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    People have always been arguing over which is a better pet, a dog or a cat since they have been domesticated, so in this article we will be listing down 15 reasons why dogs are better than cats. So without further adieu, lets get started!

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    1) More floor bound

    Dogs are known to be more floor bound as compared to cats because most of the time they will rule anything they can jump upon like a bed, chair or a couch, on the other hand cats are known to jump to much greater heights & will do it quite often as they love to spend their time in the places that are higher up off the floor. This can create a problem as cats love to watch things fall of the shelves or counters. 

    2) More expressive

    Both cats & dogs use their face to show a level of emotion but a dog's face allows them to show more visible expression. You can guess the mood of your dog simply by looking at their face whereas cats are more mysterious. Yes, cats can show their happiness by purring but other than that, you need to carefully examine the face of a cat to notice any change in their emotions. 

    3) Willing to put their life on line

    Dogs will protect their owners whereas cats will flee for their life. One could argue that cats are way too small to be able to protect their owners but there are various dogs out there smaller then most of the breeds of an adult cat having the same protective attitude. Size does not matter, but what matters is their willingness to help.

    4) It's easier to clean up a dog

    Yes, cats have a reputation of being a clean animal but they can create a mess when they decide to relieve themselves outside of their litter box. Urine of a cat contains chemicals that are tough to break down & using normal detergents won't help in removing it's scent from the floors or walls. On the other hand, a dogs urine isn't that stubborn & can be cleaned up easily. 

    5) More fun loving

    Most of the dogs will love to have a playful interaction & fun with their owners whenever an opportunity arises & on the other hand, cats will play for some time but will not be interested in interacting with their owners.

    6) Easier to train

    Dogs are easier to train as compared to cats as they can be taught to do variety of things. Yes, you might be able to get a cat to fetch, roll over or stand up on its hind legs, but that's pretty much it. Dogs are known to be more obedient as they love to please their owner, whereas a cat might be obedient in your presence but will opportunistically misbehave when no-one is looking. 

    7) More useful to humans

    Dogs have always been very useful to humans by getting involved in the activities like saving people's lives, catching thieves, protecting owners & being living nannies. On the other hand, cats are limited to being a leg warmers & rodent controllers. 

    8) Better companions

    Both cats & dogs can be expressive showing their love in their own way but dogs are more than companions. Dogs can sense your feelings, so most of them will offer their shoulder to you to cry on in their own unique way & will show extra attention or try to do funny things to cheer you up whenever you are feeling down. 

    9) Better response

    Dogs will come running to you whenever you call them, no matter how far they are, on the other hand you will be lucky if a cat looks at your way in acknowledgement unless you have something which they like. Cats are self-centred animals who will come to you when they strongly believe that you have a treat to offer, on the other hand dogs will come to you to know what you want or just because they like being around you. 

    10) More varieties

    We have more varieties in dogs compared to cats whether its the size, breed, colour or temperament. Yes, cat being a small animal can live just about anywhere but not everyone of them want a smaller pet & this is where dogs excel. You can get a dog that stays smaller than a cat when fully grown or a huge breed that can stand on its hind legs & put its paws on your shoulders. 

    11) Helpful in preventing asthma & allergy

    A kid who has got an exposure to "dog dust" might be less susceptible to allergies & asthma later in their life which is based on a research conducted on a mice. It was found out that dog dust has microbes which influences the winding up of immune cells in response to allergens.

    12) Tech-Savvy

    Cats are savvy enough to rip the tissues to shreds after taking them out of the box but some dogs are so technologically advanced that they can recognise and respond to various commands on a tablet such as "sit". A few of them have even mastered selfies. There are few companies offering training sessions to teach your dog to take good looking photos of themselves, just by swiping their nose on the screen!

    13) Helps in keeping you fit

    Some of the dog breeds need to be taken out for long walks which means that you will need to walk too. Walking is a form of cardio exercise which can do wanders for your low back, legs & midsection. According to a study conducted, it was found out that senior person owning a dog walked at-least a mile per day. 

    14) Can make you laugh

    Whether intentionally or not, people do laugh at their dogs. According to a study made across 95 people which included cat owners, dog owners and those without pets, it was found out that people owning a dog laughed most frequently. Most surprising of them all, people owning a cat laughed less as compared to those without pets which is a statistical evidence that cats are downers.

    15) Can detect diseases like cancer

    We all know that dogs have a powerful nose. Breeds like bloodhound has about 300 million olfactory receptors as compared to humans with only 6 millions olfactory receptors. They use a process known as imprinting through which they sniff out different chemicals that are present in ovarian cancer. 


    Comparing a dog & a cat is like comparing an apple to an orange. They both have their own advantages & disadvantages & both are special in their own way. This dog vs cat battle does not really need to continue as they both can get along and live together happily. So what we would recommend is getting both!



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