• 15 Fun Facts About Dogs For Kids Which Will Blow Your Mind

    Dogs also known as canis lupus familiaris have been one of the most faithful human companion so its obvious that we want to know about your canine as much as possible. Keep reading this article to know about top 15 unbelievable fun facts about dogs for kids. Amongst all the species of animals, dogs have always been considered to be humans loyal partner, companions, best friend and family & this is what makes us completely fascinated by information & facts about dogs as domestic pets.

    we are strongly infatuated with our four legged friends & are eager to know everything about them so it fills everybody with senses of happiness & wonder whenever we listen to a fact about a dog from why dogs have wet noses,tallest dogs in the world to their different types. So be prepared as the dog facts listed below will completely blow your mind! 

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    1) Dogs wet noses help them absorb scent chemicals

    This amazing fact might answer the question dog owners have from a very long time. Dogs have wet nose to help them absorb the aroma chemicals. A special kind of mucus is secreted from their nose which absorbs these chemicals & then they lick their noses to identify & understand what the smell is.

    2) The Beatles song "A Day in the Life" has a frequency that can only be heard by dogs.

    A frequency has been added to the end of this song which only dogs can hear so watch out for the reaction of your dog when you play this song. Wasn't this an amazing dog fact?

    3) Three dogs survived after Titanic sank

    Are you aware of the fact that three dogs survived the Titanic tragedy? These dogs were travelling in the first class which included a puppy of a Pomeranian wrapped in a blanket by her owner to escape which made everyone else think that she was carrying a baby. One more Pomeranian & a pekingese were also rescued. Please move over Rose & Jack :D...

    4) Bloodhound's sense of smell can be used as an evidence in the court

    This popular & active breed's nose is so powerful, sensitive & spot on that it is permitted to be used as an evidence in the court of law. Now if this fact blew your mind be prepared for another one. Bloodhounds are used for tracking as they can smell & sniff blood tracks more then 300 hours old & are known to stay on a trail over 130 miles. They are very capable and learn commands very quickly which makes them the best police service dog.

    5) The height of the tallest dog is 44 inches

    A Great Dane named "Zeus" was the world's tallest dog measuring about 3.7 feet tall & weighing around 155 pounds at the age of three years on 4th of October 2011 & currently holds the Guinness world record. They are smart but are known to be stubborn at times & have short lives or lifespan due to their large sizes.

    6) Basenji dog does not bark but yodel

    Be prepared for this dog fact if you thought that all dogs barked! Basenji's are emotional creatures who instead of barking are known to yodel, wine or scream while running after a greyhound. They are also known to eat less are are available in variety of colors.

    7)  A Greyhound can beat a cheetah in a long distance race

    If it was a long distance race, Greyhounds can beat a Cheetah as they are tremendous long distance runners & can manage a speed of 56.33 km/hour for up-to 11 km. We all agree to the fact that Cheetah's are incredibly fast but they can only maintain their top speed for around 200-300 yards...so initially they might have good start but would be surpassed by a Greyhound soon. They are known to have very friendly nature.

    8)  A blind man & his dog successfully hiked a Appalachian trail

    In 1990 a man named "Bill Irwin" hiked Appalachian trail with his dog helping him as a guide along the way for eight months. Dogs are truly man's best buddy :)...

    9) Star war's Ewoks were based on a dog

    You will absolutely love this dog fact if you are a star wars fan. The Ewoks were modelled by George Lucas after his family dog. 

    10) 30% of dalmatians are deaf with one ear

    A study showed that around thirty percent of Dalmatian were born deaf with one ear & about five percent were deaf in both. Extreme eyeball gene was responsible for this deafness as well as for their white coat & blue eyes. Dalmatians having large & darker spots may have less hearing issues & live a average healthy life. Their sporting nature makes them best for families & are good watchdogs but it is highly recommended to check their parents before you get one.

    11) The Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds

    The Saluki is an intelligent & one the world's oldest dog breed, going back to 329 BC when it was kept as a royal pet in ancient Egypt. Carvings of a dog can also be found in the southern Iraq looking similar to Saluki dating back to 7000 BC. They are also easier to train.

    12) Chow Chow & Shar-pei have black tongue

    These two are the only dog breeds with fully black tongues but the most interesting thing is that the cause of their black tongue is currently not known. They are best suited for children who know how to treat them properly & requires a consistent training.

    13) Dogs have three eyelids

    Many dog owner are not aware of this interesting dog fact. Yes, you read it right! your four legged furry mate have three eyelids & the third one is called the hall or nictitating membrane which lubricates & protects them. 

    14) African hunting dogs are world's most successful hunters

    This wild animal is successful in 50 to 70 percent of their hunts, making them the world's most successful mammals with strong teeth, according to Guinness World Records & cannot be domesticated. They kind of look like a wolf but are neither wolves or dogs & are known to generally hunt in a pack.

    15) Newfs dog breed is an excellent life guard

    Newfoundland are social & makes a good pet for a child and adults as they have gentle characteristics. They are amongst the best lifeguards as they have webbed feet and coats which are water resistant & were originally bred to help fisherman's & drowning people and does not require to be trained. Some have also stated that their Newfoundland have tried to rescue them when they were busy swimming. The puppies of Newfoundland are known to be pretty cute looking & require a lots of food to eat.


    So that was our list of top 15 amazing fun facts about dogs. comment below and let us know if these facts blew your mind away or are there facts you know that we forgot to mention.



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