• 10 Hair Trimmer For Dogs in India You Shouldn't Miss Out On

    It can be very challenging to find out the best tools worthy of your hard-earned money, but not impossible, especially when you have a reliable source like this article to guide you in the right direction by showing you the brands you can trust. 

    We have gone through dozens of products to prepare the list below. We have ranked them based on several factors like product's features, value for money, and manufacturer's reputation & by reading countless reviews from the actual users. So if you decide to choose from this list, You can be sure that you will be buying one of the best tools available in the market today.

    So without further adieu, let's get started!

    Table of Content

    1) Aysis Professional 

    Aysis Professional

    Dogs deserve to look, feel good & comfortable. If you have a dog with a thick & heavy coat,  he/she might have to spend nights & days being uncomfortable and this is where a good dog clipper will be helpful to trim your pet's coat and stop it from getting into their way making them feel comfortable.

    This model contains a precision machine running at 8200 RPM making very less noise & vibration which ensures that your dog does not freak out & start running away. It comes with a titanium acute angle blade which is combined with movable blades made of ceramic helpful in cutting the fur smoothly & safely without snagging. Does not matter how thick your dog's fur is, it will clip through their hair like a knife in the butter. 

    It features a 1000 mAh lithium battery free of memory effect which means that there won't be any negative effect even if the cell is half-charged & used. Boring wires won't trouble you anymore.

    Product Key Highlights:

    1) 5-degree fine-tuning functions

    2) Comes with a charging display light

    3) Knob blade with tuned functionality

    4) 60 -70 minutes usage/ 5 hours charge

    2) Pooch Box Codos

    Pooch Box Codos

    This model comes with a high-quality steel blade to easily trim your pet's hair. It has a non-slip handle ergonomically designed to mold around your hand for increased comfort. It has a very low noise motor to avoid frightening your buddy during trimming. The best thing about this gadget is that it comes with a fixed stainless steel & moving cutters, made of ceramic to provide excellent cutting performance. 

    Product Key Highlights:
    1) Made of high-quality steel
    2) Ergonomically designed
    3) Low noise machine

    3) 24x7 eMall 

    24x7 eMall Professional

    This model comes with rechargeable batteries & cordless design which frees you from the trouble of boring wires or replacing batteries, making it convenient to use. It's equipped with a lithium battery which can sustain uses up to 120 minutes/ 2.5 hours of charge. It comes with an attractively designed LED screen that displays the power it has used, the speed at which it is running, and the time to wash its cutters. This functionality helps users to take control of the clipping process. Moreover, users can also come to know about the condition of the cutters, thus helping them to maintain it for the long term. 

    Product Key Highlights:
    1) Cordless & Rechargeable
    2) User-friendly design
    3) Easy to use & carry
    4) Comfortable
    5) Includes sharp scissor

    4) Coroid 

    Coroid Professional
    This model comes with a steel fixed and ceramic moving cutters for precise cutting & high performance, along with a powerful motor that provides excellent snag-free cutting & faster hair removal. It is equipped with highly durable removable blades to ease the process of changing & cleansing and stays sharp even after using for a very long period. 

    Product Key Highlights:
    1) Has washable & removable blades
    2) Comes With four different sizes of comb
    3) Ultra-quiet and low quivering
    4) Wireless & rechargeable
    5) Very easy to use & install

    5)  Fuufome Dog Clippers


    This electric trimmer is quieter compared to others & comes with a longer battery and various buttons. It comes with 2-speed switch functionality, which you can easily adjust to carve around the small paw pads. It has a  cutter that you can remove for day-to-day & underwater cleaning. The noise caused by this trimmer is below 60 decibels which makes sure that your pet remains confortable throughout the entire grooming process.

    What makes this product great is its lightweight, cordless & ergonomic design. Its blades are made using steel & ceramic, which ensures that its blades remain sharpened and safe.. It can sustain uses up to 2 hours/ 2 hours of charging.

    Product Key Highlights:
    1) Easy to use & clean
    2) Makes low noise & less quiver
    3) Ergonomic design
    4) Comes with replaceable cover head
    5) Rechargeable & long-lasting

    6) Jequl Dog Clippers

    Jequl professional

    This trimmer is designed for extreme convenience. The product includes a clipper, brush, four attachment comb, an instructions manual & a USB charging cable. It comes with 1mm/2mm/3mm & 4 mm combs which you can use according to your pet's personal needs. It is equipped with blades designed for hair carving & detailed hair trimming. 

    Product Key Highlights
    1) Extremely convenient
    2) Lightweight
    3) detailed cutting and carving
    4) High Durability

    7) Keekos 

    keekos professional

    This trimmer comes with four adjustable and removable comb, 3-6-10-13 mm respectively, designed for different hair lengths of your pets. Even a new user can use this trimmer to carve their pet's hair safely and tidily. 

    This trimmer requires no refills, no tapes, and no mess and includes travel size fur remover designed to remove fur, and clothing fiber anytime & anywhere. The best part of this product is its comfort! It has soft rubber tips which you can use to gently fix nasty tangles & mats while lifting dust & dirt from your pet's coat.

    Product Key Highlights:
    1) Cordless & Rechargeable
    2) User-friendly design
    3) Ease of use
    4) Easily portable
    5) Comfortability


    8) Aeolus

    Aeolus professional

    This trimmer will cut through the thickest furs effortlessly & fits any size of hands due to its slim and lightweight mainframe. It is designed to fit any budget without compromising on durability and performance & operates quietly, which means that you don't have to worry about your four legged furry friend getting scared anymore. It is lightweight, which will keep your hand relaxed, but at the same time powerful enough to do an efficient job. The product includes a lubricating oil & five blades ranging from 3 - 12 mm, which you can use per your pet's needs.

    Product Key Highlights:
    1) Perfectly suitable for all types of coats
    2) Comes with brushless machine
    3) Extremely easy to use
    4) Great for both home & professional grooming


    9) Wahl Professional

    wahl professional

    You can use this trimmer on small & medium-sized dogs such as terriers, spaniels, bichons & Shih-Tzus. This animal clipper is a great choice to clip, trim & groom paws, faces, touch-ups, or full body clipping. This product comes with eight comb attachments ranging from 3 mm to 25 mm, depending on the length you want your pet's hair to be. 

    Its low noise makes it perfect for ones who are noise sensitive & also increases the comfort of use. This trimmer comes with an LED battery charging display and has a run time of 40 minutes once fully charged.

    Product Key Highlights:
    1) Designed for both small & medium-sized canine
    2) Less noise & quivering
    3) LED charge indicator
    4) Rinseable blades
    5) Rotary machine

    10) Petology


    This dog trimmer comes with a built-in rechargeable cell, which gives it exceptional flexibility. You can also use it while charging, so you don't have to worry about its working and a half groomed dog. It comes with detachable blades, due to which one can easily wash and change them. Its ultra-quiet noise and quivering of about 50 DB will make you feel at ease. This product comes with four adjustable comb ranging from 3mm to 12mm, designed for quick, easy comb changes & versatility. 

    Product Key Highlights:
    1) In-built cell
    2) Safe cutters
    3) Ultra-quiet
    4) Adjustable comb



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