• Poligar Hound Dog (Rajapalayam): Price in India, Bite Force & More

    Poligar hound or Rajapalayam dog is one of the Indian bred pedigree dog breeds of India that are currently on the verge of extinction. Presently these dogs are found only in few areas of Tamil Nadu but continuos efforts are being made to encourage their breeding & to popularize them in our country.

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    This breed has been bred by the Tamil nadu's Nayak dynasty. Some Scholars also believe that modern day Dalmatian's have Rajapalyam's presence in them but there are no records available for the same. During ancient times, these dogs were used to guard houses, rice fields & farms and they also have legendary stories revolving around them. There is also a famous story depicting four Rajapalyams who killed a tiger to save their master's life. These dogs are even being deputed as guards dogs by the Indian army in the borders of Kashmir due to their guarding capability & fierce loyalty. 


    This breed falls in the category of large sighthounds having a minimum height of two feet & weighing around seventy pounds. They have a deep chest & legs that are long, straight with narrow waist. Their gait is unusual often being compared with that of a thoroughbred horse. Their bones are heavier as compared to other sighthounds with broad muzzles & heavy heads making them capable of taking down a large wild boar.

    Their ears are triangular in shape which sits high on the sides of their head & folds forward framing their face. They have a long whip like tail with a pronounced curl & a short, smooth coat which is predominantly white. They have a pink nose & their skin are often pale & pinkish in color. You will see majority of them having medium almond shaped dark brown eyes but blue also isn't impossible. Also please note that dogs having blue eyes have a higher chance of being deaf or blind. 


    Poligar hound were bred to be a hunter to hunt down smaller preys & wild boars and they still retain their trait up-to some extent. They won't be scared to pounce on intruders which makes them one of the excellent guard dogs around. These dogs are known to get extremely attached to their owner & they won't think twice before removing obstacles from their owner's course. 

    People say that these dogs are gifted with unique sense & perception which helps them to differentiate between a friend and a threat. They are good family companions and are known to bond with a single member of the family. They might not be suitable for younger children but are known to get well with older ones being affectionate & warm towards them . 

    Make sure to socialize them from a very young age as they can be intolerant towards small pets due to their higher prey drive. This breed won't do well in an apartment as they are full of energy & will need to be exercised regularly to provide their mind required stimulation & to ensure their agility. 


    Poligar hound is generally a very healthy breed having very few inherited genetic problems compared to many western breeds. They can live up-to 15 years or more with the help of modern veterinary medicines and diets. Skin conditions & joint pains are pretty rare or non-existent in this breed but they have chance of becoming deaf as their stem cells which is responsible for developing hearing cells develop pigment cells instead. Unfortunately, there is no specific research done on them & still its unknown whether these dogs suffer more than any other white dog breeds.

    Poligar hound price:

    These dogs are extremely affordable as they can cost anywhere between INR 9000 to 40,000. The area from which they are bought can also affect their price. They are available for INR 10,000 or less if you get them from their hometown & you might have to pay more if you get the pup outside of their hometown. 

    Their price city wise:



    Rajapalayam dog price in Chennai

    15,000 - 30,000 rupees

    Rajapalayam dog price in Bangalore

    18,000 - 35,000


    Rajapalayam dog price in Hyderabad

    20,000 - 40,000


    Rajapalayam dog price in Salem

    17,000 - 32,000



    They live around 10 to 12 years on average.

    Some can live longer and some shorter depending on various factors, such as genetic predispositions to certain health issues.

    Bite Force:

    Their bite force is estimated to be around 242 psi, which is not as strong as other muscular breeds but strong enough to cause damage.


    Their monthly expense can range from INR 2000 to 4000 because of their minimal needs. The fact that they have a short, manageable coat and a very few health issues makes their maintenance much easier. 


    This breed requires minimal care & hygenic grooming as compared to other imported sensitive dogs requiring extra care & grooming efforts. Brushing them once or twice a week using soft brush should be more than sufficient. Make sure that you develop a regular grooming regime incuding bath & brushing teeth to get rid of any built up tartar & to maintain fresh breath every time. Basic grooming will help you protect your dog from various skin and gum related diseases. 

    Are they an ideal choice for you?

    These dogs can be excellent pets but they require a great deal of training, time & patience. They need a person who is strong & experienced to keep them under control. Once in control, they are easy to train & make an excellent guard dogs. Also please note that they require a lot of space to move around, so don't get this breed if you are living in an apartment or a house with a small space.

    Training & intelligence:

    They have a headstrong personality which makes them difficult to train but this does not mean that we should underestimate their intelligence. If they respect you, they will be certainly open to training. However, that being said, we don't recommend novice trainers/owners to get this dog breed. 


    We request everyone to share this article on social media & help us spread out the word. As people's interest will grow, there will be more money for breeders as-well as more study will me made on the species. They definitely deserve another lease of life & we hope that one day this magnificent breed will be a common sight.



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