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    You all know how important dogs are in our life. They play a huge role in everybody’s life. Moreover, some people cannot imagine life without them. Until the 18th century, they played a utilitarian role. However, with time they became best friends. Many people consider them as service dogs, some as guard dogs, and few others as companions. Dogs share their lives with us. You can now purchase from good Dog food Brands in India.

    There are some people around us, as always, who have issues with everything. You will see few people complaining that dogs bark at night. It is true. Moreover, if they bark in the daytime, it does not make many differences. However, the noise tends to disturb most of us. Let us find out why dogs bark at night? 

    Find Out Why Dogs Bark At Night 

    If you walk through any place at night, you will be able to hear the dogs bark. Can’t understand why dogs bark so much at night? Read on. Now, there is no specific answer to your question. It depends on the dog and its surroundings. However, we have noticed that most dogs bark when they are outside. If your dog is indoors, it will not bark that much. Let us understand the barking reasons today. 

    • Noises are to be blamed. Yes, you are right. Dogs have a very keen sense of hearing. They bark when they hear noises. The noises may come from a distance. However, it bothers them. Most dogs are inquisitive about noises. If you stand beside your dog, you may hear nothing. But your dog will have its ears straight up. Moreover, they can hear ultrasonic sounds as well. And they bark as a reaction. 

    • You may have noticed that dogs are interested in other animals. They are more interested in wildlife. You can blame it on the Raccoons, Deer, or Coyotes. Sometimes, a bear can also be the reason. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, unlike humans. You may not be able to sense a wild animal in the bush, but dogs do. So, they bark to ward off the creatures. If you get in touch with an animal behaviourist, he will tell you the same thing. 

    • You can also blame it on the street dogs or the neighbour's dogs. Have you heard of ‘Group barking?’ You have to keep in mind that dogs are pack animals. Thus, it makes them very reactive to other dogs barking. If one dog starts barking, other dogs join in. It is their collective effort. So, you can’t stop them. However, you can get amused. Sometimes, one dog sees a nocturnal creature and starts barking. Others follow suit. Can you stop them? No. 

    • Boredom bothers everyone. Moreover, dogs are no different. You can hear them bark due to boredom. When they have nothing constructive to do, they bark. One dog starts barking, and others follow suit. So, they are just letting out their stored energy in one go. 

    • Dogs are social animals, and they do not love loneliness. So, if you hear them barking late at night, they may be lonely. Howling is the only way dogs can express themselves. So, that is what they do – bark. They bark incessantly to draw others attention towards them. You can keep them with you. Then, they may not bark. Here, we are talking about your dog. In the case, it is the neighbours who can give him the same suggestion. Dogs suffer from separation anxiety. If you keep them with you, they will be far more relaxed. Better still, allow them to sleep with you. 

    • Oh! We forgot something. Hunger may be another reason. If the dogs are hungry, they will bark. So, ensure to feed your dog well at night. If it has its tummy full, then it can relax a bit. So, can you, your family, and your neighbourhood. Get the best Dog food Brands in India.

    • Well, we discussed all the possible reasons. However, we missed out on the health bit. If your dog is in pain, it might bark, howl, or whine. So, attend to your dog and find out if it has any health issues. 

    • If your dog sees an unknown person, most probably a thief, it may bark. It is a common scenario. Your dog may be sounding an alarm for you. So, try to understand what it’s trying to convey. 

    • There could be some problems with the room, the bed, and the available space. Your dog’s bed may be too small. Or, it may be feeling hot. If you have kept your dog in a locked room, it might bark to go out. If you have a pet, you have got to take responsibility. So, that is how we do it. You can now rely on animal behaviourists if all else fails. There can be so many reasons why dogs bark at night.

    Possible Solutions

    You can try a few measures yourself. If the problem persists, get in touch with an animal behaviourist. First, give it a try yourself. Avoid encouraging the barking. Whenever your dog barks, try to scold it. Punish it. Take the carrot and stick approach. If it is your dog that is causing the nuisance, give it a walk and exercise. It will get a bit tired and sleep through the night. Plus, you have to ensure that your dog is getting the proper diet. And avoid feeding too late. It can interfere with sleeping patterns and the digestive system as well.  You can get your dog the best Dog food Brands in India.

    Walk your dog so that it can urinate. Moreover, you can have a specific bathroom for it. Then, peeing will not be a huge problem. When required, your dog can pee and come back to its bed. Now, if the dog is not yours, there is some reason for concern. If it is the neighbour's, then give these tips to them. However, you have little or no control over strays. So, it is something that you have to bear. However, you can still talk to the night guard. They may be able to help you. 



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