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    Some dog breeds are regularly labelled as very aggressive, dangerous & threatening  though any dog breed can become potentially dangerous & aggressive. Laws related to various dog breeds continue to prevail across the globe to decrease their number. Today we put up the list of dog breeds banned in India, so without further adieu lets jump in:

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    1) American bulldog

    This muscular and heavy breed is a leaner & longer version of English bulldog. They are known for their excellent ability to guard the farms and hunt small games despite having a pleasant & friendly demeanor. Their strong protective instincts doesn't hold them back from putting their life at risk for their family, so early socialization is very important so that they can differentiate between friends and true threats.

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    2) Bandog

    Since middle ages people have been using the term bandog which is used to describe a dog of a large size let off the chain to guard its property at the night time. Today the bandogs that we see are not purebred & various recipes are being used for their creation which includes American pitbull terriers & mastiffs. The goal here is to create a dog which has the size of a mastiff & drive of a pitbull terrier. Well as the matter of fact there is a prohibition of command dogs generally anywhere.  

    3) Neapolitan mastiff

    Roman Colosseum once used this breed as a gladiator dog. These dogs are huge with males weighing up-to 200 pounds, Though Neapolitan Mastiffs are not considered to be dangerous by people, they are not legal in Singapore. You have to pass psychological evaluation if you want to own one in Romania but these dogs can prove to be dangerous once fully grown & should not be kept around children. 

    4) Wolf dog

    This dog breed has always been amongst the controversy. It is very challenging to breed a part wolf & part dog due to its genetic structure. This dog has a very unpredictable nature behaving like a wolf sometimes and like a dog in certain situations.They are tough to manage if you cannot cope up with their needs & unpredictable nature.

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    5) Boerboel

    This breed originates from South Africa & its appearance resembles an athletic Bull mastiff. The term "Boerboel" translates to farm dog which was used as a first line of defence against dangerous animals like hyenas, lions & other big cats. They are dominant as-well as intelligent & are considered excellent watchdogs. They can be very destructive & dangerous if not trained properly.   

    6) Dogo Argentino

    This breed was first bred in the year 1928 in Argentina & was taken from an extinct breed known as "Cordoba fighting dog" after mixing it with various other breeds like Great Dane, Irish wolfhounds & Dogue-de-Bordeaux. They are known for their big games & are capable of taking down dangerous prays such as mountain lions though that was not their original purpose. They were also used in dog fighting and are currently banned in at-least 10 countries.  

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    7) Presa Canario

    These dogs are huge fighting dogs weighing over 100 pounds originating from canary islands located in Spain. Back in the year 2001, there was a case where a pair of presa canario named "Bane" & "Hera" mauled a 33 year old to death. These dogs naturally have aggressive disposition as they were originally bred to guard livestock.

    8)  Fila Brasileiro 

    This breed is extremely athletic & intelligent but at the same time they are very aggressive and strong, making it the least tractable breed on this list. They are prized high for their aggressiveness. They are so aggressive that the judges in the dog show are advised not to touch them & a certain degree of ferocity is allowed in the show ring.

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    9) Tosa inu

    Tosa inu is a massive dog having certain variations & can weigh anywhere between 130 to 200 pounds. Uncommon stoicism is shown by this breed as people expect them to fight silently without whimpering or growling. Right from the start they were bred as a fighting dogs & are prohibited legally in some countries where they are considered as dangerous. 

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    10) Pitbull

    Several studies have been conducted which shows that 42 to 45% of attacks done on humans were by pitbulls out of which 70% of the target were children. Pitbulls are one of the most misunderstood dogs & are considered to be extremely dangerous by many. Whether you consider them sweet pets or deadly monsters, They can't be legally owned in many countries throughout the world. 



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