• How To Get Rid of Dog Ticks | 7 Best Home Remedies

    Hello friends, welcome to our today's article on how to get rid of dog ticks home Remedies. Owning a pet dog is just like owning a baby where you need to take care of them 24 by 7, however our four legged furry friend requires more care and attention as compared to a human baby because they lack language due to which they can't convey their issues. So it is up-to us to understand their behaviours, gestures and then conclude if anything is wrong with them. 

    One of the most common problem dogs face are ticks. Ticks are little parasites which sticks to a dog's body and then suck their blood. They tend to grow in warm weather and are common amongst furry animals. Signs that your dog is infested with ticks are swelling, rashes, redness, vomiting etc. So if your pet shows any of these signs, make sure to visit the vet or take some action to help your little baby get rid of those blood suckers. Below we are listing 7 points on how to remove ticks from dogs naturally:

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    Remedy #1 Using aromatic oil

    Some of the oils like basil, lemon, lavender & cedar are known to act as ticks repellent. Mix together any three of these oils and add it to the almond oil. Mix the oils well & then use a clean cloth to dip in it. Wrap this oil soaked cloth around your dog and watch the ticks die instantly.

    Remedy #2 Using Neem oil

    Neem oil has both antiseptic & antibacterial properties capable of protecting your dog from any infection caused due to those blood sucking parasites. To get rid of the ticks, all you need to do is rub a small amount of oil on their skin. Make sure that you dilute it by mixing with almond oil as the skin of a dog is more sensitive compared to that of humans. Rub the oil on the fur of your dog which will help you to eliminate the parasites.

    Remedy #3 Using lemon juice

    Juice of a lemon has citrus properties which is very useful in removing ticks from your dog's fur. Squeezing it directly on the areas affected with ticks can help in getting rid of the parasites instantly.

    Remedy #4 Making home spray

    Mix the juice of peppermint, citrus oil & lemon to make your own spray & then spray this mixture on the affected areas. Adding lemon juice to the dog's bathing water is also a very effective technique to get rid of ticks.

    Remedy #5 Using Vaseline

    Vaseline is not only useful for the human skin but it is also very effective in removing ticks from a dog's body. Take some amount of Vaseline in your palm & gently start rubbing it on the affected areas which will suffocate all the ticks hiding inside your dog's fur coat which will eventually lead them to their death. 

    Remedy #6 Using orange

    This fruit also has citrus properties which is extremely useful in removing the ticks. Just squeeze out some orange juice & dab it on the affected areas using a cotton ball which will help you in getting rid of the ticks instantly.

    Remedy #7 Using orange oils

    Orange oils is also known to act as a tick repellent, thus you can also make use of it to remove the ticks.


    So that was it guys! If you are aware of any other remedies then the ones listed above, let us know by commenting in the section below. Don't forget to press the subscribe button to get all our latest updates & notification. Until next time, keep fit & have fun! 



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