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    Welcome to Mylilpaw and we are here to help all the dog owners to find best caring home for their loving pet making sure both you and your pets have great loving holidays. We are dog owners ourself and believe dogs to be an important part of the family. When we are far away from them we always want our dogs to be healthy, happy & to have fun. Leaving dogs in kennels can be distressing for both dogs as well as the owners but what makes us different from other kennels is that we provide home environment to your pets  while you are away.

    Why to choose Mylilpaw?

    We will make sure that your we properly take care of your dog & they them-self are enjoying great holidays :) your dog's holiday can be tailored with pet stay ensuring that their routines like exercising, feeding & sleeping or any other activity your dog enjoys is in place. When you select our dog boarding Bangalore, We make sure that your pet is provided with lots of attention & love by treating them as one of the family members which will give you peace of mind. 

    Tips to select best dog boarding:

    1) Visit the boarding facility you have selected and ask questions to all the staff about your concerns regarding your pets boarding & care which will make sure you are comfortable & familiar with the place and the members who will be taking care of your dog. If a member rushes you through the tour its is a tell tale sign that they wont be able to provide quality time & attention to your dog you normally would provide. Advance planning is required when you plan a holiday travel and that is why and we suggest you to do a few test run before you leave for your holiday as it will give you proper judgement whether that  particular dog boarding is suitable for your pet.

    2) Request the boarding team members to describe their daily routine for the dogs as they should be allowed with various opportunities to burn of their energy. Make sure you also ask about the overnight pet care as well !

    3) Ask about the routine the boarding team members follow for maintaining a disinfected & clean facility because a clean environment will make sure that your pet comes home safe,happy & healthy.

    4) Ask the team members about the policy of supervision of the dogs and they should not be left alone or unattended for a long period of time which can mentally affect your pet. Be sure that at-least one of the team members will stay with your pet 24 hours in case of an emergency.

    5) Ask the team members about their background & training in animal care because it helps a lot if the staff members are having  proper knowledge in dog behavior, care & even training when any problems arise as they will be knowing how to deal with the situation.

    6) Make sure that your dog is provided maximum social interaction if your dog is social & active enough. Dogs often feel less stressed when they are with other dogs and people as they are naturally social creatures. If your dog is not used to any social interaction make sure that you talk to the team members about the about your dog's personality and his/her needs are met accordingly.

    7) If your pet is suffering from any medical condition make sure to ask below question to the team members:
    a) Who will be responsible for medical administrations
    b) How will they deal with the situation if the need arises
    c) Is the staff familiar with the dogs medical condition?
    8) Ask team members what policies they follow and how will they react in case of any medical emergency. Ask about the animal hospital that they will be contacting so that you can come to know who will be taking care of your pet,where you pet will be taken during an emergency & your pet is receiving emergency care promptly.


    All the dog owners want well run, well maintained dog boarding Bangalore facility that will take care of their pet when they are enjoying their holidays. Now you know what to ask before you leave for your vacation which will make sure that your dog gets the perfect outlet he/she needs to thrive until you return :)



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