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    Are you looking to bring a dog to your home? before getting one, make sure you do some extensive research & then go through the list we are providing below. All breed of dogs are excellent & each of the breeds have their own speciality. But if you are provided with an option of selecting one dog breed from the available ones, then you would like to purchase the one which is price friendly. If you are an Indian staying in India looking to own a pet dog, then below we are revealing 11 dogs which will be within your budget!

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    1) Labrador

    They are amongst the popular dogs in the world as-well-as in India due to their trainability & intelligence & are available in almost all the Indian cities. They can easily cope up with the Indian climate which makes them one of the most desired & admired dog. Grooming them also requires a very little effort.

    Origin: U.K

    Height: 55 to 62 cm

    Weight - 25 to 36 kg

    Price: INR 15000 to 35000

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    2) Pariah

    They are available freely & easily & are amongst one of the most healthiest dogs having a good lifespan. These dogs are also known as indog or desi kutta & are one of the excellent example of the survival of the fittest. Indian pariah makes a good watch dog, a pet & can do well even in an extreme Indian weather. They are very cost effective & are very much suited for Indian subcontinent. You can find many NGOs offering a puppy or an adult for adoption. But one thing you should remember is that not all stray dogs are pariahs.

    Origin: India

    Height: 46 to 64 cm

    Weight - 15 to 30 kg

    Price: INR 4000 to 7000

    3) Dalmatian

    Dalmatian originates from Dalmatia which is a province in Romania & were bred by Dalmatae tribe. This is where they got their name from! Dalmatians belong to the working group & are generally very healthy & athletic. This breed can tolerate hot weather but can't cope up with extreme cold climate. Dalmatians are sturdy dogs requiring regular exercise, training & an early socialization.

    Origin: Dalmatia

    Height: 58 to 61 cm

    Weight - 15 to 32 kg

    Price: INR 20,000 to 30,000

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    4) Doberman

    Dobermans belong to the working category and are amongst the most courageous & intelligent dogs. Their extraordinary 6th sense & guarding instinct is admired by people all around the world. Dobermans were basically bred by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in Germany for protection but nowadays they are mostly preferred for police & military services. 

    This breed is fearless, sturdy & requires a moderate exercise like daily long walk or running. You can find a doberman almost in all the Indian cities but generally they are unable to cope up with extreme weather. Their reasonable pricing, quality & less grooming needs makes them one of the best dog in the budget.

    Origin: Germany

    Height: 63 to 72 cm

    Weight - 32 to 45 kg

    Price: INR 15,000 to 40,00

    5) Indian spitz

    Don't confuse them with a pomeranian because they both are different breeds. Indian spitz are taller, heavier & have shorter fur as compared to a pomeranian. Indian spitiz & German spitz do look similar but Indian spitz are generally 1.5 to 2.5 inches shorter at the wither & have less weight. Major kennel clubs don't recognize this breed but they are recognized as a seperate breed by the Kennel Club of India. They require little grooming, do well in Indian weather & are available at a pocket friendly price.

    Origin: India

    Height: 30 to 40 cm

    Weight - 10 to 20 kg

    Price: INR 6,000 to 8,000

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    6) Dachshund

    Dachshund belongs to the earth dog category & are small, very active & energetic breed. They were bred to hunt smaller preys like hairs, rabbits & other tunnelling  animals. Dachshund can be your perfect choice if you are looking for a breed which is small, healthy, intelligent as-well as courageous. They cope up well with Indian weather & can live in an apartment. Dachshund can be found at an affordable price in most of the major cities in India which makes them one of the most demanded breed.

    Origin: Germany

    Height: 25 to 47 cm

    Weight - 9 to 12 kg

    Price: INR 5,000 to 12,000

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    7) German Shepherd

    German Shepherds originated in the year 1899 & are amongst the popular dog breed in the world & the most demanded one by the people of America. They are also known as Alsatian, Alsatian wolf dog, Deutscher Dchaferhund & GSD. They belong to a herding category & are highly appreciated as working dogs. They make an ideal companion due to their alert, loyal, intelligent & courageous nature but  are only suggested to firm owners having prior experience of keeping one because of their issue of separation anxiety & the need of regular attention and exercise. 

    Origin: Germany

    Height: 55 to 65 cm

    Weight - 22 to 40 kg

    Price: INR 18,000 to 40,000

    8) Pug

    Pug is a small & very emotional dog having an innocent face, short muzzle and tail which is curled. Pug is an ancient & one of the oldest dog breeds. The got really popular amongst the people of India when Vodafone featured them in an advertisement. They are mostly liked by the girls of India as they make an ideal pet for living in an apartment. They are very lively, friendly & reliable with young kids. Pug can be found in all the major cities of India & requires very less training & grooming. But they do require you regular attention & medical care.

    Origin: China

    Height: 25 to 36 cm

    Weight - 14 to 18 kg

    Price: INR 5,000 to 20,000

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    9) Beagle

    Beagles are hound dogs & are very adorable. They have big eyes & a cute little face. Beagles require a very little grooming & are very easy to train. They make a very hyperactive pets & are always curious about their surroundings so ensure that you start training them from a very young age & provide enough exercise. Beagles generally have a good health, so apart from their regular vaccination, they seldomly  need to visit the vet.

    Origin: United Kingdom

    Height: 33 to 41 cm

    Weight - 9 to 11 kg

    Price: INR 25,000 to 50,000

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    10) Shih-tzu

    Shih-tzus make a wonderful companion pets. They are happy, outgoing & affectionate house dogs. As they are very calm & laid back, they perfectly suit the first time dog owners. They have a very high tolerance level to cold But they cannot tolerate extreme heat. We always recommend people living in cooler cities to get one but if you tend to live in a hot city be prepared to spend a little on their air conditioning needs in summer.

    They can be easily trained but are prone to certain health issues like hip dysplasia, food allergies & bladder infections. Ensure that they stay healthy by taking to to the vet for regular checkups & timely vaccinations. People do get Shih-Tzus professional groomed but you can groom them at your home as-well. Brush their coat everyday & give some time to check their body for fleas and ticks during the changing season.

    Origin: Tibet

    Height: 20 to 28 cm

    Weight - 4 to 7.5 kg

    Price: INR 25,000 to 50,000

    11) Chihuahua

    Chihuahuas are active, confident, charming & extremely loyal. They have an head that is round like an apple with an expressive eyes. They are available in coats with different colours. We find short coat variety in abundance in India but recently long coated chihuahua have also started gaining popularity. Short haired ones are easy to groom but long haired chihuahuas needs to be brushed at-least 2 times a week. Apart from that, they have basic grooming needs like bathing, brushing & nail clipping.

    Due to their small size they tend to eat less throughout the day. They are very healthy dog & are expected to have a life span of 16 years.  Like any other breed, chihuahuas are also prone health issues such as hypoglycemia & problems related to their gum & teeth. You can keep them healthy by taking them out to the vet for regular checkups.

    Origin: Mexico

    Height: 15 to 25 cm

    Weight - 1.8 to 2.7 kg

    Price: INR 4,000 to 25,000

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