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    Dogs are available in various shapes & sizes with different coat colors. Some of them have short hair while some have long but were you aware of the fact that there are only a handful with no hair? In fact, there are only ten hairless dog breeds across the entire globe. While some of them are completely hairless, others at least have a bit of hair in some of the areas on their body. In this article, we have listed 10 rare & beautiful dog breeds with no hair. So without further adieu, let's get started.

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    1) Jonangi


    Jonangi is the only hairless dog still in existence originating from India. They are found in the state of Andhra Pradesh are extremely skillful & multipurpose. Jonangis are not only formidable hunters but they also excel at hunting ducks. Unfortunately, there has been a decline in duck farming in India, leaving many of them abandoned & jobless.

    Breed Overview
    Height:18 to 22 inches
    Weight:20 to 39 Kg

    2) Bolivian hairless dog

    Bolivian hairless dog

    This dog which is also known as hairless Kala is an extremely rare hairless dog breed originating from Bolivia. They are available in two varieties 1) Bacala Madeo 2) Kala grande. Bacala Madeo's variety is small & stubby on the other hand Kala grande is the larger sighthound. You will be hardly able to find them even on the South American Continent.

    Breed Overview
    Height:20 to 26 inches
    Weight:4 to 25 Kg

    3) Abyssinian Sand Terrier

    Abyssinian Sand Terrier

    This is an ancient & rare hairless terrier originating from Africa which isn't well known on an international level. While you can find some of them to be completely hairless, some will have hairs on the top of their head & tips of their tail. One of the physical traits of Abyssinians that makes them unique is their bat-like ears. Usually available in gray color with patches of pink throughout their entire body. Abyssinian's are also known to have athletic & slim bodies. 

    Breed Overview
    Height:15 to 20 inches
    Weight:9 to 18 Kg

    4) Chihuahua


    A hairless chihuahua is extremely rare as people did not breed them to be hairless. In fact, it's a genetic defect that is less common with other hairless canines. You will be an extremely lucky person if you ever get a chance to meet or keep a hairless chihuahua.

    Breed Overview
    Height:6 to 9 inches
    Weight:2 to 3 Kg

    5) Argentine pila dog

    Argentine pila dog

    This breed is similar to hairless Kala in terms of both looks & personality. Argentine pila dog is an excellent companion dog available in three size variations ranging from 10 inches to 18 inches. Their build resembles a miniature pinscher with a shorter back & a curly elevated tail.

    Breed Overview
    Height:10 to 22 inches
    Weight:4 to 25 Kg

    6) Ecuadorian hairless dog

    Ecuadorian hairless dog

    This dog without fur originates from the Santa Elena peninsula in Ecuador. Today people consider them to be rarest amongst all. They can be as tall as 18 inches with extremely little hair, in fact, you can see a small amount of fur on the top of their head. People believe this dog to be the descendant of the Peruvian hairless dog.

    Breed Overview
    Height:15 to 18 inches
    Weight:8 to 11 Kg

    7) Chinese crested

    Chinese crested

    To be honest, this dog breed has more hair compared to others on this list. One can usually find hairs on their head & their feet. The fur variation is known as "Powderpuff" which is the result of a recessive gene. This means that one can find both the varieties, hairless & "powderpuff" in the same litter. They can develop the same skin problems we experience due to their sensitive skin. 

    Breed Overview
    Height:11 to 13 inches
    Weight:2 to 5 Kg

    8) Peruvian Inca orchid

    This is an FCI-recognized dog breed that originates from Peru. Similar to Chilewich quaintly, this dog is available in three varieties & a coded version as well. They aren't completely without hair despite being labeled as hairless. They are famous for their Mohawk hairstyle plus one can find hair on their tails too. Peruvian Inca Orchid has skin that is delicate & sensitive. In addition, their skin comes in a solid color with spots which really depends on the dog. 

    Breed Overview
    Height:9 to 26 inches
    Weight:4 to 25 Kg

    9) Xoloitzcuintli

    Xoloitzcuintli, which is also famously known as the Mexican hairless dog is an AKC recognized hairless dog breed. In fact, they are also part of the non-sporting dog group. There are various others having an interesting & long history dating back to 3000 years ago. People of Ancient Aztecs used them as a companion & guard. Like any other hairless breed, Xolos are also available in coded variation but the hairless variety is much more popular & iconic.

    Breed Overview
    Height:10 to 14 inches
    Weight:4 to 23 Kg

    10) American hairless terrier

    American hairless terrier

    This is one of the few AKC recognized hairless dog developed in the state of Louisiana in the '70s. They were bred especially for the people who were sensitive to allergies. American hairless terrier are similar to rat terriers but hairless, as a matter of fact, they are the natural variation of the rat terrier. Breeding of an American hairless terrier took place only once a hairless rat terrier was born into a litter in Louisiana.

    Breed Overview
    Height:10 to 18 inches
    Weight:3 to 6 Kg


    So that was the list of our top 10 hairless dog. Let us know, which hairless breed you liked the most by commenting below. Also, don't forget to share & to turn on the notifications so that you are the first one to know whenever we publish a new article.



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