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    Looking to buy best dog wheelchair in India? Pets, particularly when you're alone, can be your best friend and always be there to keep you company. You love to see them all around you, happy and relaxed.

    You feel bad when they have problems with mobility due to issues such as arthritis and you see them struggling to go walking. Their pain hurts your heart and you are so keen to help.

    You want to relieve them of their suffering and discomfort by bringing them up while they are going through those tough challenges. You and them can be making things worse, particularly if they're a large breed.

    You can drop them, and this will make their wound worse and prolong their pain. You don't want them to live this agony anymore. Fortunately, there are dog wheelchairs India to take up this task and provide your pet with a means of transportation to ride about with you as you all want to.

    Whatever their name may be, dog wheelchairs may offer help to other pets such as rabbits and cats. It will ensure that your furry friend will continue moving about and avoid limiting himself to a spot. There are many versions on the market that can be of beneficial to your pet.

    By evaluating the top ten choices available, we have spared you the hassle of scrolling through hundreds of them. We have also included a guide that highlights various features & can also help you make the right choice based on your preferences.

    List of best dog wheelchairs in India:

    1) Wheelchairs for small dogs by Walking Wheels

    dog wheelchair india
    dog wheelchairs in india

    This dog wheelchair supports breeds of small stature like the Chihuahuas and Pomeranian. This also supports small cats with mobility difficulties.

    Many veterinary practitioners testify to the tremendous effect this wheelchair has had on pets. It's strong and lightweight, making it ideal for mobility issues with your sick pet or the elderly one.

    This choice supports the hind legs of pets and lets them run around to have fun and keep your company when you go home.

    You can take this model with you on your journeys, because it can be folded easily. Both parts of this wheelchair can be washed down to the foam / rubber wheels, making maintenance simple. The light, width and height are easily modified to match your pet.


    1) Very Lightweight
    2) Easy Assembling
    3) Suitable for small pets
    4) Can be folded flat
    5) Easily adjustable


    1) Cannot support front limbs

    2) Rear support wheelchair 

    dog wheelchair india

    This is ideal for dogs reaching lengths of 13 to 19 inches from shoulder blades to tail end, rear height of 10 to 15 inches from top of hips to floor and width of 6 to 8 inches straight across from shoulders and/or hips.

    It supports the pets weighing between 26 and 35lbs. It is tested and built by orthopedic veterinary professionals with more than 50 years of experience in pet mobility issues.

    This is currently the lightest alternative on the market. For outdoor usage it is solid enough and does not compromise on comfort. Dogs can also use the bathroom very easily


    1) Very Light
    2) Suitable for small to medium sized breeds
    3) Comfortable usage
    4) Adjustable


    1) The back end of this wheelchair tends to get stuck on furniture

    3) Dog wheelchair for large dogs

    dog wheelchair

    This wheelchair is intended for dogs leg measuring 8 to 9 inches and 26 to 50 pounds in weight. Experienced veterinarians have put in outstanding research to tackle alarming canine mobility problems.

    It's easily adjustable to suit the leg length of your fuzzy friend and make it very comfortable.

    This wheelchair is a very attractive and at the same time flexible stylish choice. There are three different co-lour combinations for your pet to choose from if you wish to buy it.

    This does not cause your pet to have any bathroom issues. Both parts of this wheelchair can be quickly washed; the foam / rubber wheels included.


    1) Light weight & durable
    2) 3 co-lour options
    3) Very comfortable & convenient for dogs
    4) Adjustable
    5) Bathroom can be used easily


    1) Instruction included are quite difficult

    4) Wheelchair for small dogs

    This is another excellent wheelchair made for small pets weighing 11 to 19 pounds and those measuring 3 to 6 inches in length.

    This will make your injured Pekingese or dachshund very relaxed and supportive. Ideal for outdoor use, this option will not make you worry about its durability.

    There are three different color choices in this wheelchair too. You should change it completely to match the measurement of your pet. Your pet should find it very convenient.


    1) Durable & lightweight
    2) Best suited for pets with problem in their rear limbs
    3) Adjustable
    4) Convenient to use


    1) Complex user instructions

    Dog wheelchair buying guide

    Choosing the perfect wheelchair for your pet would certainly pose a difficult challenge because there are plenty of choices to choose from on the market. 

    You are puzzled about which one to go for and which one has all the features to assist your pet who is injured or disabled.

    With this in mind, we went on to dissect each model and show how its characteristics would tender to the peculiarities of your pet.

    Who Should buy a dog wheelchair?

    This mobility choice isn't limited to only one kind as a Dog Wheelchair, This is appropriate for animals of various kinds such as cats, dogs, goats, and rabbits.

    If you are buying this chair for your precious pet, you should be aware of its precise dimensions to avoid making it more uncomfortable with an choice that doesn't suit.

    Animals appear to lose their walking ability, as they age. Accident, disease, amputation and several other conditions are contributing factors to the failure of an animal to function. A wheelchair offers the ideal mobility choice to keep your pet alive and not confined to a disabled spot.Choosing a better model that addresses the unique issues your pet is facing can be very helpful in making your pet happy and relaxed.

    Factors you should consider while making your choice

    A) Your pet's limb size

    To find out their weight, height and length, measure your furry friend. It is really critical in keeping your pet fit properly. You don't want to buy a product that doesn't suit or makes it awkward for your dog. You purchase a wheelchair to ease the problems of the pet, you shouldn't add them to make a option which doesn't suit.

    B) Quality & cost

    The first thing you remember when you decide to make a purchase is the price and buying a wheelchair isn't any different. While trying to pick a pocket-friendly alternative, you should be careful about sacrificing quality. Buying a wheelchair lacking in quality undermines the purpose of purchasing one at the first place.

    Considering the cost of your purchase, you should know that your pup's comfort comes first and that you have to find the right price to cater for that. That doesn't mean you should go for a expensive alternative that doesn't have enough quality to offer.

    C) Composition

    You should be concerned about the materials which make up your chosen wheelchair. It tells you how strong it will be and how easy it will be to run. You want a chair that has a lightweight frame and is easy to use. Nor should the chair be affected by fog, sun and other elements.

    Know your pets measurement

    As we have mentioned before, it's crucial to know your pet's correct measurement. It will save your pets from any kind of depression. It's also saving you money on a useless wheelchair.

    Get a measuring tape, measure the height, neck, width and breath of your pet, and write it down into a notepad. You can also get a weighing scale to measure your pet's weight. Such steps will help you find the right sized wheelchair to give full comfort to your dog.

    Tips for purchasing perfect dog wheelchairs in India

    We have some valuable tips here to help you quickly make the perfect option, without any tension.

    • To make the correct decision, you should be completely aware of their condition and prognosis when choosing a wheelchair for your pet. There are chairs that only support back legs while others support front legs only.You don't want to buy a chair that supports your pet's front legs that have damaged the back legs or buy a chair that supports your pet's back legs that suffer from front legs with disabilities. That's going to be completely wrong choices so keeping these considerations in mind is crucial to make the choice that suits your pup best.

    • There is also an alternative that supports both legs, back and front. With your pet with injured front legs this choice is best.

    • The materials which make up a wheelchair's wheels decide the extent of the outdoor use. You can get wheels made of sturdy materials that can withstand various terrains.

    • We've pounded this in this article several times but we're going to mention it again because it's a vital topic. Be sure to pick the best size to match your dog. You have many choices and you'll always find the right fit.

    • Your pet's age doesn't preclude him from learning how to use a wheelchair. Whether old or young, get a wheelchair for your sick or handicapped pet to help them get around and enjoy themselves.

    • You don't want to buy a wheelchair you cant clean when it gets dirty. Endeavor to choose an easy-to-clean alternative.

    Dog Wheelchairs safety tips

    All that we spoke about lies about your pet's health. Unless your furry friend's health is endangered, then no need to get a wheelchair. Below we discuss protective measures to avoid harm to your pet.

    • Always ensure that your dog is in a comfortable position when in the wheelchair, test the harness. Staying in an uncomfortable position may cause them discomfort and you don't want your furry friend feeling any more pain.

    • Keep kids and others pets away to avoid any damage to the wheelchair

    • Always seek to be present around your pet to track its activity in order to prevent injuries.

    • During outdoor use the back portion of some chairs get stuck on furniture or bushes. Always be there to make sure your pet is safe.

    • Don't let your pet spend long periods in the cart. Allow them to take a break, and relax while you're around.


    So above was the list of best Dog wheelchairs in India which are perfect options for mobility-stricken dogs. Injury or illness does not limit your pet to one spot, they should have the opportunity to wander about and enjoy themselves. Wheelchair can help a lot in overcoming the discomfort of its mobility issues and getting some comfort as well.

    You will strive to buy only a wheelchair built especially to match the peculiarities of your dog. You want a healthy and lively dog to keep your company in the home and on a road trip. It's crucial to make sure your furry friend is relaxed in the wheelchair to keep him happy. You have to buy a chair which has excellent features that give your pup a better life.



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