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    The Indian Pariah dog also called Indian Desi Dog is a landrace dog breed that has been present in India for centuries.

    Pariah dogs are medium-sized dog breeds with short hair available in various colors & patterns.

    Their intelligence, loyalty, Adaptability, and low maintenance make them the perfect choice for first-time dog owners.

    If you are planning to get an Indian Pariah but are confused about whether to buy or adopt Indian pariah dog, you are at the right place!

    In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of both options, to help you make the right decision.

    So without further adieu, let's get started!

    buy or adopt Indian pariah dog

    Buying an Indian Pariah Dog from a Breeder

    There are various benefits of buying Indian Pariah from a reputable breeder & one of the main benefits is that you can know the dog's background & health history.

    A reputable breeder will screen their dogs for genetic diseases and provide you with health certificates for the puppies.

    Another advantage of buying from a breeder is that you can buy a pup according to your requirements, for example, size, age, color, temperament, etc., which is crucial if you have children and other pets at your home.

    However, if you plan to buy from a breeder, you might expect to pay a higher price than shelters.

    In addition, some breeders might not have the required knowledge of Indian pariah dogs or their specific needs.

    Adopting an Indian Pariah Dog from a Shelter

    Adopting an Indian pariah dog from a shelter is the best and kindest thing you can do because you will provide a homeless dog a second chance at life.

    In addition, shelters will also provide various options to choose from, including adult dogs, puppies, and mixed breeds.

    Make sure to ask about the dog's background & temperament when adopting from a shelter, which will help you determine whether the dog is a good fit for your family or lifestyle.

    When adopting from a shelter, you might see some dogs with behavioral issues due to abusive and neglectful homes.

    So, if you decide to adopt a dog with behavioral issues, make sure that you keep patience and provide proper training.

    Advantages of Adopting an Indian Pariah Dog

    1. You are saving a life

    You will support a good cause by adopting a dog from the shelter, giving a homeless dog a second chance at life.

    Contrary to the breeders, shelters rely on adoption fees and donations to stay in operation.

    2. You have a wide variety of dogs to choose from

    Shelters will provide you with a wide variety of options to choose, which will help you find a dog that perfectly fits your family and lifestyle.

    3. You are getting a dog that has been evaluated 

    Last but not least, you will get a dog evaluated by the staff members to determine their temperament and behavior.

    Disadvantages of Adopting an Indian Pariah Dog

    1. You may not know the dog's history

    It is crucial to know about a dog's history & temperament, which might not be possible when adopting a dog from the shelter.

    2. The dog may have behavioral problems

    You may find dogs with behavioral problems in the shelter due to neglectful and abusive homes.

    If you decide to get a dog with behavioral issues, prepare yourself to keep patience and provide your dog with the required training.

    3. You may have to wait for the right dog

    Shelters might not have the kind of dog you wish to have, which means that you might need to wait for the right one to come in.

    Buy or adopt Indian pariah dog: Which option is right for you?

    Whether to buy or adopt Indian pariah dog is your personal decision.

    Both options mentioned above have their pros and cons & the best choice will depend on your preferences and circumstances.

    If you wish to have a dog with a known background and history, it is better to buy from the breeder.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a more affordable option and are willing to give a homeless dog a second chance, shelters might be the perfect option.

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