• KCI Certificate For Dogs: How To Get, Registration fees & More

    The notion of purebred dogs has always carried a unique allure for passionate dog lovers.

    The Kennel Club of India (KCI) is a revered institution that upholds the integrity of dog breeds through meticulous registration processes. 

    The KCI certificate for dogs is not only just a piece of paper, but a testament to the dog's lineage & authenticity.

    In today's article, we will dive deep into the realm of KCI certificates by exploring their importance, types, process, and, last but not least, navigating potential pitfalls.

    So without further adieu, let's get started!

    kci certificate for dogs

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    What is a KCI Certificate for Dogs?

    It is a formal document issued by the Kennel club of India that confirms pedigree & breed of a dog or, lets say, a kind of passport that grants your furry friend the required recognition as a purebred member of a specific breed.

    This certification serves as a mark of price for the dog owners & an invaluable tool to preserve the integrity of dog breeds and tracking their lineage.

    Is a KCI Certificate Necessary for Dogs?

    This thing entirely depends on the owner's intention.

    If you are happy with the companionship of your four legged furry friend, the certificate might not be necessary.

    But if you want your furry friend to participate in dog shows, breeding programs or if you wish to indulge yourself in responsible breeding practices, KCI certificate is a must, as it will be helpful in proving the authenticity of your dog's breed along with enhancing their value and credibility in the dog-loving community.

    Types of KCI Registrations

    1. Single dog Registration

    This type basically involves registering a dog's breed & pedigree, carrying a complex process requiring detailed documentation of a dog's lineage.

    Breed registration plays a crucial role in maintaining the authenticity and purity of various dog breeds.

    2. Litter Registration

    This type of registration is required when a litter of pups is born from specific parents.

    It's process which basically involves registration of the entire litter & documenting their lineage crucial for keeping track of breeding lineage and ensuring the accuracy of pedigrees.

    How to Get KCI Certificate?

    Obtaining a KCI certificate is as simple as following the four simple steps mentioned below:

    • Documentation

    You need all the crucial documents, such as birth certificate, ownership details & detailed lineage information.

    If you want to register a breed, then you must have accurate parental information.

    • Application

    Once you gather all the required documents, the next step is to fill out the KCI application form with complete and accurate information; if you wish to avoid delays in the registration process.

    • Verification

    Once you fill out the form, the KCI authorities will verify the documentation and the information provided, which is crucial to maintain the integrity of breed pedigrees.

    • Approval

    The last and final step is the approval, where you will receive your dog's KCI certificate once the authority completes their verification and approval process.

    KCI registration fees

    Registration Criteria

    Fees (Rs)

    Registration of Imported Dog


    Registration with Unknown Pedigree


    Litter Registration of puppy as imported (whelp Import) per puppy within 60 Days


    Litter Registration of puppy as imported (whelp Import) per puppy within 61-120 Days


    Litter registration per puppy within 60 days


    Litter registration per puppy within 61 - 120 days


    Litter registration per puppy within 60 days (INDIAN BREED)


    Litter registration per puppy within 61 - 120 days(INDIAN BREED)


    Duplicate Registration Certificate


    Duplicate Microchip for KCI Registration Certificate


    Transfer of ownership of a Registered Dog (Within 12 Months from the Date of Birth of the puppies )


    Transfer of ownership of a Registered Dog (More than 12 Months from the Date of Birth of the puppies)


    Registration for Prefix/Affix for life only


    Subsequent Registration of Prefix/Affix with Partnership


    Change of Name of a Registered Dog


    Certified Pedigree 4 Generations


    Certified Pedigree 5 Generations


    Export Pedigree


    Championship Certificate


    Breeder’s Diploma


    Registration of Imported Dog ( GSD) - 5 Generations


    Litter Registration of puppy as imported (whelp Import) per puppy within 60 Days (GSD) - 5 Generations


    Litter Registration of puppy as imported (whelp Import) per puppy within 61-120 Days (GSD) - 5 Generations


    Litter registration per puppy within 60 days (GSD) - 5 Generations


    Litter registration per puppy within 61 - 120 days (GSD) - 5 Generations


    Certificate of Opinion

    It is an additional service that KCI offers where expert judges will evaluate a dog's physical attributes, such as their conformation to breed standards, movements & overall appearance.

    Now is this mandatory, you might ask!

    While it is not mandatory, it is highly preferable as it will provide an extra layer of credibility to your dog's qualities, along with providing valuable insights into the dog's suitability for participating in dog shows & breeding.

    KCI Paper Fraud & Avoiding It

    In this digital age, paper fraud has been affecting several industries, even the world of dog registration, where individuals are heavily forging KCI certificates, with a motive of selling their dogs at a higher price.

    But not to worry, as you can easily avoid these scams if you take the below mentioned precautions:

    1. Verify Credentials

    Crosscheck the details on the certificate with the KCI records. If you see any inconsistencies, then it's a big red flag.

    2. Contact KCI

    Directly contact the kennel club of India, to verify the authenticity of certificate and seller's claim.

    3. Physical Examination

    Plan a veterinarian visit to get your dog physically examined for authenticity and health.


    KCI certificate for dogs weaves a thread of authenticity, heritage along and encapsulates a dog's lineage & breeds sense of price.

    As true guardians of our canine companions, we should play our part of maintaining the values of KCI and ensure that our beloved pets are true representatives of their respective breeds.



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