• Beautiful Indian Pariah Dog: Price in India, Lifespan & More

    The beautiful Indian pariah dog, also called "desi dog" is a breed native to India known for their charm & remarkable features.

    Along with a rich cultural and historical significance, they are renowned for serving as a cherished companion in Indian communities for generations. 

    These dogs are resilient, intelligent and have a distinct appearance making them a true embodiment of the beauty found in indigenous breeds & also highlighting their allure and diversity.

    beautiful Indian pariah dog

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    Indian Pariah Dog History:

    Their history dates back to ancient times, where they were human companions for early settlements.

    They have been a significant part of Indian culture, and one can even find various texts and arts depicting them.

    Their lineage can be traced back to Indian sub-continents, where they have successfully managed to thrive due to their resilience, adaptability & ability to survive in diverse environments.

    Indian Pariah Dog Characteristics:

    Indian pariahs are medium-sized dogs with well-proportionate bodies.

    These dogs can effortlessly navigate various terrains, credit to their lean and agile build.

    They are intelligent and curious, with sharp, alert expressions, erect ears, and almond-shaped eyes.

    Indian pariah dog colours

    Their coat comes in a variety of colours including solid, brindle & spotted.

    Indian Pariah Dog Temperament:

    Indian Pariahs possess a unique temperament characterized by intelligence, independence, and loyalty. 

    Their watchful and protective nature makes them one of the best guard dogs for families

    As they are typically wary of strangers,  socialization, and training is advisable from a very young age which can help develop a friendly and well-mannered disposition.

    Due to their adaptable nature, they can go along well with other pets & children.

    Indian Pariah Dog Price in India:

    desi dog price in india ranges from 2000 to 10,000 INR depending on the lineage, pedigree, and location.

    However, you can also adopt one from shelters, rescues, and animal welfare organizations, which will contribute to the loving home and well-being of the breed.

    Indian Pariah Dog Lifespan:

    Around 12 to 15 years on average but can live longer if provided with proper care, nutrition, and frequent veterinary healthy checkups.

    If you wish for their well-being and longevity, give them a proper balanced diet, regular exercise, and a safe living environment.

    Indian Pariah Dog Height:

    They typically stand around 17 to 22 inches tall (43 to 56 cm), but some can be shorter or even taller depending on genetics, nutrition, and other factors.

    Indian pariah dog bite force psi:

    Their bite force falls in the range of any medium-sized dog breed, around 200- 400 PSI.

    Again this depends on the individual's size, strength, and genetics.

    Is Indian Pariah Dog Dangerous?

    They are not inherently dangerous!

    Like any other dog breed, Their genetics, socialization, and training can affect their behavior and temperament.

    They can be sweet, gentle, well-behaved, and loving companions with early socialization, proper care & positive reinforcement training.

    Indian Pariah dog health issues:

    They are generally known to have robust health & resistant to many diseases, however, if not properly cared for can make them vulnerable to skin problems, infectious diseases like parvo, distemper, rabies, ticks, fleas, obesity, dental, ear and eye issues & last but not least hip dysplasia.

    How to Take Care of an Indian Pariah Dog?

    Below are some essential points you should consider:

    1. Feeding

    • Provide a balanced and nutritious diet

    • Feed high quality dog food or home-made diet

    • Consult a veterinarian to know the appropriate portion sizes

    2. Exercise and mental stimulation

    • Exercise them on a regular basis to keep them mentally and physically fit

    • Engage in daily walks, interactive activities, and play sessions

    • Provide them with toys and puzzles to keep their minds active

    3. Grooming

    • Brush their coat regularly to prevent loose hair and matting

    • Bathe them whenever required but avoid frequent bathing to maintain their natural skins oil

    • Keep their nails trimmed and clean their ears to prevent any sort of infections

    4. Veterinary Care

    • Schedule regular checkups with the veterinarian for vaccinations, including deworming & overall-health

    • try to remain up-to-date with necessary vaccinations & flea/tick prevention treatments

    • Address any health concerns & ensure to follow the vet's advice

    5. Socialization

    • Expose your dog to various dogs, people, and other animals from a very young age

    • Encourage positive interactions to develop their social skills and reduce anxiety

    6. Training and obedience

    • Use positive reinforcement techniques 

    • Teach them basic commands like lease manners, potty & house training

    • Reward and praise them upon showing the desired behavior

    7. Safety

    • Secure your home or yard to prevent accidents or escapes

    • Provide comfortable living face & shelter for protection from extreme weather

    • Make use of a leash or harness during walks or outings

    8. Love and attention

    • Provide plenty of love, attention, and companionship

    • Spend quality time to build a strong bond

    • Keep patience and be understanding, as individuals have their unique personalities and needs


    Caring for an Indian pariah dog is a responsibility that comes with various rewards & each day you spend with them offers you an opportunity to learn, grow and deepen your bond.

    One can easily create a lifelong bond filled with joy, companionship & happiness. 

    You only need to provide them with a loving and nurturing environment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is Indian pariah dog price in USA?

    Ans: Around $50 to $300 if you decide to adopt. You might need to pay $500 to $1,500 or even more if you buy from a breeder.

    Q2. What is Indian pariah dog intelligence rank?

    Ans: Indian Pariah dogs are known to be intelligent, but don't have specific rankings, as intelligence can vary among individual dogs.

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