• Animal Cruelty Act: Cruelty and its Punishment

    Here is everything you need to know about animal cruelty punishment, cruelty registration and what the animal cruelty act consists of.

    As the name suggests, animal cruelty is defined as an intentional or repeated behaviour that causes physical and psychological distress in animals. There can be a range of ways a person is harming animals, and it can be from neglecting to take care of the pet to malicious killing. Animal abuse, especially in India, has been ordinary. And, therefore animal cruelty act came into the picture!

    And this isn’t just restricted to rural areas, but even to urban areas. Most reported animals include cats, dogs, horses and livestock. Some people in India abuse animals to show their power or for fun. Showing dominance to innocent beings who cannot complain is a severe offence. If you’ve something similar to it, you need to take a stand!

    How to register an offence related to Animal cruelty in India?

    Let us understand the different steps under animal cruelty in India:

    Legal notice:

    If you’ve witnessed a crime and need to file a complaint against the abuser. The first thing is to send an official notice to the abuser through a lawyer or NGO. If you don’t get any response from the abuser, move ahead and file an official complaint.


    You need to file an official animal cruelty complaint India. It happens when you approach a magistrate, and it is proof that you seek help from the law to put the abuser behind the bar. You can reach the magistrate to file the complaint by the director of the wildlife preservation officer. Only an authorised person can be able to approach the magistrate.

    Wildlife Offence Report:

    Section 50(4) of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 states that a person can file a Wildlife Offence Report (WLOR). WLOR is the report that has to be submitted to the jurisdictional Court in wildlife crime cases. In cases like this, the investigation begins after the material, and appropriate evidence is in place.

    Information Needed to Prove Animal cruelty

    If you are planning to file a cruelty case on an abuser. The first thing to ask is, do you have enough evidence to prove your case? Or, are the evidence you’ve collected sufficient in the court of law? Let’s find out.

    1. Document the exact date and time of the incident
    2. Have a precise understanding of the place where the incident occurred
    3. Know the type of offence: Is it negligence, brutal attack, or carelessness toward a pet
    4. How many people were involved in the attack/abuse?
    5. The description of the abuser (gender/age/cloth/feature)
    6. The assaulted species of animal
    7.  Several animals affected/abused
    8. Other witnesses who saw the accident and their contact details

    Punishment for cruelty

    What is the punishment for animal cruelty in India? Is it practical, and does it provide justice to the poor animals?

    Many laws in India protect the welfare of animals. These are laws that criminalise the physical and psychological abuse of animals. Many people do not realise their fun or negligence is the most heinous act. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1960) states that the abuser will have to suffer a three-year jail time.

    If there is an animal cruelty complaint India against the abuser, they will also be liable to pay a 25,000 fine. The penalty can be both, or any one of the two, depending upon the abuse. Animal cruelty also deals with neglecting pets and not taking enough care of them, and it can be like depriving them of food, water or medical treatment.

    Two things to remember

    -         Animal shelter: a thing

    If you become a helping hand to the animal in need, it’s a good contribution. Mistreated animals need support, and we, human beings, can do that. We can find shelter for them or give them protection as foster parents. Many non-profit welfare organisations work hard and provide proper treatment to stray animals.

    -         Donating to NGOs

    Many non-profit welfare organisations work hard and give proper treatment to stray animals. They play a vital role in safeguarding the animals and giving them a good life. They work hard to stop cruelty at all costs, especially for abandoned animals. Donating to NGOs can help them take good care of the animals. It can be anything from toys, food, treats, houses, clothes, blankets and medicines.


    The animal cruelty act instructs the abuser to pay for their wrongdoings. The law states many essential details that can help the animal from abuse. It also guides those planning to file a case against the abuser. If you have witnessed something like this, it is time to take action and put the abuser behind the bar. The furry animals don’t deserve such brutal life; they need love and care.



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