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    If you are a Poodle parent, you have an elegant soft toy in your house! These balls of fancy fur are full of love and loyalty for their pet parents. Most Poodles make their parents proud by winning “best-in-show” titles across the globe. Has your little companion won any? If not, it must have won your heart with flying colors!

    However, if you are planning to get yourself a Poodle, it is important to know the breed well. This involves understanding the major Poodle health problems. Depending on where you live, work with a breeder to know these issues well. For example, if you are looking for Poodle puppies for sale in India, get in touch with the best dog breeder in town and get a list of the most common health issues your pooch can encounter. They may also refer you to a trusted vet in your city.

    Until then, let us have a look at nine of the most common Poodle health problems you should know as a pet parent:

    1. Addison’s Disease

    This is a serious health complication in Poodles characterized by inadequate adrenal hormone production. When a Poodle’s adrenal gland does not produce enough hormones, it leads to issues like lethargy, vomiting, and a poor diet. Most pet parents mistake Addison’s disease with trivial health issues, leading to the disease reaching advanced stages. Whenever you notice symptoms like excessive lethargy and poor diet in your Poodle, seek medical help right away.

    2. Bloating

    Gastric dilatation-volvulus, also known as bloating, is another serious health issue Poodles are prone to. Your pooch is likely to encounter this complication if it eats a lot of food or drinks a lot of water in one go. It can also occur if a Poodle exercises immediately after eating a lot of food.

    Bloating occurs when your Poodle’s tummy gets distended due to gas or air, making it twist. This makes it difficult for the furry friend to vomit or belch to release the excess air. Matters get serious when such a condition impedes the dog’s blood supply. If not diagnosed and treated immediately, bloating can prove to be a life-threatening issue.

    3. The Cushing’s Disease

    Also known as hyperadrenocorticism, Cushing’s disease occurs when a Poodle’s body produces excessive cortisol. This can be a result of an imbalance in the dog’s pituitary or adrenal gland. Common symptoms associated with this disease are excessive drinking of water and frequent urination. 

    4. Epilepsy

    Just like humans, epilepsy is one of the most common Poodle health problems. Poodles often suffer from seizures caused by idiopathic epilepsy. In most cases, epilepsy is inherited, leading from mild to severe seizures. Always ask a dog breeder if a Poodle puppy’s parents suffered from epilepsy before making a purchase.

    If you see your Poodle running around frantically as if it is being chased, you should not take the condition lightly and seek medical help. Taking your pet to a trusted vet and long-term prognosis is the best way to tackle canine epilepsy.

    5. Hip Dysplasia

    Hip dysplasia is a common canine heritable condition. It results when your Poodle’s hip socket is poorly formed, leading to its thigh bone sliding out of the joint. Hip dysplasia often results in pain and lameness in Poodles. It can also lead to arthritis in the long term. While most hip dysplasia cases are inherited, the health issue can also develop due to environmental factors. Ensure that you work with genuine and trusted Poodle breeders to bring a healthy furry friend home.

    6. Hypothyroidism

    Hypothyroidism is a condition common in both dogs and humans. An under-active thyroid gland prevents your Poodle’s body from releasing adequate hormones, leading to multiple health complications. Common symptoms of canine hypothyroidism include obesity, hair loss, epilepsy, hyperpigmentation, lethargy, pyoderma, and more. If you notice any of these symptoms (especially if it does not go away soon), take your Poodle to a vet immediately.

    7. The Legg-Perthes Disease

    This is a common health issue in toy breeds. The Legg-Perthes disease involves a reduced blood supply to the head of your Poodle’s femur (thigh bone). This leads to the gradual disintegration of the femur’s head. Early symptoms of this condition include atrophy of your Poodle’s leg muscle, limping and limping. You can see these signs by the time your pet turns four to six months old.

    Surgery is the most effective treatment procedure for Legg-Perthes disease. Here, the surgeon cuts off the affected thigh bone to cease its connection to the dog’s pelvis. After the surgery, the scar tissue will create a false joint, making the Poodle lead a life devoid of pain.

    8. Patellar Luxation

    “Patella” refers to your Poodle’s kneecap. “Luxation” means dislocation. As the name suggests, patellar luxation is a health complication where your pet’s knee joint keeps sliding in and out of its place. While this is a painful condition and may be crippling, patellar luxation is not life-threatening. Many Poodles lead normal lives while struggling with patellar luxation. However, you may want to take a vet’s help and seek suitable treatment to relieve your pooch of all the pain.

    9. Sebaceous Adenitis

    Almost 50% of all Standard Poodles suffer from sebaceous adenitis (SA). It is a heritable condition that is often confused with issues like hypothyroidism and allergies. If your Poodle suffers from this condition, its sebaceous glands become inflamed and are ultimately destroyed. These glands are responsible for producing sebum, a secretion that prevents your pooch’s skin from drying.

    Poodles suffering from SA have dry and scaly skin. They may also experience some hair loss over time. If a vet suspects SA, they may recommend a biopsy.

    The Final Word

    The hardest part of becoming a pet parent is seeing your furry friend suffer from health complications. These were some of the most common Poodle health problems you should know and beware of. If you wish your Poodle to have a long and healthy life, knock on a vet’s door upon encountering the smallest irregularities!



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