• Bhotia Dog Breed: Price in India, Lifespan, Bite Force & More

    Many uncommon & rare dog breeds reside in the Himalayas & Bhotia dog is one of them. They are huge, smart & aggressive with broad jaws, long furry coats & strong muzzle. These dogs are as ferocious as a leopard & are even capable of protecting cattle in the villages. Although we don't know the origin of Bhutia breed or Himalayan sheepdog, they are known to have rich heritage in north India & are even found in countries like Nepal & Bhutan. People believe this breed to be in existence since ancient times.

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    Bhote kukur look similar to a Tibetan mastiff but are smaller in size. They love outdoors, long relish walks & exploring new territories. People have been using them for hunting, guarding & herding & specially as a livestock guardian to protect sheep & cattle from predatory creatures. They are also well known to hunt down large games in the Himalayan mountain's rough terrain. 


    These dogs can reach up to a height of 28 inches & weigh around 90 pounds. They are surprisingly swift, active & keep moving around to check their surroundings. They are extremely loyal, courageous & can take down large breeds with the help of their strong neck & deep chest. They have a pointed muzzle with solid head, strong jaw & teeth that meets in a scissors bite. Their neck is always surrounded by a ruff of fur & have a bushy tail which is carried high or even curled over their back. They have a cute round face with expressive eyes & their ears are always flopped at the side of their face. This is a beautiful dog perfectly built for harsh surroundings.


    They are considered one man dog as they get strongly bonded with a single member of their family, and in majority of the cases, its the owner. They are friendly, patient with children & adults which makes them a perfect playmate. They can tolerate strangers & other pets if socialised since childhood. Yes, they are intelligent & courageous but they also have a bit of stubbornness & wilfulness in them. As a guard dog, they are always on alert & would guard their owner's house dedicatedly often barking loudly if they find anything suspicious. Without a doubt, they make a very good family dog but should not be kept indoors due to their active lifestyle.


    Generally a strong & sturdy dog having an average life span of 10 years but like any other large breeds may suffer from problems like patellar luxation, joint, hip dysplasia, obesity & arthritis. Check the body of the dog for ticks, mange & even worms if bred in India & make sure to take the pup to the veterinarian for a thorough checkup.

    Bhotia dog bite force:

    They are known to have a bite force of 400 to 700 psi; however, it depends on the size, jaw strength, and genetics of individuals.

    Indian Bhotia dog price:

    Their price can range from 42000 to 105,000 INR. It mainly depends on the breeds quality & their parents lineage. Consider the health of the pup before adopting one because if you end up owning a unhealthy puppy, you might have to spend thousands of dollars on the medical bills or even become heartbroken due to an immature death. Get info about the breeder & their breeding practices & make sure that you schedule an appointment with a veterinarian for the checkup once adoption takes place to discover how you can provide them a healthy lifestyle.


    They have a long, dense & thick hair that sheds all year long. To keep their coat healthy & shiny, they need to be brushed at least twice in a week. They seldomly require baths as they do a great job in keeping themselves clean. Make sure that you thoroughly dry this breed in case they get wet due to rain or damp grass as wetness can make their coat musty.

    Is Bhotia dog breed an ideal choice for you?

    Yes, they can be a great family dogs if trained & socialised properly because without proper training, they can can easily knock over a kid & try to dominate human adults in their life. Start training them from a very young age so that they can learn to be gentle with children & obey their human family members.

    Training & intelligence:

    These dogs need to be constantly trained. Other than behavioural & general obedience sessions which includes the teaching of basic commands, Don't hesitate from seeking the help of the professionals at home or sending them to puppy kindergartens.


    These dogs are aloof and don't like being fussed over. They won't even show affection if they don't want to. They are similar to those teenagers who love you but like to maintain that cool demeanour. Make sure that you understand & accept them for who they are because just like motherhood, they demand your unconditional love.

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