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    Kashmir dog or Bakharwal originates from the Himalayan mountains of India & is one of the ancient dog breeds. They are known by various names such as Bakarwal mastiff, Kashmiri Bakarwal dog or Gurjar watchdog. This breed has an indifferent & archaic past & is believed to be the descendant of a prehistoric molluscar dog. 

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    People say that Bakharwal came into existence approximately 300 years ago due to crossing between a molosser sheepdog & a wolf. Its history is still a matter of debate but the fact is that they origin from Jammu & Kashmir which is a state in India & were bred by two nomadic tribes known as "Gujjars" & "Bakarwals".This breed mostly reside in the Pir Panjal mountain range in the Northern Himalayas.


    Kashmiri sheepdog is a large, muscular & heavy boned dog with a deep chest but leaner than most of the Asian molossers. They can reach up to a height of 24 inches & can weigh anywhere between 85 to 130 pounds when fully grown with large head & a muscular neck. 

    They have a short well-built muzzle with a black nose, almond shaped brown eyes & a medium sized ears in shape of a pendant. They have a thick coat which comes in variety of colours such as tan, beige, black, white & even peibald which does a great job of protecting them from the cold of northern mountains as well as from other predators.


    They were specifically bred to play the role of a livestock guardian & take their duties seriously. The breed is a firm & brave guardian, effectively protecting their flock from large & intimidating predators like Lion, Wolves & bears. They can tolerate people of all ages & are affectionate with their family members. 

    Make sure to socialise them from a very young age as they are known to be aggressive & territorial towards other dogs & pets. They have a tendency to think independently which makes them an intelligent animal that will get bored of repetitive commands. They can be stubborn at times which makes training difficult, so they need a confident trainer with strong leadership qualities.


    Bakharwal dogs are generally sturdy & healthy but like other large dog breeds, they are susceptible to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, bloating, obesity, patellar luxation & cryptorchidism. These issues can be avoided by scheduling regular & thorough health checkups with your vet.

    Kashmir sheepdog price

    Their average price in India starts from 2000 to 6000 INR. If you are looking to own a dog, then Bakharwal dog can be the perfect choice as they cost less as compared to the other Indian dog breeds. 


    You might have to spend from 33,600 to 42,000 annually which includes the cost of their snacks, toys, foods, routine veterinary checkup & activities to keep them fit & happy. spaying/neutering or buying a dog collar or a crate can cost some extra money. Make sure that you have all the required supplies before you get a pup home.


    Frequent brushing can help you to keep them clean & also reduce shedding. Make sure to check their body regularly for fleas & ticks during warm weather. They only need to be bathed few times a year & before giving them a bath, make sure to comb them to remove any loose hairs. Keep trimming their coat periodically to avoid development of a dense coat. Regularly examine their eyes, ears, nails & teeth to ensure that they are healthy & clean which will also help in avoiding injury or health problems.

    Is Kashmir dog an ideal choice for you?

    Yes, if you are adventurous than they are made for you. They can be just as friendly as a labrador retriever if trained & socialised well. They are extremely flamboyant & loves to be the centre of attraction, anywhere they go.

    Training & intelligence:

    It is extremely crucial to enrol them in an obedience class as they might demand things which the owner might not want to provide them. They are known to get bored very quickly, so ensure that the training is filled with fun & excitement. Mentally stimulate them by  introducing them to puzzles & other games. Teach them social skills so that they don't become aggressive towards other people or animals.


    Kashmir dog may become extinct soon so it is extremely important to spread awareness of this specie & its plight. Share this article on social media & spread the word out so that we can save this beautiful dog breed.



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