• About Maharatta Hound: A Swift and Elegant Companion

    India has been the land of various dog breeds that have served as working partners, beloved pets, and loyal companions for centuries.

    Among the list of diverse breeds that have graced our lives, the Mahratta hound, with its rich history, unique characteristics, and loving temperament, has been successful in standing as a testament to the bond between the human and the canines along with carving their place in the hearts of millions of dog enthusiasts globally.

    In this article, we will delve into the world of Mahratta Greyhound by exploring their history, characteristics, temperament & other essential information to make you familiar with this majestic dog breed.

    So without further adieu, let's jump in! 

    Maharatta Hound

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    Information About Mahratta Hound

    1. History

    Maharatta Hound's history dates back centuries & is deeply associated with Indian culture.

    Nomadic Banjara tribes of Maharashtra bred these dogs, getting highly valued by the Maratha empire for their hunting prowess and loyalty.

    Primarily, people used them for hunting large game like deer, wild boars, or even leopards, but over time, due to the change in the hunting practices, the demand for these dogs declined, resulting in the decline of their population.

    But fortunately, Enthusiasts have been putting in lots of effort to ensure the preservation, promotion, survival & recognition of this breed in modern times.

    2. Characteristics

    Maharatta hounds possess a lean, muscular build and a graceful stance giving them a striking & elegant appearance.

    They have long, tapering tails, expressive eyes & a body covered in short smooth coat available in various colors like fawn, brindle, and black, adding to their overall charm.

    But one of their features that will fascinate you the most is their deep chest enabling increased lung capacity and endurance during pursuits.

    3. Temperament

    Despite having a history rooted in hunting, Maharatta hounds have successfully managed to evolve into affectionate & loyal companions, forming a strong bond with their family and being gentle & patient with children.

    These dogs make excellent watchdogs, quickly alerting their owners of something unusual or potential threats, thanks to their loyal and protective nature.

    Early socialization and proper training are essential if you want them to be good around strangers and other animals.

    4. Height & Weight

    26 to 30 inches ( 66 - 76 cm) at the shoulders & weigh around 50 to 70 pounds (23 - 31 Kg)  on average, depending on the gender.

    Their lean and athletic build contributes to their agility & speed.

    5. Lifespan

    Maharatta hounds can live around 10 to 12 years or even more if provided with regular exercise, a balanced diet, and routine veterinary care contributing to their overall well-being.

    6. Bite Force

    Despite their lean build, Maharatta hounds possess a considerable bite force, around 200 psi, similar to other medium-sized dog breeds, thanks to their strong jaws and well-developed neck muscles.

    Their bite force justifies their role as historical guardians, taking down large prey.

    7. Health

    Due to being bred in India & being accustomed to Indian conditions, Mahratta hounds are normally hard and healthy but can be prone to certain health conditions like hip dysplasia, bloat (gastric torsion), and certain genetic eye conditions.

    One can minimize these risks by conducting regular check-ups with a veterinarian, providing a healthy diet & appropriate exercise.

    8. Care tips

    Caring for a Mahratta hound involves understanding their unique needs.

    Regular exercise, including jogging, brisk walks, and jogging & play sessions, is necessary to keep them physically & mentally stimulated & to avoid any behavioral issues due to boredom.

    Coming to grooming, fortunately, their short coat requires a low level of maintenance with occasional brushing to remove loose hair & to keep their skin shiny.

    Other activities which should be part of their rooming routine are regular dental hygiene, nail trimming & ear cleaning.

    9. Price

    5000 - 20,000 INR, depending on the factors like location, breeder's reputation, gender, age, etc. Mahratta hounds may be a tad expensive compared to other Indian dog breeds, as they are rare.


    Mahratta hound, with its captivating history, have been successful in leaving a legacy and playing a major role in our lives.

    These dogs are remarkable, but unfortunately, they are not for everyone.

    They are wonderful companions, but only for the right people, so if you decide to get one, do some thorough research and find a reputable breeder.

    Remember, with owning comes the responsibility.

    They need proper care, love & attention they deserve to ensure this breed continues to thrive for generations to come.

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