• Sippiparai Dog Breed (Chippiparai): Price in India, Speed & More

    The Sippiparai dog breed originates from the state of Tamil Nadu of South India. You will also be able to see few of them residing around Periyar lake in Kerala. Chippiparais are sight hounds who were bred to be hunters. They use their powerful sense of smell & speed to chase & kill their preys. Chippiparai is an independent operator known to work quietly & swiftly & can successfully hunt down animals like wild boar, hare & deer. Nowadays they are happy doing the job of a watchdog, devotionally guarding their master's abode.

    There is a saying "The grass is always greener on the other side" which is applicable to Indian dog breeds as they often get overlooked in comparison to foreign breeds. Yes it is true that the overseas dogs are adorable in their own right, But there are many native Indian breeds capable of living in adverse conditions by preserving the skills for which they were once known for. 

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    This dog derived its name from the region of "Chippiparai" located in virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu close to Madurai. Royal families of Tirunelveli & Madurai used to breed them & still this breed continues to be the symbol of dignity & loyalty. People believe them to be genetically linked with Egyptian breeds like Saluki & Sloughi, both of which had attained the stature of royals dogs in Egypt. They were transported to the southern part of India via sea route where they were mated with the local breeds resulting in this sleek & powerful dog. Their physical resemblance with Saluki also supports this theory.

    Chippiparai attained popularity & won appreciation of people due to their fierce hunting skills. Initially they efficiently used to catch, kill their pray & then bring them to their masters. But soon this dog started loosing its stand with the decline of Dravidian royalties in those areas. Another reason responsible for their downfall was their Egyptian lineage which was looked down upon by that region's higher caste Hindus. Major kennel clubs still does not recognize them as a standard breed.


    They are agile with body of a hunter, small dark eyes & medium sized ears which usually points upwards. Chippiparais can run at a very high speed (over 60 KMPH), thanks to their muscular & lean body. They have an athletic structure which can be compared to the English Greyhound, but are more muscular. They have powerful jaws & long bony tails which makes them one of the greatest hunting dog in India.

    • Height: 31 to 38 inches tall at withers
    • Weight: 15 to 20 Kgs
    • Colours: Fawn, Reddish Brown, Black, Silver-grey, White Marking (Rare)


    Chippiparai stay dedicated to their handlers or owners & are known to be one man dogs. Some of them even won't tolerate strangers & would only like to be petted, fed & handled by their masters. They can be stubborn at times, showing an independent attitude. Chippiparais are extremely protective of their domain or territory & will try to protect them at any cost which makes them an excellent guard dogs. These dogs are extremely intelligent possessing a natural hunting instinct. Make sure that they are not left alone for a longer period of time which can make them resort to destructive activities.


    They are generally sturdy and healthy, but that does not mean that they can't suffer from any health issue. Like any other dog they are prone to some generic & genetic conditions, hip dysplasia being the common. Living in India for centuries has helped them to develop natural immunity & resistances against various communicable parasites & diseases. They are known to suffer from visual, skeletal problems & can also develop a condition known as patellar luxation.

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    Sippiparai dog price

    You might have to spend anywhere around 5000 to 30,000 INR with the average cost being 10,000 INR. Location & quality also plays an important role in determining the price of the pup. We highly recommend you to buy one from a reputable breeder located around its hometown to encourage genuine breeders.

    Their price city wise:



    Chippiparai dog price in Chennai

    10,000 - 25,000


    Chippiparai dog price in Madurai



    Chippiparai dog price in Coimbatore



    Chippiparai dog price in Bangalore




    You might have to spend anywhere from 31,000 to 53000 INR annually which includes the cost of their food, snacks, toys, license, veterinary care & other activities to keep them healthy and happy. Note that this cost does not include the expenses of their spaying/neutering surgery, crate, collar & dog carrier. Before you bring a pup home, make sure that you have all the necessary supplies.

    Grooming & maintenance: 

    Brushing them regularly will help you to get rid of loose hairs & knots keeping their coat in a good condition. It will also help in distributing natural oils evenly & sliding the dust off the hair resulting in a shiny coat. Combing regularly will also minimise the need to bath & develop a good bond between your pet & you. Brushing should provide a pleasuring & relaxing experience to you and your four legged friend.

    Is Chippiparai an ideal choice for you?

    Please note that they are not at all suitable for first time dog owners as they need to be continuously trained by their masters to make them more sociable & gregarious natured. They require a skilled owner who can handle & train them efficiently. They will quickly adapt to the apartment lifestyle if exercised on a regular basis. Additionally, they need to be taken out for long walks, short runs or jogging in order to keep them fit, fine & contented. So if you are the one who likes to curl up & relax at home, this breed is not for you.

    Training & intelligence:

    They need a thorough obedience training which should be started from the time you bring a puppy home due to their stubborn & independent nature. They have one man instinct, so make sure you socialise them from time to time with other animals & humans even after they grow up. A chippiparai which has the tendency to be aggressive or disobedient can't be allowed to play with others.


    The Sippiparai dog breed is on the verge of extinction & thus we need to put some collective efforts to save them. Our goal should be to let people know about the current situation our native dogs are in. Sharing the article on social media platforms & getting the word out will help us to save this dog!



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