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    The streets of India are filled with millions of stray dogs which is a breed older then any breed of AKC. People fear them as some of them can carry rabies but these dogs are not aggressive & won't bite unless provoked. Indeed, many of them are sadly afraid of humans. Today in this article we will have a look at top 7 facts about stray dogs in India. So without further adieu, lets get started!

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    Fact #1 There are about 35 million stray dogs in India

    Yes, 35 million is a huge number & that is the major reason we suggest you to take care of the stray dogs or pets by getting them sterilized with the help of any animal birth control programs run by the government. We can make a contribution in controlling the population of these stray animals & provide them with a better life so always make sure that you are actively putting efforts to control their population.

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    Fact #2 They put their tail behind hind leg whenever scared

    This is very true and you might have already observed this whenever you have tried to feed a dog who is scared of humans. Due to fear he or she will put their tail behind their hind legs which is a clear indication that they are scared & are not liking your approach. To deal with this situation just be patient or place the food & leave the area, they will consume the food afterwards. They also tend hide their tails between the rear legs whenever they are fighting with other dogs.

    Fact #3 Average male dogs weigh 15 to 35 Kg while female weigh 15 to 25 Kg

    This you will see pretty much everywhere where a male will out weigh their female counterpart & same goes with their height where males are much taller then females.

    Fact #4 They have few health issues & require less maintenance

    They are very tough and are not affected by India's harsh & humid climate. Yes we do have winter and rainy season but that is just for few months but mostly it is always hot. Our climate has never bothered them as their body parts are designed to suit this type of climate. 

    Fact #5 You can identify a stray dog by their notched ears

    Sterilized stray dogs will always have a cut on their ears. So next time you go out to feed them, keep a close eye on their ears. 

    Fact #6 They can be easily trained

    There is a myth that stray dogs are stubborn & are hard to train but this is not true. They are very intelligent & can learn various commands just like any other dog breed. They have been able to survive with very little human support. Being able to cross highly trafficked Indian areas require a special talent which we humans even lack.

    Fact#7 They will eat anything

    Stray dogs will eat anything classified as edible by humans which includes vegetables, fruit, candy & fast food. Smell of a particular item plays a very crucial part in their diet. A bowl full of sweet smelling sugared food will entice more than a fresh piece of broccoli. When desperate, stray dogs are even know to eat plastic containers smelling like food.


    If you are aware of any other cool facts which we forgot to mention, add it in the comment section below. We will definitely try to include them in our article & share it with others. 



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