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    arthritis in dogs

    Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation of the bone joints. It was an already widely recognized condition in the West but has now adversely affected dogs around the world. The textbook signs/symptoms include pain in joint, discomfort and stiffness. It is so common now that 2 in 5 dogs suffer from arthritis. Senior dogs are mostly affected by it.

    The dog’s bone joints are actually covered with a thin layer of cartilage that acts as a natural lubricant for joints. This smooth lubricant makes it possible for the bones to rub back and forth.  This thin layer of cartilage when damaged makes it uncomfortable for the joints to make any kind of movement. It also causes pain and discomfort to the joints. In some cases has also made new bones grow, which makes the moment of the joints difficult. This additional bone growth is called ‘Bone Spurs’.

    So what are the causes of Arthritis in Dogs?

    It is usually caused because of the age factor, trauma, or certain situations that make their bones grow abnormally. An injury to a ligament, autoimmune diseases, joint infection, etc can also cause Arthritis.

    What are the symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs?

    1) Lack of exercise
    2) Difficulty of getting up after lying down
    3) Lameness in one or more legs
    4) Unexpected aggression toward humans or other dogs
    5) Lethargy
    6) Disinterest in jumping and running
    7) Difficulty in climbing stairs
    8) Playing less
    9) Weight gain
    10) Change in appetite
    11) Getting Irritated when touched or petted
    12) Depression
    13) House soiling
    14) Sleeping more than usual
    15) Behavioral changes

    If you see your dogs suffering from any of such conditions then consult a vet. Diagnosis at an early stage can itself eliminate a number of health issues.

    Facts about Arthritis in Dogs

    • Large dog breeds are more likely to suffer from arthritis than small dog breeds
    • Generally, it is seen that overweight dogs suffer from arthritis
    • Bacterial infection also results in arthritis
    • Hereditary or genetic factors can also be one of the causes

    The Treatment Options Available For Arthritis -

    I ) Non-Medical - Treatment options 

    • Weight control

    Lack of exercise and obesity are the biggest causes of Arthritis. Keeping the weight of your dog in control helps in keeping the condition away.

    • Exercise 

    Exercising eases up the pain. It makes bones healthy and also maintains a better flow of blood. 

    • Dietary changes

    Dietary changes can help anyone whether it is humans or animals with arthritis. Food that eases up inflammatory conditions must be given.

    • Acupuncture and Massage Therapy 

    Acupuncture to relieve joint pains and massage to increase the blood flow helps in coping up with pain.
    Giving cold press and warm press also helps.

     II ) Medical - Treatment options

    Non-medical treatments are very effective and when combined with prescribed drugs/medicines and have the power to do wonders. Basically, three types of drugs are prescribed: 

    Can we cure Arthritis in Dogs?

    The answer, unfortunately, is no. But as we know that prevention is better than cure, we should try to prevent it at an early stage. Once the cartilage is damaged, then it can rarely be repaired. Proper treatment and management of this condition have shown great results and in some cases have reversed the condition and made things better.  

    If you have a doubt that your dog is suffering from Arthritis then consult a vet and be rest assured, he/she will help you with the rest of your concern.

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