• Top 12 Best Dog Breeds For Families in India & For Indian Climate

    The dog lovers all over the world know that the best pet to adopt is the dog. Dogs are the most loyal, affectionate and smart animals to be considered as a personal companion. They unconditionally respect their masters. Not surprisingly, they are "the best friend of man." Most of India's popular dogs are imported. Some of best dog breeds for families in India can be kept as a pet or watch dogs are:

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    List of best dog breeds for families in India:

    1) Golden Retriever

    Best dog breeds for families in India
    golden retriever

    Golden Retrievers are one of the best dog breeds because of their caring and obedient character, are very popular with people as pets. They are very smart, they can be well trained and they are excellent in competitions. 

    Moreover, if you are looking for a dog suitable for Indian climate, a Golden Retriever can be your perfect option.

    Golden Retrievers are known to adjust well to different climatic conditions. They have a thick double coat which protects them from cold & they have a moderate tolerance level for heat too. 

    Golden retrievers can easily adjust to Indian tropical climate as long as they get proper care and attention.

    They are also good watch dogs. They are medium-sized, sturdy, good-looking dogs. They have a waterproof coat, dense with straight or wavy outer coat that requires regular grooming.

    They Come in creamy and with rich golden colours :)

    Features of this breed

    • Group - Sporting
    • Height - 21 to 24 inches
    • Weight - 25 to 35 Kg
    • Longevity - Around 12 to 15 years
    • Temperament - Affectionate, Friendly, Smart
    • Price - INR 25K - 50K

    2) Labrador


    To be both a friendly companion and a useful working dog breed is the highlight of this breed. Historically, they have earned their support as a fisherman's helper: carrying nets, picking up ropes, and picking up fish from the chilly North Atlantic.

    Today's labrador is as good-natured and hard-working as its ancestors, and they are also the most popular breed in America. Modern Labs work as hunters retrievers, help dogs, show competitors, and dog search and rescue.

    Just like Golden Retrievers, Labradors are also one of the best dog breeds suitable for Indian climate due to their short and dense coat working as an insulator during colds and helping the body to regulate body temperature in hot weather.

    Features of this breed

    • Group : Sporting Group
    • Height : 22 to 24 inches
    • Weight : 36 to 50 kg
    • Longevity : 10 to 12 years
    • Temperament : Affectionate, Intelligent, Loyal, Outgoing
    • Price: INR 15K - 40K

    3) Beagle


    Beagles are dogs that are extremely friendly and smart. It's the most cute and one of the world's favorite breeds of pet dogs. Thanks to its good sense of smell, it is a small to medium-sized compact dog used as a sniffer dog at airports. In combination with black and tan or brown, this breed comes in tricolor or white. It has short haired, hard coat of medium length.

    In short, their adaptability to Climate, Intelligence, and trainability makes them one of the best dog breeds in India for home & families.

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : Hound group
    • Height : 13 to 15 inches
    • Weight : 20 to 25 Kg
    • Longevity : 12 to 15 years
    • Temperament : Its a curious & friendly breed
    • Price: INR 15K - 35K or even more

    4) Pug


    Pugs comes in the category of small dogs . Pug is ideal for small households and residents of apartments. Even if pugs shed, the hair drop is quite small, making the dogs easy to keep. Unless they get into some mud or mess, they don't have to be bathed. Because they require daily trimming of nails, they may be uncomfortable with long nails. Pugs come in Black, Fawn, Apricot and Silver Fawn colors.

    Their moderate size, Indoor Adaptability, Heat Tolerance, Exercise Requirements & Sociable Nature makes them the perfect option for people looking for dogs that can survive in India.

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : Toy Breed
    • Height : 11 to 13 inches
    • Weight : 11 to 16 Kgs
    • Longevity : 12 to 15 years
    • Temperament : Its a playful breed which is Charming but stubborn
    • Price: INR 15K - 35K or even more

    5) German Shepherd

    German Shepherd

    The German Shepherd, considered an all-purpose dog breed in the kingdom of the dog, is diligent, friendly, Intelligent, and a courageous dog breed, making them the best breed of dog in India for home. 

    They will put their lives at stake for their family's safety, making them one of the world's best guard dogs. As an active and agile breed, a sufficient amount of physical activity would be required daily for the German Shepherd Breed.

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : Working Group
    • Height : 22 to 26 Inches
    • Weight : 25 to 35 KG
    • Longevity : 9 to 13 years
    • Temperament : Loyal, Courageous & smart
    • Price: INR 20K to 40K or even more

    6) Rottweiler

    Best Dog Breeds For Families in India

    Looking for a breed which is both affectionate and a fierce protector ? Rottweiler can be your perfect choice as Rottweilers are renowned for their tremendous strength & are known to have a lineage of Roman legion mastiffs. Such dogs are incredibly loyal to their loved ones, making them good companions in the household. It is suggested that they are socialized right from puppy-hood to make your Rottweilers well behaved.

    Despite having a short coat Rottweilers do lose a decent amount of hair. Using a dog brush that removes dead undercoats in them can reduce the hair fall tremendously. Rottweilers come in black and tan or black and mahogany colours.

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : Working 
    • Height : 24 tp 26 inches
    • Weight : 40 to 50 Kgs
    • Longevity: 8 to 10 years
    • Temperament : Self assured & courageous with good nature
    • Price: INR 20K to 50K or more

    7) Cocker Spaniel

    Cocker Spaniel

    Cocker Spaniel is a dog of medium size with eyes shaped like dark almond. It has an average litter size of five puppies.Due to its size it is convenient to live in an apartment with this lively and active breed.

     It has a medium-length silky coat that is flat or slightly wavy. The shades are black with tan lines, merle, parti-color (white with red, white with black and brown, etc.)

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : sporting group
    • Height : 13 to 16 inches
    • Weight : 25-35 kg
    • Longevity : 10 to 14 years
    • Temperament : Happy, Gentle & Smart
    • Price: INR 15K to 40K or more

    8) Great Dane

    Great Dane

    Great Dane, also referred to as the ' Apollo of Dogs, ' is a very loyal guard dog whose intelligence makes it easy to train. It's very sweet and loves kids, guys and other dogs. It is available in colors such as red, white, fawn, hat, Harlequin and brindle.

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : Working
    • Height : 28 to 32 inches
    • Weight : 45 to 90 kg
    • Longevity : 10  to 12 years
    • Temperament : This breed is bright, fun loving & very active
    • Price: 25K to 70K or more

    9) Dachshund


    Dachshunds are known for their ever-alert expression and bundle of energy in a small body. 

    They are available in two sizes, standard and miniature, the smaller being the miniature. While being little puppies, their bark is so loud that guests at your house can be frightened. Dachshunds live longer and have about 15 years of average lifespan.

    You can not go wrong with a Dachshund if you are looking for dogs for Indian climate as they have medium to small-sized coats, which helps them to stay cool in Indian weather conditions.

    Some of them may struggle if there is excessive heat, but that can be avoided with proper care, shade & a cool environment.

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : Hound group
    • Height : 8 to 9 inches
    • Weight : 8 to 11 Kgs
    • Longevity : 10 to 14 years
    • Temperament : Stubborn, Lively 7 courageous
    • Price: 10K to 30K or more

    10) Boxer


    It's a smart, sporty dog that's easy to train. It's also one of the best guard dogs to maintain. It has a large head and body, a square muzzle, and powerful jaws. Naturally, it is gentle, friendly, quiet and protective and is used as a guide for the blind.  

    The inherent patience and protective nature of this dog has earned it a reputation as a great children's dog. You will find it in colours like brindle, Fawn & white colour.

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : Working
    • Height : 21 to 25 inches
    • Weight : 25 to 32 kg
    • Longevity : 7 to 10 years
    • Temperament : Friendly , Patient with dependable temperament
    • Price: 20K to 50K or more

    11) Indian Pariah dog

    Indian Pariah Dog

    The Indian pariah breed, also known as the native Indian dog or Desi Breed, is an Indian subcontinent wild dog landrace. The Indian pariah dog was one of the first dogs to be domesticated by human beings dating back to the Neolithic era. It is easy to train and is often used as a police dog or guard dog.

    Their tolerance to heat, coat adaptation, efficient breathing, disease resistance & adaptability also makes them one of the best dog breeds for Indian climate.

    Apart from Indian Pariah, Rajapalayam, Kanni, Mudhol, Chippiparai, Bakharwal are some of the other indie dog breeds suitable for Indian climate.

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : Hound
    • Height : 18 to 25 inches
    • Weight : 15 to 30 kg
    • Longevity : 13 to 14 years
    • Temperament : Easy to train, Easily adaptable & courageous
    • Price: No Specific price

    12) Dalmatian

    This sleek and athletic dog breed, best known as the star of the 101 Dalmatians of Disney, has a history that goes back several hundred years. He began as a coach dog but also served in many other capabilities, including hunting, firehouse dog and circus performer.

    Very charming as shown in films, he goes back in the blink of an eye from gallant to silly and back to gallant and loves to be part of everything his family does.

    Features of this breed:

    • Group : Companion dogs
    • Height : 19 inches to 24 inches
    • Weight : 24 to 29 kgs
    • Longevity : 13 to 16 years
    • Temperament : Highly Energetic, Playful & energetic dogs
    • Price: INR 20K to 60K or more
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    This was the list of best dog breeds for families in India. Other than these dogs fox terrier, Saint bernard, Indian Spitz , Doberman, shih-Tzu are few more dogs which are popular in India. Now its possible to get any dog breed from abroad in India according to dog lovers requirement.

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