-going.

    Through hundreds of years of selective breeding for a safe flock and family protector, the breed was valued for being a nocturnal sentry, holding prospective predators and intruders at bay, barking noises all night long. It is not recommended to leave a Tibetan mastiff outside the night with Neighbors nearby.

    They sometimes sleep during the day which makes them more active, more alert and more conscious at night.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 24 to 26 inches
    Weight : 34 to 73 KG
    Lifespan : 12 to 15 years
    Price : 60000 to 2500000 INR

    9) Komondor

    Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    The Komondor was intended for the protection of livestock. His nature is like that of most livestock watching dogs; when things are ordinary, it is calm and steady, but in case of trouble, the dog will protect his flocks fearlessly. They were built for critical thinking and acting and making decisions on its own.

    With his Family, the Komondor is affectionate and compassionate with the family's children and friends. While cautious of outsiders, when it is clear that no harm is imminent they will accept them.This breed are naturally very protective of their family, house, and property.

    The Komondor is good with other pets, often very defensive of them, but is intolerant to tresspassing animals and is not a good dog for an apartment. The dog is watchful and will relax during the day, keeping an eye on his surroundings, but at night he is constantly moving, roaming the area, running up and down across his entire territory.

    Usually, dogs will knock down intruders and keep them down until their owner arrives.Hungarian Komondor breeders used to say that an intruder may be allowed to enter a Komondor-guarded property but wont be allowed to leave or escape the property.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 25 to 27 inches
    Weight : 40 to 60 Kg
    Lifespan : 10 to 12 years
    Price : 48000 to 65000 INR

    10) Kuvasz

    Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    The Kuvasz is a smart dog and is often described as having a clownish sense of humor that can last throughout their adolescence and adulthood.They are intensely loyal and compassionate pets who love affection, but may also be very aloof or independent, as well as being thoroughly intelligent, particularly with strangers.

    This breed is only for professional handlers. The combination of intellect, autonomy and security makes obedience training and socialization utter necessities.

    They are purely working dogs, trained for centuries to think independently and behave without guidance, observing and assessing the environment and taking defensive or dissuasive action as needed.

    Their solitary duty is to protect animals. That independence, wearing on the patience of even experienced owners, can make training a difficult task. Kuvasz quickly understands what is being asked of them, but before they obey commands they must respect a person as a trusted leader.

    Normally, they are not interested in meaningless activity, such as making funny tricks. As a result,This breed for  novices and those who have no time to train or socialize properly are not recommended. An adolescent Kuvasz should be able to learn and respond to basic commands of obedience.

    Nevertheless, the instinctive need to investigate strangers and protect their owner may lead the Kuvasz to act independently when the handler's calls them and are off leash.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 26 to 30 inches
    Weight : 35 to 52 KG
    Lifespan : 10 to 12 years
    Price : 50000 to 100000 INR

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    11) Cane Corso

    Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    Corsi's breed looks frightening at a glance. Their impressive presence is their first line of intruders security. "The understated aura of calm professionalism, the kind of attitude that you would expect from a professional bodyguard, is the trademark of the breed.

    Corsi are smart, loyal, eager to please, versatile, and deeply loyal to their people, but they are also assertive and willing, and may end up owning an unwitting owner. Responsible breeding and early socialization with people and other dogs are vital as with any other big guardian dog.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 24 to 27 inches
    Weight : 40 to 50 Kg
    Lifespan : 10 to 12 years
    Price : Starts from around 60000 INR

    12) Akita Inu

    Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    Akitas are dogs of impressive stature, burly, heavily-boned spitz-type.Akitas has a thick coat that comes in multiple colors, including red. The head is large and huge, and a complete, curled-over tail is balanced in the back. The erect ears and dark, shiny eyes contribute to an expression of alertness which is  the breed's hallmark.

    Silent, fastidious dogs are Akitas. Wary of strangers and often intolerant of other animals, Akitas will be happy to share with family and friends their stupid, affectionate side. They excel in the companionship of humans.

    To protect those they love, the large, independent-thinking Akita is hardwired. They have to be socialized with people and other dogs from a young age.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 24 to 28 inches
    Weight : 32 to 59 Kg
    Lifespan : 10 to 15 years
    Price : 60000 to 100000 INR

    13) Tosa Inu

    Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    The Tosa has a quiet love for his own family & friends, but with strangers he may be somewhat aloof. The breed is also watchful of other dogs by nature and can react aggressively to dogs that it considers to be intruders.

    The breed is not known to become overly aggressive towards humans. Their short, dense coat may be fawn, red, apricot, black or brindle, and on their chest and feet they may also have white markings. However, Tosas matures gradually and individual dogs may not hit their peak until as late as the age of four.

    This breed is the largest of all dog breeds in Japan. The Tosa Ken, Tosa Dog, Tosa Token, Tosa Inu, Japanese Fighting Dog, and Japanese Mastiff are other names of this breed.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 22 to 32 inches
    Weight : 36 to 61 Kg
    Lifespan : 10 to 12 years
    Price : Starts from 100000 INR

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    14) Boerboel

    Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    A large and blocky face, powerful jaws and heavy neck-to-rump muscles mark it as a descendant of the ancient "molloser" dog family, the base of the mastiff-type breeds of today. The Boerboel could be the most athletic of all mastiff types.

    The Boerboel is an imposin and is dedicated to protecting his loved people and places. Before a pup becomes a dominant adult, Tarining and socialization must start early.

    This is a breed thats highly trainable, versatile breed that is eager to spend time with its adored people. Also, for the inexperienced owner, a Boerboel could be far too much hard to Handle.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 22 to 27 inches
    Weight : 50 to 90 Kg
    Lifespan : 9 to 11 years
    Price : 125000 to 225000 INR

    15) Belgian Malinois

    Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds in India

    This breed is well muscled and strong & more elegant then bulky.The proud carriage of the head is a breed hallmark. From a rich fawn to mahogany, coat colors vary. The black ears and mask accentuate the color of dark Belgian chocolate with bright, questioning eyes.

    If you've ever seen a Mal perform a routine of obedience, you know first-hand what a smart and keen breed it is. Nevertheless, problems arise when this people-oriented animal becomes underemployed or ignored.A Malinois is happy when exercised along with their owner side by side.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 22 to 26 inches
    Weight : 25 to 34 Kg
    Lifespan : 12 to 14 years
    Price : 60000 to 65000 INR


    I hope this list of best guard dog breeds in India help you to make a right choice for you & your family. Don't forget to Share and comment below !


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