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    So are you interested in becoming a dog parent? Choosing your first pooch from the list of dogs you have created can be extremely difficult.  Before selecting any breed you will have to take into consideration some of the factors such as your lifestyle & environment.  You need to know that not all dogs are suitable for first-time owners as some will be harder to train & will need experienced owners while some of them will easily adjust to their new owners. Some of them will only require a small space while some will thrive in large homes. 

    There are many things you need to consider but don't worry as in this article we are listing down the top 10 dogs for first-time owners in India which will make your job much easier. So without further adieu, let's get started.

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    1) Golden Retriever

    golden retreiver

    People like Golden Retriever for a reason. These dogs are extremely even-tempered, intelligent & affectionate. They are playful, gentle with children & can get along easily with others pets & strangers. One of the reasons why these dogs excel in obedience training & as service dogs are their eagerness to please. People also use them for hunting ducks & retrieving games. 

    Due to its friendly nature, a Golden Retriever lacks guarding instincts & will rarely bark. Don't make a mistake by counting them as a good guard dogs but some of them will bark & let you know when a stranger approaches.

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    2) Pug


    Pugs are not as lively socialites as some of the other toy breeds are. They have a serious character with a dry sense of humor & are known as "Motto" which means a lot in little. Pugs can be laid back & stubborn at times but normally like to please. They seldomly bark and are not well known for digging and chewing. Pugs tend to get along well with other pets & children as they like people's company & are affectionate making them good companion dogs. 

    3) Indian Pariah

    Indian Pariah

    Indian pariah is an extremely playful, friendly & protective dog. They are known to bond closely with their family members & are extremely protective of them. Indian Pariah is also extremely playful & loving towards the family they know & enjoy accompanying them. These dogs have all the qualities you could ask for.

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    4) German Shepherd

    German Shepherd

    German Shepherds will get along well with other pets & children if raised with them but they can be wary of strangers as they were bred to guard & herd. They are extremely smart & easily trainable but will require a vigorous amount of exercise to keep them physically & mentally stimulated. Fear & nervousness are not uncommon in poorly bred German Shepherd dogs. Also, note that socializing and training them improperly can lead to over-guarding & aggressive behavior.

    5) Labrador Retriever

    Labrador Retriever

    Labrador retrievers are excellent family dogs as long as they are properly exercised and trained. They were bred to work hard & hence they love to do jobs, especially retrieving. Labs tend to get along well with other dogs, children & pets if provided with proper training to turn down their natural exuberance.

    Make sure that you provide them with some basic obedience training as they are strong and are known to drag their owners at will.  Also, note that labradors who are not exercised well or are left alone can turn out to be extremely destructive - barking, chewing & digging in excess.

    6) Cocker Spaniel

    cocker spaniel

    Cocker spaniels are affectionate, easy-going, gentle, lively & tend to get along well with children. A Cocker Spaniel has a non-aggressive nature which means that they can't be considered good watchdogs. There was a time when cocker spaniels became so popular that people started overbreeding them leading to dogs with various health problems. 

    People have mixed opinions about cocker spaniel when it comes to housebreaking & obedience training. Some say that they are average when it comes to training, some say they are very obedient and some say that they can be stubborn at times particularly when it comes to housebreaking. 

    7) Dachshund


    Dachshunds might be smaller in size but have courageous nature & are known to take on animals larger than themselves. Some are also known to be aggressive towards other pets and strangers. They are loyal companions & good watchdogs & can get along well with children if treated well. 

    Owners of this dog breed say that they have observed differences in personality among the different varieties of this breed. For e.g: the long-coated variety is calmer compared to the short-coated one & the wire-coat variety is known to be more outgoing & clown-like. They were bred to be a hunter so it should not come as a surprise that they like to bark & dig. According to a survey, they also ranked high in destructiveness.

    8) Shih Tzu

    shih tzu

    Shih Tzus are well known across the globe for their lively, friendly, perky nature & happy temperament. They tend to get along well with people of all ages, with other dogs & pets of different species. Snappy Shih Tzus are very rare as most of them are extremely sweet-natured. Due to their short muzzle, they aren't big chewers but some are known to be indulged in digging & nuisance barking. They love being around people, whether it's taking a regular walk through the park or sitting on your lap.

    9) Chihuahuas


    Chihuahuas make excellent family companions as they like to seek attention & stay loyal to their owners. They like to remain active & occupied although people consider them to be lapdogs. A chihuahua can make a great family pet if treated with respect but some of them do have a reputation of snapping at strangers or children whom they find to be threatening. 

    10) Yorkshire Terrier

    Yorkshire Terrier

    A Yorkshire Terrier has a personality that is extremely energetic, feisty, & domineering. Yorkies are generally affectionate and attention-seeking breed good for people especially those who want to dote on a dog. They are considered to be excellent watchdogs but can snap at other children if not treated gently & respectfully. Some are also known to be aggressive towards other smaller animals but can live peacefully with other cats & dogs if raised with them.

    A Yorkshire Terrier can be an excessive barker but it is possible to train them not to do so. Some are also known to be stubborn to house training. 

    11) Boxer


    A boxer is a high-energy, playful & extremely intelligent dog who likes to stay busy. They like their owner's company & tend to be loyal fiercely guarding, protecting them from strangers. Some Boxers can bark excessively but that too for a good reason. Some of them can be vocal & make growling noises but that is just the way of their talking. 

    12) Greyhound


    The greyhound has a disposition that is quiet & gentle. As greyhounds were bred to run & hunt in groups, they are almost non-aggressive toward other dogs. They might not be suitable for homes with small pets such as rabbits and cats as they have a strong prey drive. 

    Greyhounds have a very tolerant nature hence will prefer to walk away if annoyed rather than snapping or growling. They will spend most of their time sleeping despite having a great athletic abilities. A Greyhound is known to have less endurance & requires less exercise as compared to other dogs.

    13) Pomeranian


    Pomeranians are generally friendly, perky little dogs who don't seem to realize their small stature & will try to tackle large breeds or at least try to threaten them verbally. They need daily exercise even if it's taking them out for a walk around the block. Pomeranians are known to be quite intelligent excelling in obedience competitions. As they grow old they tend to turn more into lapdogs. 

    Pomeranians are generally good alert watchdogs known to bark excessively sometimes. Yes, they are good with children but children need to be cautious as they are not sturdy as other larger breeds.

    14) Poodle


    Poodles are known for their intelligence, ease of training, lively, active, fun-loving & protective nature. A poodle will thrive on attention & can develop bad habits such as excessive & nuisance barking if left alone. A smaller version of the poodle tends to be aggressive towards people & dogs outside their family. Remember that poodles were originally bred for hunting in an elegant attire & therefore requires exercise and training to be at their best as companion dogs.

    15) Papillon


    Papillons are generally happy & outgoing dogs who like to sit on their owner's lap & run all around the house. They are not considered high strung, fearful or nervous & tend to bark less despite being lively and energetic. Generally, papillons will love to socialize with other dogs or cats. They won't hesitate a bit in engaging themselves with the larger prey but the owners should remain cautious as larger animals might start treating them as prey. 

    Papillons enjoy the company of children but youngsters must be careful not to rough play with these lively tiny dogs. These dogs generally do well in obedience competition due to their alertness, intelligence & desire to please their owners. They are also known to excel in the fields of tracking, agility & as therapy dogs.

    16) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    cavalier king charles spaniel

    The Cavalier King Charles spaniels are generally extremely affectionate, playful & intelligent dogs with an endearing devotion. Fortunately, this breed is free of shyness & aggression. They are happy with children & make a great household companion due to their desire to please and interact with their guardians. 

    17) Shetland sheepdog

    shetland sheedog

    Shetland sheepdogs are well known for their sweet, gentle, pleasing, playful & affectionate personality which has made them popular as a family pet. The combination of their pleasing nature & intelligence makes them excel at obedience training. Shelties generally make good watchdogs as they are wary of strangers & will greet them with lots of barking. Remember that they also tend to bark due to excitement. Although not aggressive, some might nip at people they are unfamiliar with whether children or adults. Others may be timid of strangers.

    18) Havanese


    Havanese are happy & affectionate dogs but do not do well in a kennel as they generally like accompanying their owners. They are active and enjoy learning new tricks & playing games along with their owners. Havanese are intelligent and easily trainable but make sure that you socialize them to prevent them from becoming timid towards the stranger.

    19) Bichon Frise

    bichon frise

    The bichon frise is considered to be an allrounder with playful & gentle nature who gets along very well with other pets. In one survey they ranked high snapping at kids & in the same survey they found them easy to housebreak & train but some owners disagree with this.

    20 ) Maltese


    The Maltese are generally playful, lively, a vigorous dog with gentle, responsive & trusting nature who enjoys learning new tricks. They can sometimes snap at children trying to handle or play with them roughly. This is a fearless & highly alert breed that will let out a flurry of barking in response to unfamiliar noises.

    21) Boston Terrier

    boston terrier

    Boston terrier can be a perfect choice for people looking out for a good-natured, playful & cheerful companion. They are generally good with other dogs and cats they are raised with. Bostons are a bit more tolerant of children as compared to other small breeds due to their sturdy build. Bostons will love romping with kids if treated well. Most of the Bostons will bury their bone under their pillow or flowerbed but the game they enjoy the most is "fetching".

    22) Beagles


    People across the globe consider beagles to be good with other children & pets. These dogs are cheerful and are always seeking out attention. They prefer the company of their owner hence may start howling or be destructive if left alone. According to one guide, beagles tops the list of excessive barkers & sometimes it can be quite difficult to obedience train & housebreak them.


    There are a few other brilliant breeds such as Dalmatian, Lhasa apso but the list above is created for absolute novice owners. Hope this gives you an idea & helps you out to select the best one based on your need, expectation, budget & lifestyle.



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