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    Pashmi Hound is the feathered variety of Mudhol, a native Indian dog breed. They have been successful in serving royals & peasants as a loyal companion, guard dog & a hunter & successfully hunted down games like hares, fox & deer. Through out their history, they have been known by various names such as Mudhol hound, Caravan hound, Karwani, Lahori & the Pisuri hound. If you are looking forward to own this breed, it is better to have all the information which will help you in taking proper care of them. So without further adieu, lets begin!

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    Pashmi dog is known be a very ancient breed that prevailed in the Deccan plateau region. People believe this majestic breed to be the descendant of the Saluki & Tazi and were brought by the pathans, Arabs, Persians to India through the Kyber pass. They mostly stayed with nomads & followed them from one place to another. 


    Pashmi is muscular & a lean dog having long neck, legs & back. They can reach a height of 24 to 30 inches at withers and can weigh anywhere around 22 to 28 Kgs when fully grown. They have a head which is long & narrow with a tapering muzzle & oval shaped piercing eyes with shades of brown and hazel. They have a medium v-shaped ears which doesn't fold backwards but falls down to the sides of their head. They have a whip like tail which is set high on their hindquarters with a natural curve at the end. In India, they are mostly available in fallow, fawn, red & cream colours.


    Pashmi is a very intelligent, sensitive, loyal, reserved & a courageous breed. They have an independent nature & can be aloof sometimes, but are extremely intelligent & a keen hunter. They need to be exercised daily & treated with respect & gentleness. If these requirements are not fulfilled, they can be difficult to handle or even turn out to be dangerous. They are known to be one man dogs & will only like to be touched & handled by their masters. To avoid any issues, start socialising them from a very young age but make sure that you remain calm, gentle & have a firm authority over them.


    Pashmi have turned out to be a rugged breed as a result of working hard & living in harsh environments for centuries. They are hardy dogs with no breed specific health issues & are known to have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. To maintain their health, make sure to schedule vet appointments on a regular basis. 

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    Pashmi dog price in India:

    Again the cost can vary depending on the breeder, shop & their location. Generally pups are priced anywhere between 8000 to 20,000 INR depending on the quality & their show worthiness. Many of them are also available free of cost for adoption. When choosing a puppy, look for their physical characteristics mentioned above & make sure that you buy them only from reputable breeders after thorough observation of their genuineness.


    Annual cost of owning  Pashmis can range anywhere between 29,400 to 54,600 INR approximately including meals, toys, license & veterinary care but does not include the cost of spaying/neutering, dog leash, collar, crate and carrier. Make sure that you have all the required supplements before you get your pup home. 


    Pashmis do require a good brushing if taken out for hunting to prevent infection. Otherwise, their grooming requirements should be very minimal. Brushing them once or twice every week should be more then enough, along with brushing their teeth & clipping their nails occasionally.

    Is Pashmi an ideal choice for you?

    They need daily exercise for their mental & physical stimulation. They love running & will like a yard or a house with a plot where they can run freely, thanks to their hunting genetics. They are perfectly suitable for a person who likes to run, hike or ride a bike as they will have no trouble in keeping up. Pashmi is not an ideal choice for an apartment or an enclosed space but can cope up well with a residential environment if taken out for long walks frequently.  Make sure not to overexercise them when they are under 12 months as it can hinder their bone development. 

    Training & intelligence:

    We don't recommend inexperienced owners or trainers to own a Pashmi, as it can be really tough to train them. Yes, they are smart & intelligent but are known to be stubborn when it comes to learning simple commands. It is extremely crucial to socialise them early on if you wish to own a great family dog.


    Pashmi is India's endurance sprinter. We request all the pet lovers to share this article on social platforms & to put the word out to help this remarkable dog survive. While all the dogs are great but its our native breeds that are facing the risk of extinction. 



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