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    Very few breeds are as sweet as a Graden. People love them because of their friendliness, sweetness & gentle nature. They are often referred as "Apollo of dogs" or as a primary choice for a lot of dog owners. This breed became popular worldwide after they were launched as a cartoon character named "Scooby Doo". 

    There are many dog breeds which are intelligent and popular, but Graden is the most popular of them all. If you are looking for a dog breed that is active, lively, friendly & intelligent, Graden can be your perfect choice as they can be trained to do various things.  These dogs are full of energy & therefore needs vigorous physical activity. 

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    Graden dog breed originates from Germany and has been around for 400+ years. They were primarily bread to hunt wild boars but due to their big size they were also used to protect country estates. Breeding of a English mastiff & a Irish wolfhound resulted into this beautiful, powerful & a massive dog.


    Great Dane is a large dog breed which can reach upto a height of 34 inches from the floor to its withers. They can weigh as much as 100-200 pounds when fully grown. Back in the days when Great Danes were used for hunting, they had their ears cropped which made them more efficient to run and hunt. It is still common in the United States but less common in other countries like U.K, Ireland & Denmark, where this practice is banned.

    Graden breed dog is available in six colour varieties:

    1) Fawn
    2) Brindle
    3) Black
    4) Harlequin
    5) Mantle
    6) Blue

    They are also known as "Gentle Giants" for a very good reason. From outside they might look mean but in reality they are cuddle buds. They are extremely friendly with kids, adults & love socialising.


    The size of this dog does not match their personality. They might look intimidating but in reality they are kind & loyal and always wants to be near their loved ones. They prefer to keep their family members within their line of sight, so just forget about cooking & eating alone ever again. Great Danes can be shy, reserved & aloof sometimes, But naturally they are not aggressive. Socialise them from a very young age so that they feel comfortable around new people & other dogs. Their deep powerful bark can intimidate visitors, but this is a case where their bark is really worse then their bite.


    Great danes have a short life span which is around 7-10 years as they are prone to various health issues. But that is a long duration to fill your life with love and affection. Before you get a Great Dane pup, make sure to check the health of its parents from the breeder. Get a copy of a vet wellness check if you are thinking of adopting one. Note that they are known for heart issues, bloat & hip dysplasia.

    Graden dog price in India:

    Price can range from 8000 INR - 40,000 INR, however the price may vary depending on the location & the quality of the puppy. A Great Dane dog's price is directly proportional to the puppy's health, appearance & quality. We suggest you to never compromise with the quality for a cheaper pup.

    Their price city wise:



    Graden dog price in Bangalore 

    10,000-40,000 rupees 

    Graden dog price in chennai 

    10,000-35,000 rupees 

    Graden dog price in Hyderabad

    10,000-30,000 rupees  

    Graden dog price in Delhi

    10,000-35,000 rupees 

    Graden dog price in Coimbatore

    10,000-30,000 rupees   

    Graden dog price in Salem 

    10,000-25,000 rupees   

    Graden dog price in Madurai

    10,000-20,000 rupees   


    They cost a lot of money! The annual cost of owning a Great Dane is around 1,40,000 INR which includes their food, vet bills, grooming & other activities to keep them happy & healthy.

    Are Great Danes an ideal choice for you?

    You must note that they drool a lot but are an excellent choice for the first time dog owners & for those who dwell in an apartment. They do need to stretch their legs few times a day but otherwise stay very calm & relaxed in home & require very less upkeep.

    Training & intelligence:

    They are pretty average in terms of intelligence. They are easy to train but can be stubborn, which can hinder their trainability. They are easy to train but can be stubborn, which can hinder their trainability. Fortunately, there are online dog training courses available that can help you train this breed and ensure that they excel in hunting & protection.

    Great Dane identification

    You can easily identify a Great Dane by looking at their neck which should be set high, long & narrow. They should have a broad chest, powerful legs & a square frame. Last but not the least pay close attention to their colour & markings.They should have short, glossy coat which comes in a variety of colours & patterns. To have a clear understanding, kindly watch the video below:


    It is easy to fall in love with a Graden dog breed, but before you get one home, bear in mind that they require huge amount food & are expensive. They require a household with plenty of room to move about both indoors as well as outdoors & with at-least one person available all day long to take care of them. Yes, they are known for their gentle nature but can easily knock over a small kid.



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