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    This might surprise everyone but Nadan dog is one of the pure dog breeds that originates from India. Their breeding process involved no human intervention, through any type of selective breeding. These dogs requires very less maintenance & can make a great family pet if socialised from a very young age. You can easily get them home by adopting one of the numerous pups available around you in streets or shelters & provide them a cosy home.There has been a rise in inter breeding due to urbanisation which has led to the increase in the number of street dogs that you see around you but remember that not all the street dogs you will come across are Nadan Dogs. People call them by varous names such as Indian pariah dog, pye or pei dog. No matter by what name you call them, they are one of the oldest & smartest breed belonging to Indian soil. 

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    Indian pariahs are an Indian autochthonous landrace found all over in India. No one knows, when they came into existence as they have always been present in Indian cities & villages. Historitical & archaelogical evidence shows that these dogs were present since the Neolithic times around 15000 BC. Archaeologists have even discovered the skull of Indian pariah dog in an ancient Indian site of Mohenjo Daro. Bhimbetka rock shelters have also depicted this breed in their prehistoric rock arts which featured in National geographic. Recently this breed has been gaining popularity & hundreds of dogs have been exported out of the Indian subcontinent. 


    These dogs are medium sized having ears that are pointed & errect. They have a head which is wedge shaped, a pointed muzzle & a tail which is long & curved held over their back. Their height can vary from 27 to 32 inches at wither & can weigh anywhere between 20 to 30 kgs. They are usually found in short coat & in colours varying from from light tan to dark reddish brown. Black, tan & peibald colours are also common. 


    They have a cautious nature which makes them a little bit aloof & shy but once they realize that you are not a threat, they will quickly warm up to you which luckily doesn't take too long. They are playful & extremely intelligent which makes them a very good playmates for children. They have an excellent guarding instincts & will protect your kids & property at any cost. 


    Generally a healthy & sturdy breed with no serious health problems but might face issues like hip dysplasia, where their bones are either underdeveloped or dislocated from their original place & patellar luxation, where their knee cap gets dislocated from its original  position. Lucky the later is not a serious problem & should get cured by itself with the dogs movement. However if you see their condition getting worse, immediately take them to the vet for a proper checkup. 

    Nadan dog price:

    The price of the pup may range from 4000 INR to 7000 INR but make sure to get them only from a good & reputable breeder. Some factors like their attributes, characteristics, age, gender, purity, availability & location might also affect their prices. 


    Definitely less then the pediree ones. As they are hardier, they rarely fall ill atleast in their initial years. You might have to spend from 2000 to 3000 INR anually for their vaccinations & supplements. Spaying & neutering can cause you extra money, but that is just one time expense.

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    This breed due to their short coat requires very minimal or no grooming at all. Combing them weekly along with trimming their & bathing should be more then sufficient. They have lived on their own for so many years, so don't you think that they would be perfectly fine without human intervention for grooming?

    Are Nadan dogs an ideal choice for you?

    They are one of the most versatile dog breeds found in india that are highly intelligent, loyal, loving & amicable. They make a great family companion as they are good with children as well as adults. This breed is highly energetic and will suit people having an active lifestyle. 

    Training & intelligence:

    They are amongst the most trainable dogs around due to their high level of intelligence. Some puppies may be shy to start & it might take some time to train them. Remember that every dog will get trained at their own pace. This breeds loves to be acknowldged for their behaviour, so make sure that you offer them some treats while you train them. 


    Positive traits of this breed makes them a new prospective pet on the block. They have been into existence for more than 15000 years but people often have overlooked them as a potential pet. They eat a moderate amount of food & their upkeep is also very simple, so why not to fill our households with love & other things this breed has to offer. 

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