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    It's no secret that dogs can be terrifying.They are big fast loud aggressive and most importantly loving which are also traits that can apply to humans.Remember it's the owner that makes the dog not the dog that makes the owner.

    Dogs are known to be mans best friend. Canines are loyal and lovable and also provide their human counterparts with warmth, protection and other services. However there some breeds which can be dangerous.

    Every dog can be a threat, depending on the animal's upbringing, temperament and circumstances. Even small dog breeds are known to be aggressive and bite people .Chihuahuas actually sink their teeth into vets more frequently than any other type of pooch.

    But some breeds can cause more harm simply because of their size or their jaw strength. These are some of the world's deadliest dog breeds, in no particular order, based on the damage they can do.


    List of world's deadliest dog breeds:-

    1) Doberman

    world's deadliest dog breeds

    The Doberman is the Frankenstein's monster of breeds and it

    even bears its creators name the dog was first established in 1890 by Carl fried rich Lewis Doberman a tax collector living in the town of a poldek Germany.

    During his fraud expeditions to dangerous neighborhoods and confrontations with dangerous people he wanted to make a dog which would protect him. This was achieved through the mixing of several breeds including Rottweiler,  Beauceron and German shepherd. 

    The hybridization was successful in the 28 inch tall 80 pound Doberman was born into the world of protection services.The breed thrived in its role and today Dobermans are used for all kinds of aggressive specific jobs.

    They can be found guarding businesses, Hunting down criminals and rescuing wounded soldiers on the battlefield.Of -course they can also make great house pets however because of their selectively bred tenacity Dobermans have found themselves near the top of the list of world's deadliest dog breeds.

    2) Wolf Dog

    world's strongest dog breeds

    We don't need much of an explanation for this breed. Since the Ice Age, wolf's and domestic dogs have been bred in society and in nature for hundreds of years.

    Since domestic dogs split from Wolf's only forty thousand years ago and share 99.9% of the same DNA, crossbreeding is easy.It has been accomplished with Wolf's such as grey wolf, timber wolf and dogs like German Shepherds Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Maltese.

    Wolf dogs become the size wolf's rather than dogs standing nearly three feet tall and weighing over 100 pounds.In terms of temperament wolf dogs have a bad reputation which has resulted in breed specific bands around the world, however public opinion is changing in regards to wolf dogs as people believe that they have been unfairly vilified and are no more temperamental than other independent breeds.

    Still owing to wolf dogs size and unpredictability they rank high in dog bite statistics if this weren't scary enough keep in mind they are part wolf.


    3) Great Dane

    World's deadliest dog breeds

    Despite the fact that Great Danes are gentle giants, they belong to this list based on their sheer size.convoluted breeding history means that Great Danes didn't become great through sheer tyranny of will. 

    It was a centuries-long process that started in Germany in the 1600s.Although dogs resembling the Great Dane have been found on Egyptian monuments and in ancient Chinese literature. 

    The modern Great Dane is believed to be derived from English Mastiff and Irish Wolfhounds.Danes were originally bred for boar hunting and quickly became prized for their size intelligence and tenacity.

    The Danes even found their way into the hands of European royalty eventually the need for boar hunting ran out and the Great Dane made a unique transition from ruthless hunting machine to friendly and docile companion dog.

    It still retained its legendary size of course the Great Dane is the tallest breed of dog with one individual reaching 44 inches at the shoulder. 

    4)  Canary Mastiff

    world's strongest dog breeds

    The canary Mastiff was bred in the canary islands in the 15th and 16th centuries.It is thought to be the descendant of early Mastiffs brought by conquistadors. These Mastiffs were then bred with bull dogs and sheepdogs to create the unmistakable
    size and coat that has defined the breed, Also defining the breed is its ferocity.

    The canary mastiff was pushed into dog fighting, following duties as hunters herders and guardians. At 25 inches high and well over 100 pounds the breed was an obvious choice for the bloodsport but years in the ring drastically reduced
    its population and soon the canary Mastiff was in crisis mode.

    Thankfully the breed entered a resurgence period in the 1970s and the Barry mastic was rehabilitated as a brave and loyal pet with extraordinary markings.This doesn't mean we won't still be scared if we see one there's no dog that looks more like a mythical beast so excuse our apprehension.

    5) Pitbull

    world's deadliest dog breeds

    It's no secret that pitbulls have had a short but brutal history.They were first bred in England in the early 1800s by mixing Bulldogs with Terriers.This created in effect super dogs. 

    Early pit bulls were used exclusively for blood sports like bull and bear baiting which pit groups of dogs against the aforementioned animals.when blood sports were banned in England in 1835 pitbulls were selectively bred for dog fighting and were forced to fight each other which has continued in  21st century.

    Pit bulls are the most common combat dogs and have been stigmatized in society as a consequence of this not being an arbitrary law.

    Pitbulls are among the most aggressive dog breeds and are ranked annually amongst the most bite centric canines.They are also responsible for causing more human fatalities than any other breed.

    It's not a surprise then that pit bulls have been the subject of city and even country wide bans.Of course pitbulls are not the problem they are the scapegoats of a larger problem that begins and ends with their owners.

    6) Bullmastiff

    world's deadliest dog breeds

    There are few such strong breeds as the bull mastiff that
    has become one of the most feared.

    The colossal bull mastiff dates from the mid 1800 and was created by gamekeepers to help guard estates.The dogs were a result of breeding English Mastiff with now extinct Old English Bulldogs.

    The best qualities of both dogs converged in the bull mastiff which is large strong and fast thus individuals were shipped all over the world to aid in the protection of limb this included South Africa where bull Mastiffs were used to guard diamond mines.

    Though not as large as his predecessor the English Mastiff the bull mastiff averages over 100 pounds and sometimes approaches 200.Temperamentally bull Mastiffs are quite calm but if challenged they will put up a fight that no one wants.

    They've been responsible for 111 attacks in the US and Canada from 1982 to 2014 bullmastiffs are deciding Lee unaggressive unless provoked and their scariness is mostly an illusion.

    7) Dogo Argentino

    world's strongest dog breeds

    This ghostly dog has a reputation similar to that of a pitbull
    only the fear is reserved for South America rather than North America.

    Dogo Argentino was first bred in 1928 in Argentina it was developed by Antonio Martinez who wanted big-game hunting dogs for wild boar and other South American pests.

    He accomplished this by crossbreeding the now-extinct Cordoba fighting dog which was itself a crossbreed of the boxer Mastiff and others with all kinds of breeds like the Great Dane Great Pyrenees bull terrier and even a pointer. The result was 90 pounds of pure muscle and strength.

    Martinez got his wish and maybe more than he bargained for when the breed excelled at hunting and thanks to its reliability and perseverance it started to be used in search-and-rescue operations,The police service and the military.

    Unfortunately it's also been used in dog fighting. Despite its appearance ferocious past and the fact that Dogo Argentino has been banned or restricted in countries like Denmark and Australia it can make a social loyal and loving pet.

    8) Rottweiler

    world's deadliest dog breeds

     The Rottweiler has an origin story that should make most other breeds jealous as one of the oldest dog breeds in the world the Rottweiler is a mixture of ancient Roman Mastiffs with unknown local dogs from the German city of wroclaw.

    The newly formed Rottweiler was used to drive carts and herd
    Livestock thus earning the dog's nickname butcher. Bred for their strength Rottweilers exceeded the sizes that made it
    one of the most intimidating dog breeds in the world.

    The largest Rottweiler on record weighed 195 pounds Rottweilers work all kinds of jobs and have proven to be a perfect companion.Of course their size and strength means danger for people who mess with them for owners.

    Rotties ranked second behind pit bulls for the most attacks on people and the most attacks resulting in fatalities however they protect far more than they harm as Rottweilers serve as police and guard dogs all over the world .


    9) Boerboel

    world's deadliest dog breeds

    The Boerboel is also called the South African Mastiff and for obvious reasons.This breed originated in South Africa after Dutch Boers settled in the area .Boerboel translates from Africans to farmers dog.

    They were bred to protect farm hunt game and defended the land from intruders.It's hard to determine Horrible's exact lineage but when the breed emerged the dogs common to the region were bloodhounds greyhounds Mastiffs and terriers.

    It's believed that the Boerboel is a combination of these breeds. Being trained to hunt lions warbles emerged as an extremely powerful breed tipping the scales at 175 pound in some instances but just like with other dogs that were bred for aggression and later leveled out Boerboels are now quite social and loyal dogs but they are also unflinchingly protective which is why they can mane people who threaten their family or property

    Boerboel are banned in several countries and at first glance it's easy to see why!

    10) Dingo

    world's strongest dog breeds

    There is always a touch of trepidation when a domestic dog gets mixed with the wild one.wild dogs aren't trustworthy in the
    ways that domestic dogs are which is why they caused problems in the wild and not just in the society.

    Dingo dog breeds are one of these.This abundant hybrid emerged in Australia when settlers dogs began mating with their genetically similar dingo relative however this didn't always happen against the wishes of the dog's owner.

    Some dogs have been intentionally bread with dingoes to create energetic and intelligent yet independent hybrids including the famous Australian Cattle Dog which was first developed in the early eighteen hundreds but for every crossbreed that was intentional there were thousands that weren't and now Australia is overrun with dog dingo Hybreeds.

    They're often easy to spot because they have the body of dingos but the coat pattern of other dogs.It turns out that they have the tenacity of wild dogs but with an unprecedented comfortability around humans.

    They're often easy to spot because they have the body of dingos but the coat pattern of other dogs.It turns out that they have the tenacity of wild dogs but with an unprecedented comfortability around humans.


    That's all for the 10 world's deadliest dog breeds in the world.What dog are you the most afraid of ? let us know in the comments below thanks for reading and don't forget to share this article.



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