• Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    In search of small breed dogs India ? Does the size of your pet Matter? Yes it does matter for the pet owners who are living in a cramped space like apartments or condominiums so it is very important to consider the size of your pet before making purchase decision.

    There are many breeds that are not ideal for living in apartments like the German Shepherd,Rottweilers & Dobermans....they want big spaces, free runs in the yard and their loud and constant barks sometimes can be a nuisance to others. A dog's constant barking can bring many complaining neighbors to your doors. So how can you make sure which will be the ideal dog breed for your apartment ?

    Before you take the final step, there are a few factors to consider. We're trying to make it easier for you. 

    Before we begin lets take a look at advantages and disadvantages of owning a small dog breed:

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    1) They Eat less

    The first point is quite obvious. A little dog like a Chihuahua or Jack Russell is saturated long before large dogs like rottweiler or a german shepherd.

    2) Easy Cuddling

    Taking your dog in your arms and placing them on your lap for a cuddle session is easier because of their small size. The same applies to people living in a small house-for cuddles, small dogs can slide into your personal space.

    3) They can be easily transported

    Here is another case where there is an advantage for a small dog. Being small means that during your travels they will be less cumbersome. You could buy and carry an adapted handbag. They are more likely to be accepted in the public modes of transport. If they weigh less than 6 kilos, many airlines even welcome dogs in the cabin.

    4) Easier to keep on leash

    Dogs need to be taken out for a walk to kepe them fir & healthy and you can do that easily with a small breed without being tired.A pomerian or a shih-tzu will not be as stronger as a Rottie or a GSD.

    5) Almost Everybody Loves them

    Having a dog means connecting instantly with people you meet, either in the park or in your everyday life. Instead of mistrust and apprehension shown by the people due to intimidating dog, owners of small dogs will note smiles and inquiries. Having a little dog is a great way to meet people

    6) Easier to Groom

    It's easier to carry a small dog. It's also easy for you to drive them to their daily needs where they need to go. Whether it's brushing, teeth washing, or ear care, when it comes to giving them food and grooming, you'll have the upper hand.


    1) Less Socialable

    Small dogs tend to be very close to their pet parents and enjoy being left with them in peace. Often, however, they can't bear to see their pet parent paying attention to someone else. This depends on the breed and individual dog, of course, but puppies are also highly dependent on their pet parents and do not like to be disturbed this balance.

    2) Can be very vocal

    Small dog breeds aka pocket dog such as Chihuahuas and Maltese often bark a lot. Small dogs tend to have great personalities and like to protect their pet parents, and do not hesitate to bark to Scare an intruder but With the right kind of training, this behavior can be corrected, but beware of the stubbornness of your little dog.

    3) They are very fragile

    Small dogs are more likely to develop diseases or injuries due to their small size. Because they're closer to the ground, it's easier for them to be in the air on the path of microbes, or or to meet with an accident so always be careful and keep looking out for them !

    4) Can Lead to Injuries

    The bones of small dogs are thinner and their skeletons are more fragile in general, which is why small dogs and little kids don't always mix well. A small child may want to play with a dog but inadvertently, without even knowing it can hurt them.

    5) Less sporty

    It's easier for small dogs to tire. They enjoy walking, but are less likely to find themselves joining their owner for a job. The threat is that by the end of your trip you might have to carry them. Small dogs have a naturally higher heart rate, and they find it hard to cope with physical effort, particularly when it's warm outside.

    As you can see, while there are some drawbacks for small dogs, the positive ones are well above the negative. That doesn't mean to say a small dog is going to suit your lifestyle, however. 

    Small dogs are better adapted to city life and are more likely to want to spend time with their pet parents.Usually there are very few small dogs wandering around the countryside unchecked!

    So having seen the advantages and disadvantages of owning a small dog breed lets have a look at the list of small breed dogs India.

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    Table of Content:

    List of small breed dogs India

    1) Mi-ki dog

    Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With
    Top Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    The sweet and sociable little Mi-Ki is an up-and-coming toy dog. Weighing between 4 and 10 pounds somewhere, the Mi-Ki has agility like a cat, but all dogs when it comes to loyalty and friendliness. Renowned for its gentle nature, the Mi-Ki appears cool, adaptable and delightful.

    Relatively quiet, for those averse to superfluous barking, Mi-Kis generally make nice family companions. Some Mi-Ki may alert their families to strange occurrences, but most of them are awful guard dogs. A Mi-Ki typically loves to make any species his new friend.

    In fact, the Mi-Ki is generally approachable to other dogs, calm to horses, and friendly to cats. Mi-Kis can even climb, pounce, and play like their feline friends with agility and sprightly.

    Mi-Kis can live in a small house if they are taken out for a walk and included with family. Mi-Kis need exercise and mental stimulation but not strenuous jogs but a low to moderate activity requirement. The Mi-Ki is not made for arduous tasks if you're looking for an all-day hiking companion.

    This is one of the best small breed dogs India which is a great travel companion and will do anything to make their parents smile.

    Features of this dog breed:

    Height : 10 to 11 inches
    Weight : 5 to 10 pounds
    Lifespan : About 15 years
    Price : 18000 to 120000 INR

    2) Maltese

    Top Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    The sophisticated toy dog breed is known for his body's silky white hair. The coat falls straight and thick to the ground. Maltese came in many colors many years ago, but they're always white these days.

    He seems to float under his white hair cloud when a properly built Maltese moves around. Because he has no undercoat, the Maltese sheds less, and the breed is considered by many to be hypoallergenic.

    But there is more to the Maltese breed than his fur. A slightly rounded skull, black nose, drop ears, dark eyes, long, straight legs, and a sleek tail complete the picture.

    He's a sweet, smart dog dedicated to his people. And as one of the smallest types of dog, he is well suited for living in an apartment or condo. The Maltese responds to his environment wherever he lives and makes an active watchdog.

    Nevertheless, A Maltese is amongst small breed dogs India which is not an ideal choice for the children in the families as they are so small and can easily be injured. Like all dogs, their place in your home must be learned, requiring proper socialization and basic training in obedience.

    Features of this dog breed:

    Height : 8 to 10 inches
    Weight : Upto 7 pounds
    Lifespan : 12 to 15 years
    Price : 30000 to 120000 INR

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    3) Toy Poodle

    Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    Poodles come in three size varieties: Standards at the shoulder should be more than 15 inches tall; miniatures should be 15 inches or less; toys should not be more than 10 inches tall. All three varieties have the same structure and proportions. Poodles are usually seen at dog shows in the elaborate Continental Clip.

    Some pet owners choose the simpler Sporting Clip to suit the shape of the squarely built, neatly muscled body in which the fur is shorn.

    Forget about these old Poodles myths as sissy dogs.Like other toy small breed dogs India Poodles are extraordinarily flexible, enthusiastic, competitive, and wickedly intelligent dogs.The Toy Poodle is a "human" and expects to be treated like one with an abundance of steady character and smartness.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 10 to 22 inches
    Weight : 7 to 9 Kg
    Lifespan : 12 to 15 years
    Price : Around 50000 to 60000 INR

    4) Boston Terrier

    Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    Boston Terriers are small compact dogs, short-sized and well-balanced.The trendy "tuxedo" coat can be either black, brindle, or seal (when viewed in daylight or bright light, black with a red cast). The head is square, the muzzle is small, and with kindness, interest, or mischief, the wide, round eyes will shine. Bostons are always alert of thier surroundings moving with rhythmic & jaunty steps.

    They're robust yet compact, people-oriented, and they're always up for a brisk walk to the park or cafe. The dapper Bostonian, a cheerful dog with a natural comical nature, is a steady source of smiles.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 15 to 17 inches
    Weight : 7 to 10 kg
    Lifespan : 11 to 13 years
    Price : 30000 to 70000 INR

    5) French bulldog

    Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    The French Bulldog looks like a miniature Bulldog, except for the large, erect "bat ears," which are the trademark feature of the breed. The head is large and square, rolled over the extremely short nose with heavy wrinkles. The body is compact and muscular under the smooth, brilliant coat.

    French bulldog is a very charming & affectionate dog. Dogs with few words, Frenchmen don't bark much, but their alertness makes them good watchdogs. They happily adapt with singles, couples or families life and do not need much exercise outdoors.

    They are good with other pets and enjoy making new human variety mates. It's no wonder that this vastly amusing and companionable breed swears city folks from Paris to Peoria.

    Features of this dog breed:

    Height : 11 to 13 inches
    Weight : under 14 kilos
    Lifespan : 10 to 12 years
    Price : 42000 to 45000

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    6) Bichon frise

    Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    A Bichon of good size will stand a little less then a foot tall at the withers. The glory of the breed is a hypoallergenic white coat, plush and velvety to the touch, featuring rounded head hair that sets off the nose and lips... ' big, dark eyes.

    Bichons are good with other animals & kids and are very adaptable. Alert and curious, Bichons are making nice little watchdogs — but they are lovers, not warriors, and they work on the belief that there are no strangers, just friends they have not yet encountered.

    Their size & confidence make them ideal town dogs.Bichons are easily trained and they love to perform for their loved ones. Finally, there is the happy-go-lucky personality of Bichon that attracts smiles and hugs wherever they go.

    Features of this dog breed:

    Height : 9 to 11 inches
    Weight : 6 to 9 Kg
    Lifespan : 14 to 15 years
    Price : 30000 to 60000 INR

    7) Pekingese

    Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    Pekingese are amongst the small breed dogs India which are compact, stocky toy dogs weighing up to 14 pounds. The coat is longest at the neck and shoulders, giving Pekes their famous “lion’s mane.” Coats come in various reds, from a golden-red to darker shades. 

    The large, short-muzzled head is a rectangle in the form of a wider-than-long "envelope," and the eyes are large, dark, and sparkly.

    Pekes are friendly, charming companions who forms a tight bond with their favourite human companion. They may be as serenely independent as the emperors who owned them as this breed was bred to live in palaces. Always alert, they're making good guard dogs. Pekes will tolerate children but wont tolerate a lot of rough handling.

    Features of this dog breed:

    Height : 6 to 9 inches
    Weight : upto 7 kg
    Lifespan : 12 to 14 years
    Price : Starts from 15000 INR

    8) Pappilon

    Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    Thanks to the big, wing-shaped ears that give the breed its name ("papillon" is French for "butterfly") you can still spot a papillon a from miles away.

    Many Paps have erect ears; the ears are down in others, known as the form of Phalene. Paps are delicate and stylish, featuring a plumed tail and a soft, silky coat with several variations of colors, the base color being white. This breed is more robust then they look  and the the breeds for all the reasons & seasons.

    In warm or cool climates, in town or country, they thrive and are eager to join fun by family. They are outstanding agility dogs and are frequent champions at the highest levels of the sport.They can be taught to do all kinds of tricks by the owner who is little less ambitious.

    Features of this dog breed:

    Height : 8 to 11 inches
    Weight : 2 to 5 Kg
    Lifespan : 14 to 16 years
    Price : 40000 to 80000 INR

    9) Russkiy Toy

    Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    The Russian Toy is a toy breed with a lineage dating back to the aristocracy of Russia. This is one of the small breed dogs India which is good-natured breed who enjoys running and playing. Some can sprint through the house or yard chasing toys as long as you can keep up, while many others are able to do nothing more than a day-long lounge in your lap, happy to know they're the precious jewel in your home.

    They depend on human companionship and if they feel that they are being neglected, they will let you know. Their fur is smooth or semi-long. The longhair type bears a delicate ruff on the neck and a distinct feathering on the arms, tail and ears. Long-coated Russian Toys are not going to have an adult fur until they are more than a year old and have complete fringing until they are three years old.

    The variety is smooth and sleek to the touch. The two varieties also have a slight difference in attitude. Smooth coats tend to be somewhat more terrier-like than Long Coats. Both, however, share a personality larger than life.

    Features of this breed:

    Height : 8 to 11 inches
    Weight : upto 4 kg
    Lifespan : 12 to 14+ years
    Price : 60000 to 90000 INR

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    10) Tibetan Spaniel

    Top 10 Small Breed Dogs India You Will Fall in Love With

    This breed is not like other small breed dogs India but they are distinctly Tibetan with a blunt muzzle and wide expressive ears, a "lion's mane" around the head, and a plumed tail curving elegantly over the shoulder. But they're the spaniels? No, not like Cockers or Cavaliers in the Western sense

    Alternatively, Tibbies remember the ancient traditions of Pekes, Pugs, Lhasas and other unmistakably Asian breeds. Tibbies are at the shoulder about 10 inches; they move quickly and deliberately. They are seen in multi-colored coats and combinations.

    Features of this dog breed:

    Height : 10 inches
    Weight : 4 to 7 kg
    Lifespan : 12 to 15 years
    Price : 42000 to 60000 INR


    So here was my list of of the best top 10 small breed dogs India.I hope this article will help you to take your decision and donot forget to like,Share & comment if you like it :)



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