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    People have a wrong notion that a well-groomed dog is not capable of causing allergies. The truth is that even a well-groomed & well-maintained dog has a high chance of causing allergies. It can be a daunting task for people with allergies to decide upon the dog breed. However, if you have already decided to add a pup to the family, below we are listing the top 10 hypoallergenic dog breeds which could be the best fit for your family:

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    1) Bichon Frise

    Bichon Frise

    This small, sturdy & resilient dog has a great personality. These dogs are playful yet gentle, getting along well with other pets. In one of the surveys, they ranked high in snapping at children, but any dog can bite depending on the given circumstance. In the same survey, they were found easy to train & housebreak, but many owners have disagreed with this.

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    2) Border Terrier

    Border Terrier

    This dog breed is not like any other terrier breed. People bred Border terriers with less dog-aggressive temperaments & to run peacefully with foxhounds. These dogs are obedient, affectionate, easily trainable & can live & work peacefully with other dogs. Think twice before getting this breed if you are looking for a part-time dog or one you can put in the kennel. They won't constantly demand your attention, but that does not mean they don't want to be a part of your family or be with you.

    3) Chinese Crested

    Chinese Crested

    This fine-boned and the slender dog is amongst the most elegant & graceful of breeds. They are available in two varieties, one with hair and one with hairless. You can find soft silky hair only on the head, tail, feet & lower legs of the hairless variety. The skin of their areas without hair is soft & smooth. The entire body of the second variety, also known as "Powderpuff" is covered with a soft silky coat of moderate length & density.

    4) Poodles


    This breed is famous across the globe for its intelligence & ease of training. Poodles are active, lively & fun-loving dogs with a sense of ridiculousness. Poodles like people's attention & tend to develop bad habits like nuisance barking if ignored or left alone for a lengthy period.

    The smaller variety can be aggressive towards people they are unfamiliar with & towards other dogs. To avoid this issue, make sure to socialize poodles from a very young age. Poodles are also known to be very protective of their homes & families.

    One should keep in mind that People bred poodles for being a hunting dogs in elegant attire & therefore, they require training and exercise to be at their best as a family companion. 

    5) Portuguese Waterdogs

    Portugese Waterdog

    These dogs are highly active & therefore, they need a high level of physical activity. They are known for their independent nature & due to this, they don't make good kennel dogs. 

    Portuguese waterdogs are extremely intelligent & one needs to keep them occupied with activities to avoid destructive behaviors like digging & chewing. Keep in mind that these dogs like roaming, so ensure to keep them in a large, fenced backyard.

    Water dogs are independent and very smart. They require time outdoors & being true to their name, Portuguese waterdogs love water.

    6) Affenpinscher


    This little dog is charming, alert, curious, loyal & affectionate. Generally, Affenpinschers are quiet but tend to show terrier spark & fire when excited. Affenpinschers do not exhibit any fear of any threat. This breed is known for there impressive forepaw dexterity & is fond of tossing & grappling toys.

    7) Australian Terrier

    Australian Terrier

    As their name implies, this breed was developed in Australia. Breeders bred them to hunt rodents & snakes, but they are known for being idle companions & watchdogs. Even today, they maintain the same traits. Australian Terriers are delightful companions, ferocious earth dog competitors, conformation & obedience show dogs.

    This breed makes a good choice for the people dwelling in an apartment due to their small size, low shedding & maintenance coat. Remember that this breed requires plenty of exercise due to its high energy level.

    8) Bedlington Terrier

    Bedlington Terrier

    Bedlingtons are generally playful, carefree & loyal to their owners. They are friendly with strangers & are fond of children. 

    These dogs are known for their courageous, headstrong & energetic nature & will rarely back down from a challenge.

    Despite their friendly appearance, these dogs are known to unwelcome other cats and household pets unless raised with them from a young age. Bedlingtons also like to bark, dig & chase.

    9) Brussels Griffon

    Brussels Griffon

    Brussels Griffon is an active breed with a demanding & assertive nature. They don't make a good kennel dog as they like being with their owners. This breed is a perfect choice for people living in an apartment with small backyards but will require daily exercise. Brussel griffons are intelligent dogs but can be stubborn at times. Don't provide harsh punishments & make sure to have some patience while training them.

    10) Cairn Terrier

    Cairn Terrier

    Cairn Terriers are intelligent, loyal family dogs that can adapt to most environments. Some are prone to barking & some to digging. If you are fond of lapdogs, this breed is not for you. These dogs can be feisty with other dogs & deadly with errant rodents & smaller pets. 

    On the other hand, Cairn terriers can be a perfect choice for families looking for a cheerful, playful pet always ready for the game of fetch or a brisk walk around the neighborhood.


    As you see, there are varieties of hypoallergenic dogs available out there in the market. Whether you are looking for a large dog breed shedding occasionally or a hairless one to avoid any allergic reaction, there are many breeds you can consider.

    In the end, you are the only one who can determine which hypoallergenic breed is right for you. The type of dog you are looking for, Whether in terms of coat, grooming, personality, or size, will influence your decision.



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